Trump Gains the Republican Nomination: Theresa May Meets Leaders of Scotland, Ireland and Wales

Remember “Never Trump”? Odd, is it not, how easily the vested interests of established politicians were cast aside? “Never Trump” has evaporated. He was welcomed with open arms at the Convention. I can’t say that I admire Trump since I know bugger all about him, other that what has been portrayed in the media, which is coloured by the political leanings of the media. Suffice to say that he has cleared the first hurdle – he has pushed aside the resident political elite in the Republican Party. I should imagine that, quietly, there is a purge of “Never Trump” elitists going on at this moment. I don’t mean a purge in the sense of what is happening in Turkey. I mean ‘get behind Trump or else….’. Much humble pie must be eaten. The People Have Spoken.

What else is the resignation of Cameron other than the eating of humble pie? The vote ‘to leave’ humiliated him because he allowed himself to be used. He could easily have declared himself to ‘stand aside’ from the bickering and spelt out why precisely he though that the Treaties were wonderful. He could have done that a couple of years ago, rather than backing ‘Project Fear’.

There is a basic understanding at stake here. It is that if the EU Structure is wonderful, then the treaties which established that structure were wonderful. We have recently seen that the EU Structures are far from wonderful, viz the import of thousands of jihadis pretending to be refugees. We also have noted the fact that Anna Soubry, Health Minister, failed to observe Parliamentary procedures and signed the UK up to commitments re ecigs which she thought were not in the Tobacco Products Directive.

Why do we struggle to accept the idea of ‘Conspiracy’? We all tend to deride ‘conspiracy theory’. Perhaps it is because some of the ‘conspiracy theories’ are so outrageous – such as that the USA Government deliberately demolished the World Trade Centre, killing thousands of its own citizens, to justify blowing up camels. Or, that the moon landings were faked.

Low level conspiracy happens all the time. Groups of people agree to pursue some agreed process to achieve what they want. It happens all the time. All such actions are conspiracies. There is nothing wrong with conspiring to achieve some end.

So we have to accept that Theresa May’s meeting with the Leaders of Scottish and Irish politics about Brexit are justified. It makes sense that the countries comprising the British Isles should not be shouting at each other during the process of Brexit. The ‘freedom of movement’ of citizens of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England, around the British Isles needs to be preserved. But, somehow, the South of Ireland must not become another Calais, with thousands of camps along the border between the South and the North.

The reality is that only the Government of Southern Ireland can stop it. The UK cannot.

So I fully endorse May’s meetings with Scottish and Irish leaders prior to negotiations about Brexit. Those meetings make sense. There are important things: for example, the population of Scotland is about 5 million, but that number only barely exceeds the population of Manchester and Birmingham. The population of Northern Ireland is around 1.5 million. England’s population is some 55 million. Suppose that England threw Scotland under a bus and erected border controls and wire fences? Reverse the idea. What would Her Majesty, Nic Sturgeon, have to say?

No. Those meeting will not have been about what section of the UK population voted either which way. The simple fact is that the UK, as a whole, including Scotland and Northern Ireland, voted ‘Leave’. Nothing else matters. Politically, it is simple. Scotland and Northern Ireland will be given some sort of privileges or money to shut the fuck up. Some sort of arrangement will be made with Southern Ireland (population, 5 million) which might exclude them from travelling freely to England. It is up to them to decide if they want to be excluded.

England and Wales have nothing to fear from barbed wire fences between other areas. That is, the fact that more Scots than Brummies voted ‘Remain’ matters not not one tittle.  So I see May saying, “It has been decided”, and refusing to accept variations in votes by regions. What is important is how the whole of the UK can profit from Brexit.

It is right that May met with leaders from those regions. I hope that the UK, and Southern Ireland, can work out a way to still allow unrestricted movement between citizens of the British Isles.



