Brexit and De-funding the EU

The People of the UK, indeed, of Great Britain, voted, on 23rd June 2016, to divorce from the EU. The marriage has turned out to be kaput.

It seems that the EU publicity department has tried to claim that the Olympic successes of Member States reflect glory upon the EU:

EU tops Olympic medal table!

One becomes weary of trying to shout as loud as possible that a house built of cards has no future. It exists NOW, but will be literally demolished tomorrow.

The EU Parliament has tried to claim that Olympic successes have been the fruit of their endeavours. I suppose that could be so if the EU Parliament found a way to surreptitiously bribe judges.


I mention the EU blather only as an example of total waste of resources.

There are various immediate consequences of the Brexit vote. Negotiations about trade might take some time, but the immediate and irrefutable consequence is withdrawal of UK MEPs. We, The People voted on 23rd of June to cease to have MEPs IMMEDIATELY. There is also no continuing justification for funding any aspect of the EU at all.

Has the PM, Ms May, blocked the transfer of UK taxpayers’ funds to the bank accounts of EU apparatchiks? If not, why not?

It may take some time to change the Treaties and come to some arrangement about trade agreements, movement of peoples, and justice. But, in the meantime, it is imperative upon Ms May to defund the EU. There is no excuse at all not to do so. None whatsoever.



6 Responses to “Brexit and De-funding the EU”

  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Yes we must get out now ! No more delaying tactics OUT NOW.

    • junican Says:

      That is not what I am saying, Tim. There are matters which will take some time, but MEPs no longer have legitimacy. They should have been recalled on 24th June. Nor is there any legitimacy in continuing to support the EU financially in any way at all. It is not so much ‘out now’ in every respect as much as breaking down the consequences into chunks.

  2. Ed Says:

    I’m not sure how true this blog report is, but from what I can gather, is that if we aren’t fully out before April 2017 then we’ll be subject to a qualified majority vote. It would then be required that another 14 EU states would have to support our decision to leave.

    • junican Says:

      Complete bollocks, Ed. Treaties are not laws. Are the countries of the EU going to declare war on the UK?

  3. Ed Says:

    yep, thought as much myself after reading up a little on the qualified majority voting issue. I found this on the subject which helps to clarify things;

    • junican Says:

      Thanks for the link which I have read. It misses the point. The point is that some politicians, who just happened to be passing through, committed the UK to an autocracy. Only the autocrats can propose laws and regulations. Only the autocrats can amend those laws and regulations. The People have no control at all.

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