What is the Colour Which is the Opposite of ‘The Blues’?

It would be easy to say that I have returned from my holiday and am now suffering from ‘post holiday blues’. But I am not. So what should I say? “I am in the envious state of returning from holiday and enjoying ‘post holiday …. reds? greens? yellows?” Is there no colour which signifies pleasurable contentment?

I had a very pleasant break, wining and dining, reading, playing chess on my electronic chess set, drinking many pints of lager and just lounging about. I saw no Olympics or football other than the occasional news item.

Am I a spoilsport? I mean, I was pleased for the girls and boys who won medals – it was nice for them – but the success of ‘Team GB’ left me cold. And yet I do get a buzz in the England football team or the England rugby team win.

I think the answer is that ‘Team GB’ is an artificial construct as regards athletics. The individual competitors are not part of a team at all. For example, Justin Rose won gold in the golf tournament. What ‘team’ connection is there between him and a boxer? There is none. The success of a boxer did not improve Rose’s shot making.

No, ‘Team GB’ was an artificial construct, dreamt up by marketing experts to excite the population.

I would have regarded myself as a cynic were it not for the fact that I am a smoker. I have seen ‘popular support’ engineered for nefarious purposes by tobacco control. Popular support for smoking bans was engineered, and I do not doubt that the same applies to the Olympics.

What was the nefarious purpose?

It is a weird thing how totalitarian states have, in the past, seen it as important to whip up nationalism via sporting prowess. Hitler did it and Stalin did it. The MSM seem to be critically important in the whipping up of hysteria.

And it works. For two weeks, the BBC was wall-to-wall Olympics, showing Team GB successes over and over again.

What amuses me is the intention. One cannot help but feel that the planners assumed that Brexit would not occur, and that it would be ‘a good thing’ for a bit of nationalism to override the loss of sovereignty to the EU. It is amusing to think that the plan has backfired. The success of ‘Team GB’, in the popular mind, has reinforced the wisdom Brexit. See what GB can do! We won loads of medals in the Olympics! We came second in the table, beaten only by the all-powerful yanks!

Where was the EU team? The EU has a specific seat in the UN – where was its team? The EU is another artificial construct.

It is difficult to understand, but I do not see the EU as being a real thing. It is a collection of ‘institutions’. It is constructed from words and nothing else. The same applies to the UN, WHO, IPCC, and all the rest of the ‘Institutions’.

But perhaps what is most important to understand is that ‘institutions’ like the World Health Organisation are not in the slightest bit medical – they are political.

Whoever thought of it was brilliant. I am talking about ‘the long march through the institutions’. Ignore political parties and politicians. Get control of the institutions. In the UK, there is no doubt that the Health Dept in the UK Government bureaucracy has been taken over by Zealots. Even the Royal Society, that bastion of Pure Science, has been infected. Cancer Research UK was infiltrated long ago as was the College of Physicians. There is a plethora of charities and institutions which are nothing but words, and yet they leach taxpayers funds.


I was heartened by my trip. All the youths were having great fun and I saw no trouble at all. I was challenged five times to a game of chess while sitting outside a popular nightclub/disco bar between 2 am and 4 am. The challengers were Italian youths, Scottish youths and English youths. 3 am, after several pints, is not a good time to play chess, but most of the games were good games. I won all except one which was stalemate. But, unlike the Olympics, winning was not the important thing. Amusement was the important thing.

Tobacco Control does not do ‘amusement’. It exist in a realm of words, mostly nasty words. I does not, and cannot, recognise pleasure and amusement.



12 Responses to “What is the Colour Which is the Opposite of ‘The Blues’?”

  1. margo Says:

    I think the answer is: you are in the pink.

    • junican Says:

      Nice one, Margo! I like it. “I have just returned home from holiday but I am not suffering from ‘post holiday blues’. In fact, I am ‘in the pink'”. I vaguely remember ‘in the pink’ as a phrase use by soldiers in WW2 in postcards home. Because of the circumstances (might be blown up or machine gunned tomorrow), I think that it meant ‘cheerful’, or at least ‘not miserable’. So, yes, that would be the opposite of the colour ‘blue’ in those circumstances.

  2. Samuel Says:

    Glad you had fun with the chess games and the late hours at the pubs. Ever try backgammon? It too requires strategy but is a bit more forgiving after a pint or two.

    • junican Says:

      Funnily enough, an acquaintance mentioned backgammon as an alternative to chess. I have no knowledge of that game, I must admit. To be honest, chess is difficult enough – and I can beat youths!

  3. Joan Elizabeth Court Says:

    That piece was lovely, junican. Glad to hear you had a good and enjoyable holiday. You deserve it!

    Best wishes,

  4. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Glad you had a great holiday Junican. Nice to have you back.

  5. neil graham Says:

    Dear Junican,

    May I invite you to be guest speaker at a future meeting of Preston UKIP? Probably the first Wednesday in December.

    I have taken an interest in fake charities and the corruption of tobacco control for many years now. Preston UKIP has campaigned against the smoking ‘voluntary ban’ in parks (which includes training park workers to pester vapers) in the last two elections.

    It would be interesting to hear your views.

    We could pay travelling expenses if required.

    We have speakers lined up for our September, October and November meetings. Would you be willing to be our guest speaker in December (the first Wednesday of the month)?

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Neil Graham (branch treasurer)


    • junican Says:

      I am immensely flattered by your invitation. I shall contact you directly via your email address.

  6. Ed Says:

    “Where was the EU team? The EU has a specific seat in the UN – where was its team? The EU is another artificial construct.”

    Ah, you must have missed them claiming they came top of the medals table on Twitter!


    Nice to see you back Junican 🙂

    • junican Says:

      If ever there was conclusive proof that that certain people are quite happy to claim ‘causation’ via ‘correlation’, that is it. What is important is that the people making the claim are supposed to be the Elite politicians in Europe. They are MEPs.
      The contagion spreads wider and wider. From what you say, ‘Team GB’ is a mere microcosm of the invisible ‘Team EU’.
      Will Theresa May see why those people MUST be defunded?

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