Having an Interest in Philosophy

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It led me to watch a TV interview with Professor Jordan Peterson who is a clinical psychologist (whatever that may be). For a professor, he is very passionate. The interview was three hours long. James Higham, who wrote the piece at OoL, recommended watching the programme in short bursts of, say, ten minutes, but I became fascinated. Like a good book, I could not disengage, except when I had to. And yet, if I had to describe the contents, I would struggle. Maybe if I watched it again, or twice more, I would ‘get it’.

It seems that Canada has legislated that ‘gender’ words, like ‘he’ and ‘she’ are not permitted. I do not know what the precise circumstances are where those words are not permitted, but the prohibition seems to extend to the professor’s work. He refused to comply and has been bashed by his employer, the University. The University has warned him twice by letter that he being naughty, but he refuses to be cowed. It seems that Canada has passed a law which forbids the use of ‘he’ and ‘she’ (which indicate gender), but the use of words like ‘nigger’ are not forbidden.

But it is not as simple as that, and that is where I get totally confused. I may have misheard, but the professor says, “I shall use MY language, and not your invented language”.

There has been a convention in the English language for ages and ages that, where a condition applies to both men and women, the use of the pronoun ‘he’ indicates both ‘he’ and ‘she’. Thus, you could have the phrase, “When a person does HIS duty, HE fulfils HIS purpose”. Despite the use of the pronoun ‘he’, it is commonly understood in our language that ‘he’ also includes ‘she’, unless ‘she’ is specifically excluded. One blog that I read has gone the other way and always uses the word ‘she’ to mean ‘he or she’. Nothing wrong with that at all, although it grates somewhat in the sense of ‘what is wrong with the convention?’.

But the professor suggests that the idea of ‘gender equality’ is actually ‘gender inequality’; that gender equality must take into account the differences between the male a female of the species. ‘Caring’ jobs are occupied predominantly by females, whereas heavy labour jobs, such as oil rigs, are predominantly male. But we do not need to go into detail to get the general idea.

Not only that, but I have watched a couple of his lectures which he put on U-tube. (You can tell that the growing season is over).

But what is most interesting is his vision of ‘what is truth?’ Or rather, “What is THE truth?” The victors write the history. Stalin in Soviet Russia caused more innocent deaths than did Hitler in Germany and surrounds.

He talks about ‘the meaning of words’. We smokers have seen how words like ‘help’ and ‘support’ can be manipulated to disguise the word ‘persecute’.

There is only ONE group of people who are to blame, and that group is ‘Doogooders’. Somehow, those people get to be MPs and on Local Councils. I do not know why that is so. Perhaps there is something wrong with the the passionate nature of our political system. Too much emotion.

To bed.


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  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Yes its all about persecution and bullying now Junican.

    • junican Says:

      How can it be otherwise? I don’t think that the Zealots knew quite what a catastrophe the smoking ban was. Due to their manipulation (starting it in the middle of summer and the trickery involved in getting it through the Lords, and the last minute amendment which brought in the inclusion of wet led pubs, etc), the ban went off without a hitch, and the Zealots congratulated themselves. But the resentment built up and caused pubs to empty. What power does PP have which is anything like as damaging as the smoking ban?
      Despite what they may have thought, they shot their bolt with the smoking ban.

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