Taking a Trip Abroad to Buy a Year’s Supply of Tobacco

It is beyond my comprehension that ANYONE, even the lightest smoker, cannot see the advantage of taking a trip abroad to buy in tobacco products. And I mean that – simply to buy tobacco products. How much you smoke is not important. If you smoke only five cigs per day, then you would need to venture forth only once per an. Five cigs per day equals about 1,800 cigs per an. I go to Mallorca three times per an and buy some 6000 cigs on each occasion. But I am buying for two. The cost in Spain is about half-price, being in the region of £3.50 per pack. But I could go to the Check Republic, and I have done so, where the price is £2.50 per pack. I enjoyed going to Prague, but only because there was a wonderful little bar across the street from my hotel which was Check. The beer was Check and the food was Check. I met a Swedish couple there and sampled ‘raw’ snus. I mean not snus in a tea-bag but loose. I did not like it. The husband in the couple and I had a game of chess which became exceedingly complex, but the important thing is that we could smoke in that bar. The game of chess was of no consequence compared with the ability to enjoy a fag. And a band came on. What fun! Because that trip was early season, around March. it cost me very little compared with the savings in duties.

I want non-smokers to pay their fair share. Only when they realise that their costs have been subsidised by smokers, and that smokers have decided no longer to subsidise non-smokers will non-smokers change their tune.

So it is vastly important, from a political point of view, for smokers to emphasise how much more taxes non-smokers would have to pay if smokers stopped buying cigs in the UK.

The same goes for alcohol. If the vast majority simple stopped buying products which contain alcohol, then teetotallers would have to pay VASTLY more tax.

What seems odd to me is that almost no one seems to know that a short trip to Belgium on the ferry is very, very cheap. I got a berth, voyage only, for, I think, £50. That was boarding in the evening, crossing the North Sea (which is bigger than you might think) and enjoying entertainment, a day of fun in Belgium, including buying cigs, and then a day sailing back.

Some Geordies on the trip said that they took the ‘cruise’ for a cheep weekend. They did not bother to disembark in Belgium. And I know what they mean. I went on a cruise around the Adriatic, including a stop at Istanbul. Erm… No, I did not want to disembark and wonder around a city which had blaring loudspeakers intoning Allah. I was happy to sit in the bar on deck.

But what is most amusing is that, at that port, I was able to leave the ship and shop at the port shop. Cigs were so cheap that the cost was hardly worth counting.

There is a huge scandal, if only anyone could see it. It is that smokers are subsidising non-smokers. But it is true that smokers are bashing themselves. My little homily above shows what I mean. £50 to have some fun on the ferry and then buy tobacco cheap and then have some more fun on the return ‘cruise’.

So I wonder about guilty feelings of the vast majority of smokers. How weak and subservient are they? We are not talking here about members of Forest and stuff like that. We are talking about millions of people.

The MSM lies, issued by ASH ET AL, are aimed at THE MILLIONS.

The only way that we can fight back, politically, is to decimate tobacco taxes. Not many people understand that. Even Frank Davis:


does not seem to understand that. The only way to fight the persecution is to render it unprofitable, and the only way to do that is to avoid the taxes any way that you can. The only way that TC can get away with its strictures is that politicians are not ‘protecting’ their constituents.


Is there a way for smokers to demand ‘Protection’? Such demands might fall on deaf ears at first, but might prevail eventually. I am talking about politics.

What is at the base is the freedom of people to amuse themselves as they wish? It is freedom. That is the word. ASH ET AL have destroyed Freedom by replacing it with authoritarian dictats. It is bad enough to be ‘wage slaves’ without being ‘smoke-free’ wage slaves.

That is, it is ‘Wage Slaves’ who are ASH’s target. The rich and powerful are not. The rich and powerful can smoke and drink as much as they like, and shag like jack-rabbits. ‘Wage Slaves’ cannot.

So, in the end, it comes down to ‘ class’, again. It is the ‘lower classes’ who sustain ASH ET AL.

The scandal of it all it manifest. It really is plain for all to see. It comes down to this. Smokers are being persecuted in just the same way, almost exactly, that Jews were persecuted in the Third Reich. Smokers are ‘disgusting, filthy, stinking’. It does not matter that the time-scale is being stretched out. It is the same thing.

We smokers can game the zealots, if we wish. We can amuse ourselves by upping the anti. Stop trying to defend our pleasure. MAKE IT WORSE! Crazy Afghanistan rebels are only crazy because they smoke tobacco.

Oh, wait…. That is what the MSM has being doing for ages, but not tobacco.

I am very vaguely in favour of ‘The Islamic State’. I really am. How can such a State be any different to ‘The Holy Roman Empire’?

Why not let those emperors sort themselves out? It is THEY who kill people in their thousands and not us. Let them fight it out. After they have fought it out, then they may lose the madness.

WW1 was a product of madness. It really was. There was no reason for that war at all. And yet it was the most inhumane war of all time. The Royal Families of Europe fell out and came to fisticuffs. Unfortunately, they did not bash each other but bashed millions of their ‘subjects’.

Has anything changed?


10 Responses to “Taking a Trip Abroad to Buy a Year’s Supply of Tobacco”

  1. Vlad Says:

    I totally agree with the part that we have to buy tobacco with as little tax as possible. But I don’t really see this as ‘fighting back’ because we buy from countries were all the anti-smoking propaganda and laws are entrenched. If there still was a country (at least in Europe) that didn’t buy into all the TC crap, I would be even more happy to buy from there. But even in Austria, that still allows smoking in bars, the cig packs have newly introduced medical porn on them.

    • junican Says:

      I understand that, Vlad, but there are nuances. For example, I feel sure that the Spanish Gov knows full well that loads of Brits go to Spain for a holiday AND to stock up. It would not be in their interests to raise the tax. I have noticed that the price of cigs in Spain has not risen at all for the last couple of years. Why should Spain kill the golden goose? The same applies to Prague and Belgium. So, even though I pay Spanish taxes, it is in my interests to do my bit to keep Brit purchases in Spain up.Further, I don’t really mind helping the Spanish people out. What I absolutely do not want to do is fund the likes of ASH.

  2. dave Says:


  3. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Absolutely right Junican. I am contemplating visiting Greece regularly to buy the wonderful George Karelias cigarettes.

  4. Alan Says:

    p&o ferries do a two for one offer on Brugge mini cruises, from Oct to march each year, so two sharing a cabin pay £84 which doesn’t include food, but does cover the coach to Brugge. I do it twice a year, once in Oct and once in March. Lots of baccy and zero uk taxes paid, whats not to like 🙂

    • junican Says:

      I did not organise the trip and so I do not know the details, but I think that the general ‘deal’ was the same. The P & O accommodation was very basic, but who cares?
      We too paid for our food, but that was no big deal. Prices were reasonable. It was a fun trip and I enjoyed it. I would do it again tomorrow. The utterly stupid thing was that there was ‘No Smoking indoors’. But that did not matter for a couple of days.

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