Millions of people come to Great Britain on holiday every year from all over the world. They do not come here for the weather. They do not come here to sun themselves on our beaches. They come here to see British history.

They come here to see Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guard. They come to see pomp and ceremony. They go to Stratford to watch Shakespeare plays, and they savour British pubs. Some will go the the Yorvick centre in York and others will go to see Lincoln cathedral. Some will go to see Stonehenge. Some might even go to Blackpool for fun, and might even ascend Blackpool tower. I have done so, and it is a magnificent edifice and admirable in every respect. Others will visit our shore to play golf on the Scottish links courses. It is not massively expensive to play on the Old Course at St Andrews. A group of eight of us went to play golf at St Andrews. There are four courses there. At the time, it cost £60 to play on the Old Course, and about £20 to play on the others. We opted for one of the others. They were just as interesting and just as tricky. One night, after going to a pub, I went for a little walk round to clear my head of alcohol fumes. I walked up the first fairway of the Old Course and crossed over the the eighteenth hole. I became desperate for a wee and so relieved myself on the 18th tee. There is a spot on the 18th tee of St Andrews Old Course which is forever Junican. It has my DNA built into it.

None of the bone fide visitors to these shores claim Citizenship. I visit Mallorca, part of Spain, quite a lot, but I would never even think that I am thereby, at the time, a citizen of Spain. Quite a lot of Brits work in bars and clubs in Mallorca but they do not claim to be citizens of Spain. I know a couple who have lived and worked in Mallorca for many years, but they had great difficulty in getting unemployment benefit when the shit hit the fan. They were not Citizens.

So there is a simple question which can be asked of anyone who wishes to claim benefits in the UK. ARE YOU A CITIZEN?  If not, then that person, whether adult or child, has no rights in the UK. None at all. But that does not mean that the person will be totally abandoned. Nay, such a person will be fed, watered and sheltered whilst awaiting deportation. ‘Political Asylum’? There is no longer such a thing in Europe.

Citizenship is not a commodity which can be bought or earned. It is a birthright.  That is where Blair et al went wrong. They permitted the import of lots of strangers and gave them Citizenship. Now we have these Citizens trying to undermine the ideas of ‘equality’ which gave them Citizenship.

So the immediate solution to many things is withdraw Citizenship from a lot of Imams who have invaded the UK. They must be regarded as here on holiday.

But there is another weapon – Hate Speech. That is a very difficult area. May I suggest that only Citizens can have freedom of speech?

That idea is worth exploring.


2 Responses to “Citizenship”

  1. garyk30 Says:

    I feel that a measure of ‘citizenship’ is the love you have for and the commitment you have to the country to which you claim that citizenship.

    Sad to say; but, in the USA there a great number of citizens that have little knowledge of the history and traditions of the USA.

    They demand the benefits of citizenship without bothering to know why those benefits are there.

    • junican Says:

      Very true, Gary. Thankfully, in England, the long-past is still very much in evidence, such as Stonehenge.
      I do not go with ‘Love’, I must admit. I do not ‘love’ England. But I am really pleased that I am English, just as you are pleased that you are American.
      I find it really weird that so many Syrians are not pleased to be Syrian. What is wrong with them? The immigrants should REALLY WANT TO go home.

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