I have spent three hours this evening watching a BBC documentary/invention fronted by someone named Adam Curtis. (H/T ‘Orphans of Liberty’ I think). Here is the link:


I doubt that any readers here would want to watch it, but it is interesting.

I’m not quite sure that Curtis, whoever he might be, actually explains what he means by ‘hypernormalisation’. He seems to be suggesting that the Powers-that-be ‘normalise’ some situation, in the sense that ‘The News’ promulgates the current view of ‘the Elite’ in politics, but then, at a later date, ‘renormalise’ the situation by reversing that view. As an example, Gadaffi is given. For a long time, he was a rebel and was blamed for all sorts of atrocities by UK, US, etc Governments. But there came a point where he would be useful as an ally, at which point he was glorified by a visit to Libya by Blair. Also, he was invite to address the UN. He suddenly became ‘nice’. But then the situation changed, and he became a liability again. Libya was bombed by the USA. Denormalise, normalise and then denormalise again. But that is not ‘hypernormalisation’.

As I said, it is not very clear, but the idea seems to be to go far beyond the simple demonisation of individual dictators and such. ‘Hypernormalisation’ seeks to ‘make normal’ such ideas as globalisation, both economically and politically. One particular part of the video highlights the fact that several sci-fi films were made and released around the same time in 2002 (?), which portrayed alien invasions of the Earth and how ‘Earthlings’ had to cooperate to defeat the alien invasions. AKA, globalisation. It is implied that Banksters were behind all the hypernormalisation of globalisation.

Oddly enough, the programme somehow managed to castigate Brexit and the election of Trump. The programme got a bit mixed up. As I understand it, Brexit and Trump are aberrations, caused by the naughty hypernormalisation. The implication is that that globalisation is good, but it has been corrupted by Big Business. And that Brexit and Trump have resulted from the disillusionment of the masses. There is also the implication that the UN, WHO, FCTC, IPCC, etc are good and worthy. Anyone with any sense know that those organisations are as corrupt as can be. Why? Because there are no controls over them. It is even more bothersome that those organisations have infected the World Bank, IMF, and others.

We have to rely upon the most powerful person in the world, The President of the USA (elect), to see through the charade. One of the first things that he should do is force the UN out of the USA and refuse to fund them unless they relocate to Zimbabwe or similar. No more living the high-life on the taxpayers of the USA, UK etc.

Further, I can see the Palace of Westminster becoming a prison or a lunatic asylum, and Parliament being relocated to the Outer Hebrides. Why not? Why should it be located in as Southerly a place as reasonably possible? Why should it not be located in as Northerly a place as possible? At least parliamentarians would have to be hardy and genuine. After all, there are only 650 of them. Even if you double or triple that number, allowing for researchers and wifely typists, you are only talking about some 3000 people. A village could be built for them costing a fraction of the cost of refurbishing Buckingham Palace. Or if Scotland exits the Union, then the Isle of Man would not be a bad alternative.

My point, as readers will have observed, is that ‘The Elite’ ALWAYS position themselves in the most salubrious of places. OK, occasionally they make a show of ‘going down-market’ by going to Azerbaijan or India, but they make damn sure beforehand that they will live in luxury while they are there.

May I suggest an alternative to hypernormalisation? May I suggest hyperDEnormalisation? What other explanation is there for the world-wide smoking bans? Individual country governments have fallen like ninepins everywhere. What POWER is being exerted upon those countries and where does that POWER come from?

But perhaps, more than anything, there is no end to it. Tobacco Control, Climate Control, Fat Control, etc have no limit. Even if smoking was reduced to zero, there would still have to be police to ensure that no one grows tobacco plants.

But there is some light at the end of the tunnel. The historic fact is that the powers-that-be get fed up once they cannot make any money out of the current situation.

It is all about GOLD.




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  1. Darryl Says:

    “But there is some light at the end of the tunnel.”

    Hopefully it’s not a train coming the other way. lol.

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