Delusion, Disinformation and Deception

I went to my local tonight. On Friday nights, there is a keroki evening where people can sing and amuse us all. Over the last several months, or indeed the last couple of years, Friday night in that place has become more and more popular, little be little. Tonight, there was a good crowd in the pub. That is rather unusual these days.

What I have observed over the last several years is that is that the smokers have abandoned the pubs. But it is not so simple. It is the older smokers who have abandoned the pubs. And who can blame them? They can no longer enjoy a fag and a pint.

So the remnants are non-smokers, and if there are enough of them, then the pub will survive.But I noticed tonight that there is a sub-culture of young people who smoke. The old farts in the pub do not smoke. They are nice people and enjoy themselves, but they are not smokers.

It is the younger people who are popping outside for a fag.

And so I propose the idea that it is the younger people who are enjoying tobacco.

That is not a far-fetched idea. Contrary to what TC publicise, the reality is that young people are are replacing old smokers. Differentiate in your mind between the desire of TC to stop young people starting to smoke and what is really happening. The reality is that the idea that young people start smoking in their mid-teens is old hat. That idea comes from ancient history when cigs were very cheap and almost everyone smoked, and young people started to earn at the age of sixteen or so. Any projection based upon such ancient historical facts is no longer applicable.

My anecdotal experience in Mallorca has been that internal activity in the bars and clubs has declined. Almost everything has  become externalised. Few people actually spend time inside bars and clubs. This year, on my several holidays in Mallorca, I did something that I would never even of thought of in previous years. When I ‘ventured forth’ to enjoy watching the yoof being silly, I took my electronic chess set with me, and played chess outdoors. I was surprised how often yoofs challenged me to a game. Remember that we are talking about 2 am, or thereabouts.

What my observations show is that, on the one hand, TC claims to have decimated smoking but, on the other hand, claims not to have made much difference so as to continue the gravy train.

The sadness is that Politicians believe the conjuring tricks, and that is the reason for smoking bans. Tobacco Control could be depicted as a magician on a stage. Rather than producing rabbits out of top hats, it produces vile medical porn on cig packets.

But the deception goes deeper. Not only deception and disinformation are involved, but also is DELUSION. That is the ‘magic’ part. It reveals itself especially in forms like the Surgeon General of the USA’s damnation of ecigs. Truth no longer matters; only forms of truth matter.


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