About the War on Alcohol

PHE (Public Health England) has produced a report which is, apparently, garbage. You can read about the garbage here:


Chris Snowdon picks out only a few of the most obvious faults in the report, such as the cost of insurance to cover for burglary, and security systems, being included in alcohol costs. I find it difficult to see how burglars would wish to be drunk before doing a job’, although I could understand that they might sink a few bevies after a successful ‘heist’.

What really surprises me is the involvement of PHE in this virtual fraud. I have always been suspicious of PHE, but the recent exoneration of ecigs gave me hope that, even if a Dyson vacuum cleaner had not been applied, then perhaps a nit comb had been passed through the hairier parts, and that a few parasitic nits had been squashed. But it appears that not so. Or perhaps a few nits were squashed, but the nest of hornets was overlooked.

What I find really, really difficult to understand is how really, really THICK politicians are. What is the easiest way to make yourself miserable and waste your own time? I suspect that it would be to pay for a ‘personal trainer’. Can you think of anything worse? Some guy (male or female) turns up at your house at a given time every day and FORCES you to do 50 press-ups and run up and down stairs 100 times. The guy also riffles through your drawers and destroys your fags and booze. You then thank him and give him money! Even if it was not your own money, you might baulk at all the press-ups and running up and down stairs. So why do politicians create rods for their own backs?

Erm…. Perhaps I have misjudged the situation. Yes I have, for it isn’t the politicians who run up and down stairs or do the press-ups – it is The People.

I was saying yesterday how non-smokers detest smokers. Smoking Scot rightly pulled me up about it. The vast majority of non-smokers are not the slightest bit bothered. But the point that I was trying to make was that non-smokers and non-drinkers should be very grateful to smokers and drinkers for shoving money into their pockets. That is, why are non-smokers and non-drinkers evading their fair share of the cost of roads, Parliament, fake charities, etc?

I personally feel that I am being ripped off something awful. You see, I have a car and I like my car. I used to have a 2 litre capri, which I had for 20 years. I loved that car, even though it was comparatively juicy. It died. Its heart (the engine) was fine, but its skin (the bodywork) was riddled with cancer. So, being of a thrifty nature, I bought a different car second-hand. I knew the seller personally and his assurances that the car was fine was enough for me. It is a Rover 216. Google it if you wish. But I have hardly used it for months and months. Thinking back, the most use I made of it was going to the golf club. Once I stopped playing, there were few journeys that were needed. But I want to keep it and use it when I wish.

So why am I FORCED to pay an annual fee to the Government? Why am I FORCED to pay  an annual fee to the Insurance company? Why cannot I ‘pay as I go’? In this ‘immediate’ age of the internet, I should be able to buy insurance as I go along. And why am I paying ‘road tax’, as though the roads were a golf course, which needs maintaining whether I use it or not,  when my road tax is not ‘ring fenced’ for road maintenance?

What is incomprehensible is that The Government is acting in the WORST interests of The People. What it come down to is: “Why is The People’s Parliament not looking after The Interests of The People?” (Sorry for all the capital letters) There is an answer, or possibly several answers. It may well be that Government is a thief. Do not disregard that idea. Government is all powerful, a monopoly. Despite ‘good intentions’, it is de facto corrupt. It cannot be helped. Homosexuals have to be protected, but smokers do not.

It is the same with drinkers. Note the confluence of anti-alcohol and anti-sugary drinks. Is that deliberate? Of course it is!!! It is the reappearance of Eugenics in another form. Anti-tobacco, anti-alcohol and anti-sugar and all the rest, are The New Eugenics. The only difference is that the Old Eugenics was based upon Race and Religion, while the New Eugenics is based upon Health. But it is the same thing.

BUT, and it is a big BUT, one might reasonably ask what Government can do about the proliferation of obese people. Erm…. Just a minute. What does ‘obese’ mean? I once saw, in Mallorca would you believe it, an extremely fat man walking away from the multi-sport complex there. It is reasonable to conclude that he had been to the complex to exercise. But he was not in a wheelchair. He was walking along in a perfectly ordinary way.

Despite what people might think, fat is not heavy. Muscle and bone are heavy. Fat is not heavy. Fat is quite light. So when you see a very fat person walking about perfectly normally, it is because fatty blubber is mostly air. It is not water, it is air.

And so we come to the root of the problem. It is that the Public Health Industry wishes to perpetuate itself, and I include PHE in that.

Is there a solution? I do not see one unless the Government grasps the nettle and drives down the cost of medication. Big Pharma must be taken on and defeated. There is no justification for tablets to cost £100 each, for example. Big Pharma is a ‘partner’ of the WHO. Erm…. No ….. It OWNS the WHO.

The USA is very powerful. If Trump is to ‘drain the swamp’, then he must GO FOR IT! Go for it big time. He must consider making America great again by expelling parasites on the USA ‘wellbeing’. For ‘health’ is only a tiny part of wellbeing. ‘Health’ is only important to the ‘Unhealthy’.  The vast majority of people are ‘healthy’ at any given moment, regardless of how plump they are.

But how likely is it that Theresa May will grasp the nettle and declare that smokers, drinkers and fatties can please themselves? That thought is horrific. It should happen, and eventually it WILL happen. But what must first happen is that the SOURCE of Eugenicist movement must be destroyed. ASH is only a symptom of ‘Control’. The Source of the New Eugenicists is University Professors. Not all of them, but those who are ‘fashionable’ at this time.

Theresa May, if she is going to go down in history as a great PM, like Thatcher, must not only support Brexit but also condemn and break the Eugenicists. Race is of no importance, but Islamism is important.



3 Responses to “About the War on Alcohol”

  1. Frank J Says:

    Oh, love your taste in cars! Capri? the memories! I had four in succession. Rover 216? even though it was the wife’s car, brilliant. I had an 820se auto at one time, loved it. Oh, and the ash trays were always full.

    I remember the days when the ‘standing at the bar kit’ was fags, lighter and car keys. Not a mobile in sight! Imagine putting those on the bar today? Whatever happened? I know, we’re in a time warp of 1650. Can’t think of any other answer.

    • junican Says:

      “I know, we’re in a time warp of 1650”.
      I think that it is worse than that. Because of world-wide persecution, smokers are the ‘underclass’. Who are the persecutors?

      • junican Says:

        The Capri was a wonderful car. It had style and performance, but not fuel parcity. My Rover 216 has both. My first Capri was a 1300 model. Despite the lack of engine capacity, it was a great car. But it rotted. But I enjoyed at the time.

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