The Weakness of Government

I feel impelled to say a few words.

I have been reading today some complex legalistic stuff about the Constitutional apparatus about Treaties. Stuff and nonsense I say. All the blather about ‘Crown Prerogative’ is meaningless. Crown Prerogative translates into situations which need immediate response. EG, an invasion fleet arriving on our shores. Also, the need to defend our autonomy. Those things are not subject to Parliament. They are about our Nation and cannot be given away at all. It is all a bit weird. It seems as though, in its essence, Parliament governs internal matters. The Crown governs international matters. That is a simplistic view, but it is not totally inaccurate.

I do not understand the United States. It seems to me that the various ‘states’ were not ‘states’ at all. Better to say that the separate states in the USA were not Nations.

There is a huge difference. In England, there have always been Counties, such as Lancashire, Kent, Shropshire, Cornwall. Each territory had its unique character, depending upon industrialisation. South Lancashire was heavily industrialised because of the coal reserves and the port of Liverpool. Manchester gained a port by virtue of the canal. But there are also differences in the accent with which we speak.

Whatever their accents, and the nature of their territory, THE PEOPLE OF ENGLAND have spoken. Perhaps there ought to be a referendum in Scotland for the Scots to throw themselves on the mercy of the Faceless, Un-elected apparatchiks of the EUSSR. It is up to them.

But there is an opportunity to revive the United Kingdom as indeed United. English people do not hate Scottish people. Such antagonisms are ancient and stupid. We all appreciate the same sort of life-styles and amuse ourselves in the same sort of way.

What has been getting in the way of out mutual cooperation has been the likes of ASH Scotland and ASH London (aka ASH England). They ‘divide et impera’. Clearly, any Government which succumbs to such divisive groups, must be weak. Thus, the smoking bans etc resulted from weak Government.

You might judge the value of a Government by its desire to control minutiae. The more that it does so, the weaker it is. And that leads us to the stranglehold that ‘Acedemia’ has on Government. All the shit about Climate has been produced by academics who will not suffer if their outrageous ideas produce economic disaster. None of the ‘climate scientists’ factor in the effects on Africa of a ban on coal, gas, atomic energy. That is, unless they want us all to be reduced to the level of Africa.

Academics have their place,  but that place is not authoritarian. They can discuss angels on pinheads and the effects of smoking, but they must never, ever be allowed near law-making.

Well, that’s my opinion.


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  1. Samuel Says:

    The legal situation in the US is a bit complicated. To simplify the original 13 colonies were each chartered separately and functioned, under the Crown, as separate States as if they were nations. When independence was granted they organized as a confederacy which functioned as a weak, supranational, organization to represent their collective interests to foreign States and to arbitrate interests between the States of the Union. The leading powers within the States conspired to form “A more perfect Union” which would grant them and their new central government more military and economic power so they could be more equal to the monarchies in Europe: England, France and Spain. This worked fairly well until the “Civil” war when the Northern States invaded and conquered the Southern Confederacy. Since that time all the States of the Union have been treated as provinces of DC rather than as what they are. In the US it is the people who form States and the States who formed the Union but the flow of power, now, is in the opposite direction and, since the 14th Amendment was “ratified” all the people in the US are made federal citizens rather than Citizens of their birth States as was the original intent and the original law. That’s the simple form of it. Those who lust after power needed to take power from the people and from the States in order to seat that power and wealth in DC so they could build their empire. They appear to have been successful.

    • garyk30 Says:

      In 1777, the war was being fought by the 13 colonies/states and the country of Vermont.

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