Creating Bilge

I must admit to being amused by my subject.

Let us imagine ‘a ship of the line’ in the navy of 200 years ago. The ships were constructed from timber, most likely oak timber, which abounded in England. The oak planks would have been bent to shape by being steamed and forced into shape. But there would be unavoidable gaps between the timbers. The solution was to ‘cork’ the gaps. I do not know what ‘the cork’ was, but it does not matter. Essentially, the ‘corking’ means that the gaps were sealed. Oh dear! Corking was not entirely successful. Sea water got in.

And so the word ‘bilges’ was coined. It described both the place where sea water accumulated and the sea water itself. ‘The Bilges’. Maybe, in the very old days, seamen emptied ‘the bilges’ by hand using buckets, but, eventually, pumps were devised.

All ships leak to some extent, even the most advanced liners of today. All need pumps to empty ‘the bilges’.


Our esteemed friends in Tobacco Control specialise in creating ‘bilge’. Like Doll and Hill, none of them have expertise in the subject upon which they pontificate. But they still create ‘bilge’. It is very easy to create bilge, but very difficult to remove it. It is like graffiti -easy for a person to spray paint over a surface but very hard to remove. Removing bilge takes a lot of time and effort.

But what is the best way to stop bilge accumulating? It must be in better ‘corking’. If the corking was perfect, there would be no bilge.

So, as regards tobacco control, initially, the Zealots pointed out that there was bilge in the form of lung cancer deaths. That bilge needed to be removed and the best way to do it was by having workers carrying buckets of bilge up to the deck and throwing the bilge overboard. There was no better way.

But someone came along with a great idea. Suppose that the bilges could be PUMPED out? That idea is represented by ecigs. WOW!! Erm… No. There are unknown consequences. Much better to continue to have lots and lots of operatives clearing out the bilges, and, even better, find more and more bilges to clear out.

But are the bilges REAL in the first place? They may be real, but they might be tiny problems, much exaggerated by those who benefit.

The creation of bilges has been very profitable for many people as a huge drain on taxpayers and a huge drain on enterprise. But that creation of bilges, which do not exist in reality, cannot be other than harmful. It does not make sense for someone to build something useful and to have others tear it down because they proclaim that it is ‘the bilges’.

If Theresa May continues the persecution of smokers, then she is an idiot. She would permit the constant escalation of the destruction of liberty among our people. That libertity involves choice and competition. The Monopoly of Standardisation has been a big problem with the EU.


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