Jamie Oliver Claims To Have 3,000,000 Followers

As far as I know, Jamie Oliver is a cook. He owns a couple of restaurants in London and, I suppose, others elsewhere. But, essentially, he is no more that a cook.

I find it weird that these ‘celebrity chefs’ get to be so important. Who was the ‘patron’ of Forest? It was:

Antony Worrall Thompson.
TV chef and restaurateur Antony Worrall Thompson is patron of Forest. Antony is no mere figurehead. 

I don’t know if he still is ‘patron’, after his disgrace, but what qualified him to be ‘patron’ in the first place? He was just a cook. I am a cook. Not only can I heat up ready-meals (possibly designed by Oliver or Thompson) but I can also cook from scratch bacon, egg and sausage. I can also do steak and chips (frozen) to perfection. There are all sorts of things that I can cook, and therefore I am a ‘chef’. But I am not a ‘celebrity’ chef. Such ‘celebrities’ only become so because a few people are prepared to pay £50 for a starter consisting of home-made soup.

But one cannot help but be intrigued by how it came to pass that 3,000,000 people became followers. What on Earth for?

The only explanation that I can think of is that there are many, many people, all over the world, who click on the sites of celebs out of curiosity. One can understand how, for example, millions of people who like Beyoncé look at her website. Perhaps the excitement of her life-style somehow transmits itself into the imagination of her ‘followers’, so that they become her in a mysterious sort of way. I think that that is very true. Youths who have a huge admiration for a particular footballer imagine themselves to be him. When we were kids, and read comics portraying heroes, did we not all imagine ourselves as that hero? When we watch a James Bond movie, just for a couple of hours, do not we men not become him, overcoming adversity and destroying the villeins, and do not the girls in the audience become the Bond girls?

But what really amazes me is that Someone like Simon Chapman, the Aussie anti-tobacco zealot, can also claim around the same number of followers. Who would want such a person as their hero?

I sometimes wonder if these people have some sort of ‘app’ which automatically registers anyone who clicks on their sites as ‘a follower’.

I was reading something in the last couple of days which said that Obama has some 10,000,000 million followers. When one of those followers gets an email from Obama about something in his site, does that person believe that he has been personally chosen to receive that email? It would not surprise me if many people believe that, rather than see it as just another piece of junk mail.

I think that there are a lot of anti-smoker ordinary people out there who are just a little bit unhinged. Perhaps being just a little bit unhinged is normal. I must confess that I support any England Team, whatever the sport. Why is that? I have no interest in football etc, but I still vociferously support England. I must be just a little bit unhinged.

Perhaps being human means that we are all just a little bit unhinged. During the EU referendum campaign, I do not remember any remainers describing the benefits which our membership of the EU has brought. I do not remember any of them describing the benefit of the EU-wide smoking bans or the benefit of ecig prohibition. I do not remember any of them saying how beneficial it was that Chan went to Moscow and kissed Putin rather than go to Africa and meeting suffers from Ebola.

But, again and again, I come back to the weakness of our politicians. They seem to be unable to understand that ‘sin’ taxes are persecution. They seem to be unable to understand that smoking bans which severely punish publicans with monstrous fines for ‘permitting’ (aka, not ejecting the culprit) smoking, are persecution. They seem not to be able to understand that even just the IDEA of minimum pricing of alcohol is persecution.

What these people do not seem to understand is that any GENERALISED increase in taxes will not affect those individuals who are at risk. GENERALISED increases in costs affect only those people who cannot afford the increased costs and are law-abiding. Such people are then forced to cease to be law-abiding, which affects THE WHOLE of the law.

The FCTC, IPCC (climate control) etc are causing a gradual escalation in defiance. When people have no legitimate way to escape, they fight their way out.

So what does this 3,000,000 followers of Jamie Oliver mean? It means bugger all. It is BECAUSE he is a celeb that people click ‘follow’. I’ll bet that, once Obama leaves office as President, his following shrinks to almost zero.

One of the weird things about WordPress is that it does not allow a site-holder to delete followers. And, as far as I can see, WordPress does not itself delete followers. Only a follower can delete himself. But, as far as I can see, merely clicking ‘unsubscribe’ does not delete the ‘following’. It just means that you will not receive emails from the site. Once a follower, always a follower. But it is also an assumption that person who clicks ‘follow’ is a supporter. The opposite might just as easily be true. Simon Chapman’s 3,000,000 followers might hate him and all he stands for.


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