Why Tobacco Control is Beginning to Die

It seems to be true that, the more ‘advanced’ a country is, the more likely that it is to be open to abuse by ‘special interest groups’. In Islamic countries, homosexuals are still killed by being thrown from high places, but in advanced nations, such as the USA and the UK, they are worshipped. I use that group only as an example. I do not give a toss about personal sexual orientation. The recent revelations about Vaz MP just amuse me. If he is a good MP, then it does not matter if his ‘turn on’ involves watching, and possibly engaging with, young men doing ‘poppers’ and having gay sex.

But is he a good MP? I have no idea. Frankly, I do not know what being a good MP involves. There don’t seem to be any epidemiological studies about the efficacy of MPs. In fact, one might go so far as to say that there simply are no standards at all for MPs. That is a very strange thing, since they, as a group, replaced ‘The King’ as the ultimate authority. Thus, if the Government cocks up, it is MPs who are responsible. It is they who have replaced the King. The fact that Cameron resigned after the Brexit vote is a diversion. ALL pro-‘Remain’ MPs should have resigned, and a General Election called. In that General Election, Brexit would have to be assumed, because a majority of The People demanded it. There is no going back.

But that did not happen. Those MPs who did not know, and did not care, about the beliefs of their constituents about the EU, are still in place. I do not think that this anomaly has gone unnoticed, and politicians in general do not know what to do about it.

The Brexit vote has opened up a HUGE can of worms. No wonder that Theresa May is so fearful. Structures like the UN have been god-like in their acceptance by Governments and MPs all over the World. Hardly anyone criticises the UN.

But the UN’s feet of clay are gradually being revealed. Via the IPCC and the FCTC, and, above all, via the ‘Millennium Goals’, promoted by UN unelected apparatchiks, the lack of democratic control of the UN is becoming very obvious.

The fact is that, since WW2, the UN is an offshoot of the USA. The USA controls the UN. The UN survives only because the USA pays most of its costs. It must do what the USA says.

The EU is similar to the UN. The officials are not elected. Those nations which contribute most to its existence, rule. They are The Kings.

But The Kings are only interested in BIG. Corruption in the WHO, IPCC and FCTC are beneath them. You cannot blame them for regarding WAR as the main thing.

But there comes about a time when the more minor things come to the fore. Such an event occurred when the Secretary General of the WHO attended a secretive meeting of the FCTC in Moscow just as the Ebola epidemic hit its peak. Even though these events are played down by the MSM, they are not forgotten. We, in the social media, ensure that.

The fact is that Tobacco Control is getting weaker and weaker, no matter how noisy it is. More and more, it is demanding ‘whole population’ punishments to deter youngsters from starting to smoke. Those punishment essentially involve more taxation. The justification inevitably involves the word ‘help’. The reality is ‘force’.

The punishment (‘help’) of mental patients in mental hospitals, is a perfect case in point. Mental patients of that nature are, in effect, prisoners. How does the deprivation of tobacco ‘help’ their mental condition? It does not and cannot. It can only be persecution. The same idea applies to prisons. Persons who have no alternative can be ‘helped’, purely because they have no alternative. They cannot refuse ‘help’ which is FORCED upon them.

It is slow, but it is happening. Just as fine wines are much appreciated by wine aficionados, and malt whiskeys are a delight to whiskey drinkers, so fine tobaccos will become the rule. It has always been so. You do not see adverts on TV for the best wines and whiskeys. What you see on TV adverts is mass-produced. It cannot be otherwise, since the cost of the adverts means that volume sales are necessary.

I hope that Theresa May has realised that the Brexit vote means that The People are pissed off with propaganda. Propaganda of the most vicious kind was employed during ‘Project Fear’. On not one occasion did any ‘Remainer’ say how The People have benefited from the EU.

Sooner or later, someone will ask how the smoking bans and the punishment of smokers has benefited The People. The result will be – not in the slightest. The result will be that smokers have been harmed by discrimination, persecution and isolation.

That is the truth.



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  1. artbylisabelle Says:

    Straight to and through the heart of it all! Well done!

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