Hospital Smoking Exclusion Zones

Here is a link to Forest’s Simon Clark blog:

It seems that one or more hospitals intend the paint a line on the ground 20 metres away from the centre point of the hospital entrance. I suppose that the will also paint similar lines outside minor entrances. There will be quasi-semicircular lines all over the place, some of them overlapping no doubt. I wonder what colour the lines will be? They can hardly be white since there are white lines already all over the place. Perhaps they should be yucky green/brown like PP cig packets. It is hard to see how the 30 metres ‘exclusion zone’ can be enforced without lines on the ground.

So we can expect to find ourselves in hospital with some sort of debility, such as a badly sprained ankle, have the injury put in plaster and have to hobble beyond the lines indicating the ‘exclusion zone’, if we want a fag.

Note that there is no such ‘exclusion zone’ if you want a slug of whiskey.

What is the point of the ‘exclusion zone’?

What makes things worse is that these rules assume that smoking is already banned everywhere on the hospital grounds! The propaganda, and it is nothing but propaganda, ‘suggests’ that fines will be levied on people smoking inside the exclusion zone – maybe £50. A person who refuses to pay the fine might have to pay a fine of £1000 if he allows the matter to go to court. But what about the rest of the hospital grounds? Further, how can the persecutors decide what courts will do unless there is a universal law?

Hang on. People do not smoke ‘on the ground’. They stand on the ground. They smoke in the open air, wherever that open air might be within the confines of the streets, roads, fields, or whatever. That smoke drifts around, through hospital doors and windows – as do diesel fumes and the formaldehyde that humans breath out. The air inside hospitals is just as filthy as it is outside.


I fail to understand how anti-smoker councillors have replaced councillors who genuinely feel that they have the time and inclination, and the skills, to improve the the village, town, city. Where did the Zealots come from, and how can they claim to be Labour or Tory or whatever? Why are they motivated to persecute citizens who step outside hospital entrances to enjoy a fag?

Simon Clark is a good guy. He tries his best to represent smokers in respect of MPs and the Press, etc. I hope that he will continue to do so. But, step by step, the Zealots have defined the argument. They have got away with it. Perhaps the ‘exclusion zones’ stuff should be ignored and the argument made that open-air spaces are all exactly and precisely the same – in the open air. Further, the point should be made, right at the beginning and repeated as often as possible, that SHS harm is a sham. Even Richard Doll asserted that.

So this Hospital Exclusion Zone is just another example of the waste of taxpayers monies. How many such examples have to pile up before the Ms T may demands that the Health Minister puts a stop to it? In fact, why did she not choose a sceptic as her Health Minister?

And there we see the rub. There we see the impotence. It is such impotence which leads to wars.



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  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    It needs a group of Scots smokers to pointedly break this silly rule in public and get the press along to report it Junican.

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