Hotmail/Outlook is F*cked

A few days ago, Microsoft told me that it was adjusting its ‘service agreements’ in various ways from 15th Sep 2016. Microsoft told me that Hotmail/Outlook would be ‘out of order’ while the changes were implemented.

I do not know what Microsoft have done, but they seem to have crashed Hotmail/Outlook BIG TIME, all over the world.

Sometimes, these people do not comprehend the wholesome idea: “If it is not broken, do not fix it”. They had an email system called “Hotmail”. I do not know what was considered to be ‘hot’ about any email system. They might just as well have called it “Coolmail”. Ever so ‘cool’, doncha think? But at least the word “Hotmail” had some sort of character. What character does the word “Outlook”have? The word is banal. It reminds one of the weather forecast, and, at least in the UK, the ‘Outlook’ was almost always wet and windy.

So it seems that Microsoft created for themselves a huge problem. Millions of people had ‘Hotmail’ email addresses. As for myself, find that I have an address ‘’. Really? Or is there no @? Just a mo. Oh, I don’t know……

It seems that the ‘fix it even though it is not broken’ rats in the sewer have escaped en masse. The ‘virtual’ rats are chewing away at the ‘virtual’ cables which carry the signals.

The ‘Outlook’/’Hotmail’ system has collapsed into a heap of stinking, electronic dung.

By the way, if JB from Ireland happens to read this, JB might consider creating an email address with some other provider so as to have an alternative from ‘Hotmail’. Having said that, I must admit that I do not know what I am talking about. I use my computers, my phone and my mobile. I do not give a shit about how these things work. I am interested how my own car works, but I am not interested in how someone else’s Airbus works. I just buy a seat on the damned aircraft.

What is weird is that Microsoft has issued no statement to provide assurance to Hotmail email addressees. Perhaps the phrase ‘Hotmail email adressees’ is incomprehensible to them. Perhaps the situation is similar to Climate Scientists waiting for an end to ‘the pause’ in global warming. They desperately need an end to ‘the pause’.


Does anyone else think that Governments have paid far too much attention to ephemeral, academic, overestimated, politicised know-alls?

What really annoys me is that the UN will not come straight out and say that the human population of the Earth is getting out of hand. I am not saying that the population is too big at this time. I am saying that discussions of the possible problem should be open and known to everyone. The same goes for Energy. There is no need for propaganda. Just state the facts.


Let’s hope that Microsoft sort out the problems with Hotmail/Outlook, but let us also hope that they learn humility.


INCREDIBLE! Hotmail has sorted itself out! It is now up and running!


4 Responses to “Hotmail/Outlook is F*cked”

  1. inisfad Says:

    Yep, JB has done that already, with accounts in hotmail, gmail and yahoo. My suggestion – go on to and get a gmail account. Far better than hotmail, IMHO….:)

  2. nisakiman Says:

    I’ve had, and used, a hotmail account for years (as well as gmail, outlook, zoho, yahoo etc), which has been my main web-based email address. I haven’t had any major problems with it, although of late it does seem pretty slow loading.

    My main email is a POP3, which is provided by my internet provider, and runs on MS Outlook. I sound kind of knowledgeable here, but I really haven’t a clue how it all works. I just use them.

    • junican Says:

      I know what you mean. Computing and the net have nearly as much jargon as the medical profession. They speak a foreign language, and to make it worse, their words do not always mean the same thing, or even mean anything at all.
      And where has the automatic spell-checker gone? It has disappeared. Where did it come from in the first place? I have no idea – it just appeared. And now it has disappeared from everywhere. Was it part of microsoft and has disappeared because of the hotmail problems? Or was it from Google, and the hotmail problems affected it? Or have I, some time in the past, downloaded a spell checker which has died? I have no idea.
      Whatever…. We survive when, according to Doll’s Doctors Study, we should all be dead.

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