Criminalising Smoke

It has long  been an objective of the New World Order to fine, throw into prison or execute anyone who creates smoke. ‘Anyone Who Creates Smoke’ includes any landowner who permits lightening to strike his land and start a fire. The Law says that there is no excuse. The Law is absolute. Landowners are not permitted to allow lightening to hit their land and start a fire.

What can they do? Their only recourse is to plough the waste material back into the land despite the fact that it might be diseased.

But farmers who have to obey are only a tiny proportion of The People, and so they can be harried and abused without any political come-back.

There use to be a political party called ‘The Labour Party’ which was supposed to put an end to authoritarian edicts, but it allowed itself to be corrupted and taken over by Aristocrats, even if those Aristocrats were of an Academic nature rather than a land-owning nature.

And so, inevitably, The British People are to be forbidden to grow plants as a hobby, and amuse themselves with certain hobbies.

It is quite odd. ‘Nicotiana Rustica’ and ‘Nicotiana Silvestris’ and all the other Nicotiana plants are now to be presumed to be ‘manufactured tobacco products’ unless proved otherwise. That is, if you grow those plants, you are a criminal unless you can prove otherwise. The only way to prove your innocence, bearing in mind that you are guilty until you can prove otherwise, is to be subservient.

That is the important thing.

It is true that Parliament can enact any law that it wants to. It can legitimise witch hunts if it wants to. It can create a whole expensive department checking Asian women entering this country to see if they are witches.

This is getting sillier and sillier.

So, it seems, from 1st Jan 2017, the EU Regulations, despite the fact of Brexit not occurring yet, about Free Trade in agricultural products, of which ‘raw’ tobacco is one, can be dismissed.

What really bothers me is that there must be very wealth people who hate these ‘laws’. The reason that I put the word ‘laws’ in inverted commas is that anti-smoking ‘laws’ are not really ‘laws’.

It is worth considering ‘what is the nature of a law’?

Worth thinking about.


5 Responses to “Criminalising Smoke”

  1. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    To paraphrase the well-known quote from B. Traven’s novel “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre” (1927):

    “Laws? We don’t need no stinkin’ laws!”

    The men with the guns make their own laws unfortunately for the rest of us.


  2. Ed Says:

    I noticed the raw tobacco approval scheme is being introduced on April 1st next year, but it’s certainly no fools day joke approaching. It will probably chime the death knell for the raw tobacco business as it requires anyone purchasing small quantities to be approved by HMRC.

    However, from what I read, the growing of plants from the genus Nicotiana is exempt from their approval scheme providing the “waste” from these plants don’t exceed 2kg. Technically, once dead, the plants are defined as raw tobacco, even if they are destined for the compost heap. It would be nigh on impossible to police home gardening without introducing another ridiculous war on drugs. it’s also unreasonable for customs officers to pursue home gardeners for possible excise duty evasion for what would surely be paltry amounts of tobacco

    I agree with you though that it is effectively criminalising a large portion of the public. Even gardeners are now held in suspicion as they are now trying to control all aspects of this plant by attempting to place limits on growing it.

    • michaeljmcfadden Says:

      Remember paraquat? Spraying countrysides in Mexico with the herbicide to try to get rid of pot? Wait till they come up with a tobacco-specific geno-herbicide and decide to spray entire areas of the UK (or Australia or the US or.. etc) with something like that.

      That was actually a central plot-element of my TobakkoNacht story. I posited that in the 2030s there’d be huge pot farms (totally legal) throughout the central U.S. but that farmers and nic-druggies were making millions by hiding tobacco plants amidst the pot plants. Sooo… the government sprayed such a thing on all those fields.

      It worked just fine till it was carried off to other fields of wheat and corn in America’s “breadbasket” by birds and wind… and then underwent a slight mutation rendering it deadly to wheat and corn as well. Of course the blame ended up on the smokers.


    • junican Says:

      Another example of ‘post-truth’ blather from TC. The real problem is the politicians who permit it.

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