I was listening to Chris Snowdon tonight in an interview with James Delingpole. Snowdon opined that the Smoking Ban was an outrageous affront to liberty. He did not elaborate as to why.

I can elaborate as to why, and it is simple. Publicans, restaurateurs, etc, should never have consented to be ‘enforcers’. I remember two publicans who rebelled, and both were dragged before the magistrates and condemned. One went to prison, not because he defied the smoking ban, but because he would not or could not pay the fine of some £10,000. We smokers, collectively, got him released from prison by paying his fine. I personally donated £50. The sum was raised in a few days.

Since then, occasionally, a publican has been arraigned before the magistrates for allowing smoking after time, but,  as far as I know, the penalties have been small. No one has been sent to prison since no one has been unable to pay the fines.

But those situations have been few and far between. If we were to believe the ‘absence of reporting’, we would believe that that no publican allows smoking after time any more. But the few prosecutions and the lightness of the fines tells us otherwise. In the beginning, magistrates bashed publicans who defied, but the bashing became less of a blow to the wallet, and now there is no bashing. Thus, beneath the radar and beneath the MSM, people are very gradually getting back to normal.

Getting back to normal is a reasonable aspiration. Does anyone believe that WW1 and WW2 were ‘normal’?

But, dare I say it?, the smoking ban was worse than the physical wars. The smoking ban was always an ideological construct. Second hand smoke was always just a means to an end – prohibition.

But the new prohibition depends upon people being disgusted with themselves for smoking. The prohibition is here and now. The Smoking Ban IS prohibition.

What ASH ET AL rely upon is not danger from SHS but frightening perceived danger. Note how ASH ET AL avoid saying that tobacco smoke is actually dangerous.They say that ‘there is a risk’.

Yes, there is a risk, just as there is a risk from eating jam butties.

Resistance need not be physical. It can be simple defiance of ‘received wisdom’.


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