Parliament Is Not The Government

There was a time when it was thought that Parliament was ‘The Government’. Recent events have revealed that that is not so. The ‘Government’ consists of ‘Experts’.

It did not used to be so obvious when ‘giants’ on the political street strutted about, but it was always the case. Those ‘giants’ were, in reality, pygmies.

For example, Thatcher was regarded as a hero when she gave the go-ahead to the repulsion of the invasion of the Falkland Isles. But she did not decide that it could be done. It was the Generals who decided.

But what seems to have happened in the recent past is that the Generals now dictate what should be done. The people that we elect do not decide. They are imprisoned by their own ignorance.

I do not mean that MPs are stupid. They are not. It is that ‘they have lost the plot’.

The purpose of Parliament is to STOP the Government from dictating. I say ‘dictating’ in the sense of ‘a dictatorship’. Every MP should have, at his heart, the understanding that he exists to question ‘authority’. That is what MPs are for. They exist to deny totalitarian power. They are not supposed to be part of the totalitarian power. Every MP should have, at base, a hatred of totalitarian power. That is what we vote them into office for.

But, somehow, totalitarian bosses have infiltrated our protection Parliament and turned it into a compliant rubber stamp.

How on Earth did that happen?

In my opinion, it was because Candidates for election were chosen by central, party elites. The successful candidates would have displayed passion but compliance. Thus, an anti-smoking zealot would have displayed more passion and compliance than a ‘laisse faire’ candidate. The passionate and compliant candidate would be preferred to the more laid-back, easy-going rebel.

And is that not how we got a Labour Party parliamentary group who detest the ordinary people who enjoy tobacco? How could it be otherwise?  BLAIR ET AL, you know, those people with roots in the ordinary person, those people who went to exclusive schools like Fetes and Eton, and lived in terraced houses and worked in mines, those people who decided that the smokers must be ‘exiled to the outdoors’, those people who have walked away with wonderful pensions, those people who declared that ordinary people are criminals if they want to be self-sufficient as much as they can.

Those people are MPs. They see nothing wrong with persecuting the poorest people who just happen to enjoy tobacco, alcohol and a pizza.

But what can you expect if MPs have lost sight of their primary purpose, which is NOT to be part of the government, but to hold the government to account?

What is at the base of the Brexit vote? It is that our Parliament is powerless to hold the Government (not MPs) to account. Our Parliament cannot refuse to implement EU Directives. Why? Because MPs are cowards. It is as simple as that. The same applies to the FCTC and the IPCC. Our MPs are cowards. They are frightened and suppliant.

Not one single one of them stood up, during discussions of the Finance Act 2016, which criminalised the common practice throughout the continental EU of free trade in cured tobacco plant leaves, and objected. Not one single MP.

So it follows that The People, who tried their best to be self-sufficient, the poorest people, will have to rely upon ‘criminal gangs’ to  help them to survive and have a bit of pleasure in their lives.

The mind really boggles about worthlessness of Parliament. It does not do what it was intended to do, which was not to ‘rule’, but to hold the rulers to account.

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