“Bedtime, Children!”

“Bedtime, children!”

“Oh no, Dad! I don’t want to go to bed yet!”

“School tomorrow. It’s time for bed. Tell you what – I’ll tell you a story when you are in bed”

“But we don’t want to go to bed yet!”

“Well, you have to go to bed. School tomorrow. If you carry on arguing, then there will be no story. You still have to go to bed. Do you want a story or not?”

Thus we parents blackmail our kids into going to bed. I guess that something similar has been the case for many thousands of years. We should not be surprised that there is no historical, written record of such behaviour. Well, not for children. There are lots of historical records for adults. For example, what is the story of Adam and Eve, other than a frightening bedtime story? A and E were happy, happy clappy, probably playing hopscotch or something, until they collided bodily and suddenly found that weird bodily things happened, such as erections. The implications of the story were that they copulated – ‘forbidden fruit’ – and unleashed the human race upon the Earth. But it was THE SERPENT which tempted them. I do not know why they needed a SERPENT to tempt them to copulate, but SERPENT there was.

It is a bit like tobacco control. There always has to be a SERPENT. In this case, the SERPENT is tobacco companies. TCs tempt innocent children to copulate with tobacco products. TCs tempt ‘children and young adults’ (that is, humans from birth until the age of 25 or so) to suck on tubes of one sort or another, and to place such tubes in places where they should not go unless ‘regulated’, such as via the word ‘marriage’. It is only a word, and means nothing, but it sounds good in regulations. In the new regulations, a man can marry a man, and a woman can marry a woman, but three men cannot marry, and three women cannot marry, and a man cannot marry a woman, nor can a woman marry a man. Well, not on the same terms. Crazy? Not at all. IT IS THE LAW, and so must be perfect. Law is always perfect, and anyone who denies it is a criminal. It is called ‘hate speech’.


I do admire the Spanish Government in a way. They have gone overboard in falling in line with the recent TPD. I have just come back from Mallorca where I bought a few sleeves of cigs. I noticed that the packets are covered with medical porn. Here is an example:

2016-08-30 03.34.30

And the back:

2016-08-30 03.34.48

Really, really nasty, do you not think? You can see that almost the whole packet is covered by medical porn.

What truth exists in those pics? Should our currency notes, our £5 notes, £10 notes, etc, depict the atrocities that the British Empire heroes inflicted upon native populations worldwide? Why not? They are the same thing. Should not the UN have a treaty requiring such depictions? Why not?

But what is really, really clever of the Spanish Government is that they have not raised their duty for several years! In fact, cig prices have not gone up at all for the past two years that I know of. Thus, the Spanish pay lip service with the horror pics, but do not decimate their tourist trade.

I have only drawn attention to the pics for the purpose of this post. Day by day, I never even look at the pics. Does anyone?

The medical porn pics are the equivalent of bedtime stories in reverse. They invite you NOT to go to bed, but you are tired and so you ignore the medical porn stories. You light up and say sod it. And then you say sod it again, and again, and again.

And then you go further, and say “Sod them. Sod them all”. Which is why Brexit occurred. The People said, “Sod them all”.

Theresa May is a long-time politician. At the Home Office, she promoted the law about ‘hate speech’. She is an arse-hole, just like Cameron and Osborne. But it may be that she is only 95% arse-hole. It would be a wonderful blessing if she turned out to be only 90% arse-hole.

But it is alright for me to complain. If I was serious, I ought to say how Theresa May could prove that she was only 10% arse-hole. If she stopped paying MEP salaries tomorrow, as an immediate consequence of Brexit, that would reduce her arse-hole count from 95% to 80% immediately. Or thereabouts. Reducing the contribution of the UK to the EU budget by 95% would reduce her arse-hole measure by another 10% or so to 70% arse-hole, straight away.

But there is another way as well. Taking control of our North Sea fisheries could diminish her AH quotient alarmingly.


It is possible that Theresa May may turn out to be a great Prime Minister. But I doubt it. To be so, she would have to see that recent ‘evidence base policy’ has been anything but. Charlatans, both in our universities and in the UN and other places, have bent and twisted evidence to support the one and true religion, being the UN Millennium Goals.



8 Responses to ““Bedtime, Children!””

  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    At least the Spaniards have allowed some branding unlike Nanny State UK.

    • Rose Says:

      The UK didn’t have to, in fact they weren’t going to, it being such a stupid idea, it’s just that Cameron caved in just to prove that he wasn’t under the thumb of Lynton Crosby when the healthists accused him of it.

      One of the most pathetic excuses for passing a law that I can think of and it did him no good in the end.

      Conservatives dismiss Lynton Crosby tobacco link ‘smears’

      “Labour’s questions on whether David Cameron’s elections adviser tried to influence policy on tobacco packaging amount to a “smear”, the chairman of the Conservative Party has said.
      Two shadow ministers have written to ask whether Lynton Crosby was involved in the decision to delay plans to bring in plain cigarette packets in England.
      The Times says his company is used by tobacco giant Philip Morris.
      But Tory chairman Grant Shapps said Mr Crosby had no role in setting policy.

      Ministers had been thought keen to go ahead with the cigarette packaging proposal, designed to discourage young people from smoking by making the packets less attractive.

      But a decision was delayed last week, after a Department of Health consultation found views on whether this would be effective were “highly polarised”.

      • junican Says:

        Very true, Rose, but typical politician. Clever, but silly, Cameron chose a publicist with a proven record of success. Clever, but silly, Cameron did not look further than that success.
        I wonder why Clive Bates seems to be unable to get gainful employment? Perhaps it is because of his history with ASH. Who would want to touch such a person? The history of misery! Imagine Bates promoting cream cakes! The mind boggles. Imagine Arnott promoting Coca Cola.

  2. Ed Says:

    The medical porn is one of the main reasons why I stopped buying retail tobacco. It can’t do your mental health any good to have those lies and images flying around your subconscious.

    I noticed that even back in 1989, Corbyn and Co, were voting for public smoking bans. You would think that these people who purport to champion the working class would have some empathy for smokers.


    • junican Says:

      I don’t think that it works that way, Ed. We become inured. I have far more important things in my life than detail on a packet. Sure, the detail might be very much ‘in your face’, but detail it is. I never actually look at it.
      As for Corbyn et al, I just do not care.

  3. Ana Says:

    Those packs are just horrendous. Ever since the medical porn was introduced on packs, and more now that it got bigger, I can’t understand/believe how this is possible in democratic, capitalist countries.

  4. Ana Says:

    The text, if I’m not mistaken, translates to ‘children of smokers have a greater probability to start smoking’. Suppose it’s true – if the state can put this on cigarette packs, what’s to stop it from putting the same thing on alcohol beverages, or on fast food and chocolates – ‘children of drinkers/fat people have a greater prob to start drinking/get fat’. The world has gone insane.

    • junican Says:

      Hello Ana.
      You point out a truth when you say ‘in a democratic society’. The important thing, in a democratic society, is that ‘evidence’ should be true. Democracy only works with truth. Are the pictures on cig packets true?
      I’m not sure that cig companies have contested that. I know that they decided some time ago not to contest the health effects of smoking. Is their attitude that the pics do not matter at all and are therefore not worth contesting?

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