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When the problem with Hotmail was not sorted out by Microsoft within a day or so after they said that that Hotmail/Outlook was going to be ‘down’ for a little while while they updated their ‘legal agreements’, I looked around on the net for some explanation. I vaguely expected Microsoft to have issued some sort of public announcement. There was no such, but I found a site which showed that people all over the world had the same problem. Many even quoted exactly the same wording which appeared when I tried to log in to Hotmail. And yet not everyone was affected. JB from Ireland was not. On the other hand, people from far flung places in the world were reporting the same problem.

Whatever the problem was, it has been sorted, but it would be nice if Microsoft told us what happened. Not in detail or in jargon, but in a few words which we understand. EG, “We apologise to those Hotmail customers who were inconvenienced by the delay. We thank everyone who told us about the problem. The issue involved spell-checkers in a complex way”. That is all that was required. A simple explanation of a complex problem. It doesn’t even have to be true!

Thankfully, comments on this site were not affected. Usually, I see the comments via Hotmail in the first instance, and then go to the BSC site to respond. I like WordPress because, when I log in, the first page that comes up is ‘Comments’. That was a clever idea by WordPress.


So we are back to normal. But are we? Is there any such thing as ‘normal’ these days? In 2007, the Zealots managed to persuade the Highest Court in the land to force smokers out of places where they had enjoyed themselves, without complaint from others, for centuries on the pretext of ‘danger’ to pub staff. The Highest Court is Parliament, and not the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court can only decide upon legal technicalities. It cannot overturn the decisions of Parliament – unless Parliament has contradicted itself. As a silly example, Parliament might pass some law about the conduct of traffic where vehicles drive on the right. A case brought before the Supreme Court would point out that the traffic law in the UK, as defined by Parliament centuries ago, is that we drive on the left. Thus, it is impossible for Parliament to pass laws about the nicities of traffic driving on the right – there is no such thing as driving on the right.

But you get my thinking. The Highest Court in the land hanged millions of smokers because they murdered millions of bar staff. Is that an exaggeration? Of course it is! But so was the danger to bar staff from SHS. For heavens sake! Think of the exposure to fumes from burnt meat of people who spend eight hours per day working in restaurant kitchens!


What bothers me is the irationality.  How could our Government be so irational? It can only be that what we think of as ‘Our Government’ is not our government. The reality is that our government is elsewhere.


5 Responses to “Hotmail Problem Sorted”

  1. thelastfurlong Says:

    You mean you’d like Microsoft to APOLOGISE! like they did when their new “Cortana” in the first issue of Windows 10 crashed millions – maybe zillions – of computers worldwide – including mine? And we lost all our data – forever! You mean that kind of apology?

    • nisakiman Says:

      Blimey! You actually lost all your data? What a bloody disaster! Did you not have it backed up?

      I’m very glad, then, that despite the repeated exhortations that were constantly popping up on my screen, telling me I could upgrade to Windows10 at no cost, I decided I’d stick with Windows7.

      I never trust new operating systems anyway, and skipped Vista altogether, preferring to stick with XP until W7 had been out for a while and had all the bugs ironed out.

      • junican Says:

        Erm… What can one say? I upgraded to Windows 10. Whatever improvements were supposed to be evident were not evident to me. But then I am an ignorant old fart. It took a little while to navigate around the W10 World.
        But what seems to be the case is that the ‘experts’ at Microsoft expect everyone else to be experts and to know the jargon. The vast majority of us don’t know and don’t care. We just use the system for free. Let them plaster the sceen with adverts. I do not care. “Your version of Word is out of date. Update NOW!”, it shouts. Erm…. No. I can navigate around Word OK as it stands – just about. I do not need more confusion.

  2. garyk30 Says:

    I find it silly that they never asked if the bar staff felt it was needed for them to be ‘saved’ from SHS.

    Bans are frequently done ‘to save a child’s life’; but, what if that child is to grow up to be a mass murderer?

    They have absolutely no means of deciding such consequences of their actions.

    • junican Says:

      Zealots would describe bar staff, no matter how old they might be, as OUR bar staff. The word ‘our’ denotes ownership. I don’t think that I need say any more.

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