Jeremy Hunt and the Sugar Pandemic

Theresa May, when she created her Cabinet, chucked out most of her former ‘colleagues’ from Cameron’s administration, but she kept Hunt as ‘Secretary of State for Health’. Why? It seems to me that the probability is that no one else would accept that poisoned chalice. Who in their right mind would want to be in charge of a growing problem which he/she could do nothing about? Only someone NOT in his/her right mind would do so.

Unless that person is a charlatan.

So we have seen, as has been reported here:

that the said Sec of State for Health, J Hunt MP, has followed in the foorsteps of Silly Sally, the Chief Medical Officer – there is ‘no safe level’ of chocolate pudding. Every food outlet in the UK must reduce portions of ‘afters’ or reduce the sugar contents of those ‘afters’. If they do not, then they will be ‘named and shamed’.

Hunt and C*nt rhyme nicely. Hunt and Dunce not so nicely, but not out of the ball park. Name and shame? How’s this for an advert:


But would Big Food be able to do that? Well, they would be able to do so, but they would not dare to do so. The current political parties, Tory, Labour and Libdem (?) would combine to flay them alive. Bugger the consumer, of course.

And is that not the big, big, big problem?

Hunt et al do not give a shit about humble consumers. We have no POWER. The only POWER that we have is to vote, every five years, to replace one set of Elite with another set of Elite. And bear in mind that these Elites are only minor ELITES.

Here is something worth reading:


If I read the history correctly, an awful lot of curious things came into being immediately after WW2. It is not hard to conclude that they were pre-planned. It is not hard to conclude that they had been in the planning from well-before WW2 and that Hitler etc buggered the planning up. It is not hard the believe that the USA came into WW2 in order to get the New World Order back on track.

It is not hard to believe these things because it is a matter of fact that war after war after war has take place between one or more independent counties in Europe for decade after decade, century after century.

If the discussions and plans were intended to stop such incidents of war after war, then they are to be applauded. But why did they have to be secret? Why was it necessary to pretend that the ‘European Community’ was just a loose association intended to promote trade? Why was trickery necessary? Why, after WW2, was it not plainly said that these European wars must be stopped? And why was it not plainly said that the best way to do so was ‘integration of interests’? Thus, coal and steel were economically of the greatest importance to Nations, and it was a good idea to create a Europe-wide market in those commodities. There was no need for secrecy.

But I also do not understand why there is “An Elite” which transcends our elected Government. Why does our Elected Government have to cower before this Elite? Why does no one talk about it?

That is the most frightening part. Why does no one talk about it? I don’t mean we talkers on the internet. I mean, why are MPs like Corbyn, who claim to be egalitarians, not shouting about it from the rooftops? I really do not understand – unless they either do not know or are part of it.


Hunt addressed Food Manufacturers, and threatened them. He said that slim people must be treated in the same way as fat people – they must be denied and shamed. For it is not the restaurant etc which will be shamed – it is the person who wants a double helping of ice cream who will be shamed.

Despite the claims of ‘Public Health’, the number of obese cheildren is tiny. I take my wife to the hairdressers fortnightly. We pass a school at the time when the school is loosing. We have been passing this school for years and year, and yet I have yet to see a grossly fat child emerge. It is obvious what has been happening – ‘grossly fat’ now means ‘not skinny’.

It is because of MPs like Jeremy Hunt that the Health Zealots have got away with it. It is precisely because such MPs are utter cowards that they wanted to remain in the EU. Cowards, terrified, unscrupulous, easiest way, enthusiastic about punishing the poorest people via taxes, distorting the meaning of words, threatening suppliers, etc.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN OBESITY ‘EPIDEMIC’. It cannot exist because obesity is not ‘catching’.

Hunt should be replaces. Theresa May ought provide no place in her cabinet for such totalitarians. Totalitarianism has NEVER been our way in Britain. Well, not for a long time.

Only in the recent past has the majority been punished for the failings of the minority. Say what they like about the justification for enormous tobacco product taxes, the fact is that non-smokers pay for the supposed ‘tobacco related diseases’. And the more that smoking reduces, the more ‘tobacco related diseases’ aflict the general population.


