Approved Diseases and Disapproved Diseases

There is a word which we do not use very much these days. That word is ‘Malady’. It has an interesting derivation:

The two latin words which have been shortened to create the word ‘malady’ are ‘male’ (ill) and ‘habitus’ (having). How ‘habitus’ became ‘idy’, I do not know. You could describe the meaning of the word ‘malady’ as ‘having an illness’.

Some time ago, Frank Davis talked about the word ‘disease’. It is easy to see the derivation on a simple level – dis-ease. That is, not-at-ease, or ‘uncomfortable’. If you had flu, you would be aching and sweating. It would be easy to diagnose that you were suffering from some sort of upset in your body. The fact that whatever it was that caused the upset could be spread from one person to another was know thousands of years ago. The fact that the existence of ‘germs’ was not known, does not detract from the idea that something or other spread the ‘dis-ease’. It isn’t that long ago that the cause of malaria was not known – it was thought that the dis-ease, malaria, was caused by ‘bad air’, which is the literal translation of: “mid 18th century: from Italian, from mal’aria, contracted form of mala aria ‘bad air’“.

We have seen some recent very clever manipulations of ideas. One such is Arnott’s statement that the ban on smoking in cars with kids present, was not intended to be enforced by ‘the authorities’. Her description of that law was that it is a ‘social’ law. That is, it was never intended to be enforced by the police. The whole point of criminalising anyone who smoked in a car with his own child present, was to allow censorious people to frown and disapprove, and possibly to note down a car’s number plate and report that car to the police. That was the whole point. It is an extension of publicans being forced to enforce the smoking ban in pubs. I continue to be absolutely amazed that the publicans’ organisations did not fight against the imposition of policing duties on publicans.

And then came the master-stroke. The master-stroke was to split diseases into communicable diseases and non-communicable diseases. At a stroke, every ‘malady’ became a disease. Are you prone to experience migraines? Then you have a ‘non-communicable disease. All health conditions which are less than perfect are caused by diseases. There are no such things as genetic defects – they are diseases. Any human being who is tall and thin is diseased, and anyone who is short and plump is diseased. Obese people are especially diseased, as are smokers and vapers. All addictions, such as becoming thirsty, are caused by disease. That disease is a non-communicable disease.

Is there a solution? Well, not until people like Trump get control. I say ‘people like Trump’, and not Trump himself. I do not know if Trump himself is the ideal person. What I mean is that someone or a group of persons, must recognise that all humans suffer from ‘maladies’ of one sort or another.

Thus one could reasonably say that, in the Doctors Study, smoking tobacco merely hastened the deaths of doctors who were already doomed to die before non-smokers anyway. If they had not smoked, then some other malady would have caused the deaths which occurred before the average.

Before the advent of the enjoyment of tobacco, did everyone die at the same age?

What we have been seeing over the past couple of decades is the appearance of ‘approved’ diseases and ‘disapproved’ diseases, using the new definition of ‘diseases’ as ‘communicable’ or ‘non-communicable’. Thus, AIDS is now an approved disease, because  it is communicable. But, like malaria, no one knows quite how AIDS is spread. What is the ‘germ’ which is responsible for the disease? Here is a link:

AIDS is said to be caused by a virus, but, as far as I can see, no one has identified the virus. Is the ‘virus cause’ similar to ‘bad air’? Or has it something to do with anal penetration? We rely upon Professors and Doctors, but they bugger things up again, and again, and again. And they walk away without blame. Politicians always take the blame and resign. Resigning is a good way to walk away from the damage, but we have come to a point where walking away is not acceptable. We need to know what the machinations behind the politicians were.

We need to know who are ‘the powers behind the throne’.


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  1. garyk30 Says:

    Or has it something to do with anal penetration? We rely upon Professors and Doctors, but they bugger things up again, and again, and again.

    Is that some sort of pun? 😳😳😳😳

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