“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”

Freely tranlated, the above means, “Who guards the guards themselves?” It is an ancient idea and probably predates Roman Times, where that idea originated as far as we know.

“Who guards the guards” freely translates into “Which experts check the experts?”

Almost everyone with an interest in global warming knows that there has been no change in global temperatures for a couple of decades. Further, some ‘experts’ say that that is a bad thing provided that the leveling off is a result of the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere. CO2 in the atmosphere induces plant growth. Without CO2 in the air, plants would die.

Who is right? Who is telling the truth? Who knows what the truth is?

The fact is that ‘hubris’ rules. “I am a professor of climate change and I have studied all the literature and I can quote chapter and verse. The fact that I personally have not conducted experiments, etc, is neither here nor there. I am a professor”.

So which ‘Professors and Doctors’, in Universities and in Government, ‘custodiet ipsos custodes’?

The fact is that Some Eminent Politicians have been using the ‘Professors and Doctors’ for years and years. It is almost comical. It isn’t the REAL ‘Professors and Doctors’ who blather about the harm of smoking. It is the bought Ps and Ds.

It has always been so. Doll himself was financed by the puritanical Rockafeler Corporation. (excuse misspellings – it is late).

So, to reiterate, ‘who checks the advice given to Ministers?’

I mean, those checks and balances should not be secret.

Maybe this subject needs more investigation.



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