I do not know what the solution of the cost of ‘age related diseases’ to the NHS is, but I am 100% sure that it has nothing to do with sugar, salt, climate, tobacco, cocaine, etc. But we would not want to ‘terminate’ old people with althezimers – would we? But that is the logical progression of demonising and denormalising. “You have lung cancer, you bastard. It has nothing to do with your age, or your genes. It is entirely to do with your smoking. What?!! You have never smoked in your life? Pull the other one! You must have smoked, otherwise you would not have lung cancer. Or did you work in a bar or something like that? No? Really? Liar!!! You MUST HAVE! OK. Your parents must have smoked. No??!! For heaven’s sake, stop lying! Somehow, even just a smidgion, you MUST have been exposed to SHS!! Oh, you worked in a popcorn factory? I see. Then your diagnosis changes from lung cancer to popcorn lung. Don’t worry – they are much the same thing. Proof? What do you mean? Sure we have ‘proof’ – it is in the literature. The McTear Case? What’s that? Never heard of it. Smoking causes lung cancer. Everyone knows that. Now get out of my surgery, and I recommend that you contact “”. They are very good. They solve the problems of ‘age related diseases’ very kindly, and they cost very little – only about £9989. Very reasonable.


As far as I know, all the appointees to the Cabinet changed – apart from Hunt. I can imagine all his colleagues laughing their heads off, but it is a matter of fact that people such as Hunt would interpret such laughter as a standing ovation.

Why does the Cabinet put up with the ludicrous? I suppose that the reason is idleness. That applies to Plain Packaging. Suppose that I, as a ‘free’ individual side-step all the intermediaries  and order, for my own consumption, say, 50,000 menthol cigs, and I order them directly from a cig manufacturer? Why should I not? And why should I not, as agreed with the maufacturer, have them delivered in totally ‘plain’ boxes of 50? Why should I not side-step the intermediaries?

Brexit has brought out all sorts of issues. And are we not thankful? Issues that the great and the good (MPs) were happy with, which, to be generous, they did not realise were totalitarian and were punitive to the ‘lessor sort’ perhaps, have come to the fore.

But persons like Hunt have still not got the message. HE HAS NO RIGHT TO DICTATE!





9 Responses to “Jeremy Hunt and the Sugar Pandemic”

  1. Rose Says:

    Jeremy Hunt becomes first Cabinet minister to call for another European referendum

    Perhaps this is the equivalent of George Osbourne’s punishment budget.

    • junican Says:

      What is his job again? Sec of State for Health? The Dept which is run by that Oz git, Andrew Black?
      What is wrong with these people? The NHS is bankrupt. What is Hunt doing about it? Should he not be supporting saving millions of pounds per week which are wasted on the EU bureaucracy and spending that money on the NHS?
      I simply cannot fathom out why May kept him on. He is a total disaster – a typical example of The Elite.

  2. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Good points Junican. In the old days people like Ian Fleming had their cigarettes made privately for them to their chosen blend. It would be nice to think you could still do that and choose your own packaging circumventing stupid medical porn images. If i had plenty of money id buy a pub and at ten each night friends would be invited to stay and drinks and cigs would be free thus bypassing silly non smoking pubs ! What a thought eh ?

    • Ed Says:

      Ah, that would be nice!

      Alternatively, you could grow your own. I’m smoking the first batch of the season which is a blend of Brazilian brightleaf and light Burley with a little Turkish/Oriental thrown in and there’s not a medical porn pic in sight 🙂

      • junican Says:

        I’m in the full flow of curing. I am still not happy with the taste, but I am betting on a really good harvest this year. After a very shaky start, I have plenty of well-grown plants. I have stored last year’s stuff to allow it to age.I intend to do the same with this year’s. My plan is to build up a stock before the Zealots make importing ‘raw’ stuff too difficult.

    • Ed Says:

      It’s been a great harvest for me too. I’m just hoping the frosts stay away long enough for me to pull in the last of my late season plants (the two I’m saving seed from) plus a sucker crop from some of the plants I had in beds. The sucker crop is a good way of extending the season with early cultivars. After the main crop has finished I allowed one basal sucker to grow and removed side shoots until it flowered again. It’s a smaller yield than your first crop but still provides usable leaf.

      Here’s some tobacco porn for you 🙂

      African Red Leaf harvested last month;

      and a pic of the largest leaf on the Costello Brightleaf got to 33″ x15″

      • junican Says:

        Nice pics, Ed, but I am somewhat surprised that you are harvesting them when they are still so green. JB from Ireland and I have great difficulty in yellowing leaves which are so green. We tend to let them get a lot paler.
        I don’t think that we should be troubled by frost for a couple of months yet. I read somewhere that the leaves can withstand a short-term, light frost.

  3. Ed Says:

    There’s a good potted history of the NWO on Mccloughry’s blog from its inception to the present day. It is very well referenced;

    However, if you want a more detailed account of the NWO machinations in the last century a book called the Anglo-American Establishment by the historian Prof. Carroll Quigley is a truly eye-opening read. It takes you right down the rabbit hole!

    It’s now available online;

    • junican Says:

      Gosh, that first link is hard reading, Ed! I think that the clever thing that The Elite do is to start by using their own money to set things up and then move the whole thing onto taxpayers. It really is incredible how they get away with it.

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