What Is Public Health England For?

Just some musings late at night.

I don’t ever recall any such thing as ‘Public Health’, whether England or Scotland or Wales or Ireland, being considered to be ‘special’. Well, not in the sense of being a delicate flower which needs nurturing over many, many decades. I suppose that there are varieties of orchid which bloom only once every ten years, and which need to be cared for with much time and money, if they are to bloom at all. Enthusiasts care passionately. I used to play a lot of golf. I was an ‘addict’. I spent hours and hours and hours practising, and played as often as I could. What did I achieve? Over many years, I won an very occasional trophy. My claim to fame is that, over some fifteen years, I won one BOARD competition. That is a competition which entitles you to have your name inscribed on a board in the clubhouse as winner of the X trophy in 1987, or whenever. I also had one HOLE IN ONE. That achievement also earned me an entry on a board in the clubhouse (you had to get the ‘hole in one’ in a club competition to get that entry).

Do I regret the time that I spent practising and playing? NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST DEGREE! It was better than sex. Sex is ten seconds of squelching; a good round of golf is four hours of perfection -at your level. It is temping to think that a top class golfer, a professional, would be dissatisfied with a round of golf played to par, but that is not true. It is only in top competitions where expectations rise. For the most part, ‘scratch’ (whose handicaps are zero) golfers are perfectly happy to negotiate the course in level par. That is their pleasure and not winning the competition. Having a good round is the objective, and not winning. Winning a competition is a very special, and delightful, bonus, but is not the object of the exercise.

There is a key phrase in the last paragraph:  “a good round of golf is four hours of perfection –at your level“. Thus, if you had a handicap of 10, and the course ‘par’ (the number of shot which would be expected to be used to negotiate that course) was 70, and you came in with a score of 80, you would have achieved ‘perfection’ – for you. 80 minus your handicap of 10 equals 70 – perfect ‘par’ for you. 

Until fairly recently, ‘Public Health’ aspired to create a level playing field where it would be ‘normal’ for people ‘play’ their lives according to the ‘handicaps’ that they were given at birth. Those handicaps were not always immediately evident, but sometimes were very evident indeed. Mortality statistics show that a very few children die from various cancers. The deaths happen, sadly, but they happen.

The vast majority of us live out our lives according to our ‘handicaps’, being, generally, our genetic make-ups. For the vast majority of us, what might give us a bad, and terminal round, is a contagious disease. Silly though it might seem, in golfing terms, the equivalent is failing to hand in your card to the competition committee. You will be disqualified – dead.

By introducing the new rule of ‘non-contagious’ diseases, the Elite have changed the rules of life. You do not get such a disease from outside – you personally cause your own disease. If you smoke, you cause your own lung cancers and heart failures; if you enjoy a beer or two at the age of thirty, according to the Chief Medical Doctor on England, you cause your own death forty years later; if you enjoy sweets food, you cause your own death from diabetes, or whatever.

Such rule changes enable Zealots to apply penalties. And the penalties can be applied in advance. Even better, there is no limit to the changes in the rules or the severity of the penalties.

So what is ‘Public Health England’ for? Do not be misled by the ecig blather. PHE’s purpose is to change the rules at will and apply more and more stringent penalties. That is what PHE exists to accomplish. If PHE has its way, then it will spread its tentacles further and further until any ‘health event’ which has not been caused by a contagious disease is self-inflicted and therefore subject to penalties.

I can see the future. The NHS will treat your ailment, but if your ailment is a non-contagious disease, it is your own fault. Thus, you will have to pay.

It is blatantly obvious. GPs have been forced to collect information on the lifestyles of every single person on their files.  All that information about each individual is stored. When the time comes, that information about that individual can be used against him.

“You have lung cancer, Mr Smith. Your records show that you have been smoking for decades and you drink lots of alcohol, like two pints of bitter per week. The CMO says that there is ‘no safe level’ of either smoking or drinking. Have you got private medical insurance? No? Oh dear. Never mind, the cost can be held in abeyance, at 5% interest per an cumulative, of course,  until you die,  at which point your estate will be charged. You will have no estate? That does not matter – your costs will be added to the costs of those who have estates and spread around. Frankly, Mr Smith, I think that you are lucky. I do not see you surviving longer that two weeks”.

We do not know whether ASH ET AL is owned by Public Health England, or vice versa. But be in no doubt that they are connected. And be in no doubt that the Government Health Dept is NOT under the control of the Health Minister or Parliament.

In the same way that Trump has sworn to drain the swamp, it would be great if PM May would do the same thing. It is easy to say that the things that I have described above are of minuscule importance, but they are not. They are of vast importance. In particular, “You have a non-contagious disease, and therefore it is your own fault” is of tremendous importance.

So what is PHE England for?


8 Responses to “What Is Public Health England For?”

  1. castello2 Says:

    Trumph is the swamp. His main man, Rience Prebus, has been a crooked Koch oil republican for decades.

  2. garyk30 Says:

    There would seem to be a difference between ‘public health’ and the ‘health of the public’ that is being purposely ignored.

    The first is a 1 size fits all and the second leaves room for individual differences.

    The first is authoritarian and the second humanitarian.

    The first is all assumptions about cause and effect(blame) and the second about healing and help.

    The first is selective blame for refusing help.
    No one has ever been denied healing services for injuries in an automobile crash for which they are, perhaps, to blame.

    Criminals are never denied medical care if they are injured while committing a crime.

    No one is denied care if they are unsuccessful in committing suicide.

    My love, as such, for golf was about my trying to achieve perfection with each shot.
    Besides, golf courses can be serene and lovely places.

    In retrospect, it is amazing to have suffered intense frustration in such grand surroundings.

    But then, there was also the probability/possibility of that really good shot or putt that is remembered long after it happened.

    I considered a hole in one as due to luck and not as nice as getting the ball very close to the cup on a long approach shot.

    • junican Says:

      You have summed it up nicely, Gary. But we get into trouble when we treat ‘authoritarian’ as the opposite of ‘egalitarian’ and vice versa.
      Worth thinking about.

  3. slugbop007 Says:

    Public Health England is the Creature from the Black Lagoon.


  4. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    PHE should be abolished.

  5. thelastfurlong Says:

    I think Public Health England is a newish construction. Sort of another “advisory body” to Corporation Government.

  6. junican Says:

    I must admit that I do not know what PHE is for. I have no doubt that it will have quasi-religious objectives, but what does it DO? It does not seem to actually DO anything.

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