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  1. Roberto Says:

    I notice that you recognize that you don’t know much about Donald Trump, which is understandable because the American elections are far away and you are more concerned with what happens in the British isles. However, here in Mexico we do know a lot about Trump and are really concerned of the damage (to us and to the Americans) that would result if he becomes the president of the USA. Donald Trump has said a lot of scare mongering lies, for example, that Mexico and Central America deliberately export to the USA rapists and criminals, when crime committed by these migrants are vastly lower than crime rates in every sector of the non-migrant American population (including the WASP Whites who support him). In his candidacy acceptance speech he said that “180 thousand illegal migrants with criminal records are running free in our communities”, when almost all these criminal records involve very minor offenses (like traffic infractions). This level of impunity to engage in deliberate lying and misrepresenting whole sectors of the population is comparable to Tobacco Control ideologues lying about smoking and smokers. Trump is nasty and dangerous. There is no relation between his anti-establishment stance and his support for Brexit and the genuine concerns of Brexiters. Putin also supported Brexit, yet he is an anti-smoking fanatic and a quasi-dictator, so there is no guarantee that Trump as president would be more relaxed on smoking and drinking. Likely, he would not be.

    • garyk30 Says:

      Conclusion: criminal and illegal aliens commit murder at much higher rates than all inhabitants of the U.S. – at least 3 to 10 times higher.

      • junican Says:

        We tend to miss the point. If the people of a country are happy with the current population, the outsiders have no right to invade. If a country wants or needs immigrants, then it can welcome them. If that country neither wants nor needs immigrants, then it can exclude them. It really is very simple.
        But what to do about illegals? Perhaps they should be allowed to register themselves as ‘slaves’.
        Don’t leap to unwarranted conclusions. I mean people who are not citizens and who will accept ‘bed and board’ as payment for services rendered, plus some pocket money. After a few years, they could become citizens.

  2. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Scotland gets more than enough from us now Junican. Let the bastards go independent and shut the fuck up. They are bankrupt without English largesse and even the EU doesnt want them.

    • junican Says:

      I wonder why the probability of the end of the Barnett Formula was never raised during the Scottish referendum about Scotexit from the UK? If Scotland exits from the UK, then the subsidies cease and borders have to be introduced. None of these things were mentioned. The same formula was tried with Brexit, and failed spectacularly. The real issues were avoided. No wonder that Cameron resigned.

  3. John Mallon Says:

    Speaking from Southern Ireland, it is not in our interest to have any border with the UK. You forget also that the Irish Government has told Europe that our corp. tax rate is a red line issue for us and any messing with that and we too are out of the EU.
    We live in interesting times.

    • junican Says:

      I am not sure how important is in a nation of 5 million as compared with the EU’s 300 million. Sure, The South has an advantage re corp tax – for the time being. How long do you expect that advantage to last? ‘Red Line?’ You must be joking. What would Enda’s government do if the EU pulled the plug?
      No, Ireland will not leave the EU unless the current crop of politicians are kicked out, kicking and screaming. But who will replace them?

  4. John Mallon Says:

    Corporate activity in Ireland is similar to us as the Financial Services in London for the UK and the disappearance of either in our countries would devastate our economies. The only way we can pay back the crippling debt to the ECB is via Corporate income so it wouldn’t make sense for the EU to mess with that.
    But make no mistake, if it should try to do so and thousands of jobs here come under threat, whoever is in power will immediately call a referendum on EU membership and that is what Enda told Merkel last week. It is that serious for Ireland and we’d find a way to go solo if we had to and fuck Europe. We may be a small country but we have a disproportionate influence in the U.S. The national characteristic is that when threatened, we get thick about things and we all pull together. We’ve had worse in the past and we came through. As things stand here, 85 per cent of our trading is with the UK/USA so we are economically in the British/American sphere while politically in Europe.
    It would be easier to change the politics than the economics.

    • junican Says:

      I stand corrected, John.The historical affection of the USA for Ireland did not occur to me. Also, despite ‘the troubles’, there is a great deal of affection between all the people of the British Isles. Sure, we have loads of jokes about putative national characteristics, I particularly like the one about the English driver asking for directions to a particular place, and being told by the Irishman, “Sure, if I wanted to go to X, I would not be starting from here”.
      I watched a very short video earlier. It was an official Australian video. It told ‘boat people’ that there was no way that they could enter Australia and call Australia ‘home’. No way. Precisely what the OZ Government does with such people, I do not know.

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