The Trump V Clinton debate

When I heard about the release of a video/tape about a conversation between some males in a bus on the way to some sort of TV show, or whatever, and they started to talk about sex with nubile women, I was curious. I listened to the tape and, although I could not hear what was being said mostly, I was amused by what I could hear. It was the sort of banter which males indulge in when they have not much else in common. They look for something that they have in common to laugh about. Sex is the obvious topic. It would be a strange hetrosexual male who has not indulged in: “Cor…. Look at that!…..” on seeing a pretty young woman wearing a mini-skirt and projecting big boobs.

And the conversation took place eleven years ago.

Who retained the tape and cashed in on it?

I was surprised that Trump did not major on that and thought that he made a mistake by not doing so.

But some comments on the debate here:

made me look again at the debate. My previous effort to watch the debate stymied when I became bored, after some 10 to 15 minutes, by the muck-raking. But the article at ‘4liberty’ above changed my mind about watching the debate. I decided to watch it.

In my opinion, Trump walked it. Everything that Clinton said was ‘politically correct’. Only Trump questioned that ethos. “I will do everything for the kids”, said Clinton (or words to that effect). “Oh no you won’t”, said Trump, “because you have said that before and done nothing”.

And so it went on – Clinton talking ‘politically correct’ and Trump talking ‘reality’. But there are weird and comical things. Clinton wiped out 37,000 emails. Erm… Who could deal with 37,000 emails? Even over several years, 37,000 emails is a lot of messages to personally deal with. Is it fair or right to assume that those emails were important? Well, you would assume that were ‘relevant’ to the issue in question since she was Secretary of State.

But what impressed me most, as the debate progressed, was that Clinton relied more and more on ‘pretty pictures’ of happy-slappy Americans while bludgeoning foreigners to do as they are told. Frankly, I thought that her emphasis on Russian aggression in Syria was contemptible. Time again, she brought up ‘The Russians’as though they were smokers. I can only assume that Yanks are terrified of Russians.

Russia is an enormous country, but lots of it is frozen tundra. The tundra warms up a bit in summer and billions upon billions of insects awake. Only animals with thick hides and thick fur can survive. Those places are not for humans to inhabit. So Russia is really only the inhabitable places, such as Moscow and other places in the South.

But it is good that Russia has escaped from Communism. But we must recognise that Communism, in its way, rescued the Russians from slavery, or, if you prefer, serfdom – same thing.


I am glad that I decided to watch the debate in full. Both candidates obviously knew what the questions were going to be. Clinton had learned a script, and to some extent, so had Trump. But Clinton was ‘word perfect’, whereas Trump was ‘flexible’.

Trump ‘won’ the second debate hands-down.


I am beginning to come round to the idea that a Benign Emperor would work better in the modern world than a multiplicity of UN, WHO, IPCC, etc, committees. But is that not a ‘contradiction in terms’?

Brexit is not just a break with the EU. It is also a break with the UN and all its manipulations.


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