One of the words which Tobacco Control has not yet redefined the meaning of is ‘toughness’. Perhaps they will find a way to do so eventually.

A defining characteristic of Brits has been ‘toughness’. I apply that quality to all the inhabitants of ‘The British Isles’ – those islands just off the coast of Europe, including Ireland. Let’s face it – in the distant past, to live and survive in these islands required a measure of ‘toughness’.

So what do I mean by the word ‘tough’? I mean not giving in to adversity. A person who confronts adversity and fights it is ‘tough’. But, somehow, there are those people who have converted ‘toughness’ to ‘stupidity’.

England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales MUST eliminate those politicians who deny our principle strength – our toughness.

But who will replace those effeminate, ‘period controlled’, emotional, academics who never ever stand for Parliament but demand their way?

That has been the problem for the last couple of decades. ‘Tough Brits’ have been marginalised by the EU hegemony. How can that have happened? It is because effeminate politicians replaced ‘Tough Brits’ in Parliament.

By the way, in true TC style, I have redefined the word ‘effeminate’. It now has no connection with the female gender. It now means ‘pretty’.


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