Theresa May for Prime Minister

People have been saying that this might happen, and I am not the slightest bit surprised that it has.

Now, I am not going into spasms of blaming. The circumstances at this time are very abnormal. I could be cynical, and suggest that Leadsom has withdrawn because she has been promised a high position in the Cabinet. She might well have, but her withdrawal might well have been the best option regardless.

The way I see it is this. Cameron resigned because he did not relish the contradiction of supporting ‘Remain’ with all his strength and then finding that he had to negotiate Brexit. How could he do that? His political situation was hopeless. He did not lose a vote of confidence or anything like that. You could say that the change of leader and PM was a mere technicality. The ‘change of leader’ is a bit problematical, since the leader is chosen by members of the party, but I suppose that you could say that Cameron is still leader, even if not PM. Until September, that is. Better that he should stay as technical leader than postpone the occupancy of the office of PM. OK… I realise that he did not actually resign, but his decision to resign in September rendered him the epitome of ‘lame duck’. What legitimacy would Cabinet meetings have? So, yes, the circumstances warrant rapid action.

Cameron has actually announced that he has resigned as of now, so the way is open for the Queen to ask May to form a government. No doubt the midnight oil is being burnt in profusion even at this minute as she chooses whom her Ministers will be. One of the interesting things is that she is female, and therefore cannot be accused of misogyny. She can pick the best person for the job regardless of sex. That is, unless she is accused of being ‘of the male gender’ and therefore still an object of hatred to the feminazis.

What she has, which is unusual, is a clean sheet. Smokers can be heartened a bit VGIF’s observations:

The Rt. Hon. Theresa May MP

• Voted against smoking ban in public places (2006)

• Absent on tobacco displays vote (2009)

• Absent for David Nuttall’s Private Members Bill on exempting pubs and private members clubs from smoking ban, where food is not served. (2010)

• Voted against smoking ban in cars (2014)

• Absent on plain packaging in (2015)

Andrea Leadsom MP

• Voted against David Nuttall’s Private Members Bill on exempting pubs and private members clubs from smoking ban, where food is not served. (2010)

• Voted in favour of smoking ban in cars containing 18 year olds and under (2014)

• Voted in favour of plain packaging (2015)

But none of the above matters much if they voted as instructed by the party whips.


May does not have a good record in the Home Office. But the Home Office is notoriously difficult. May has been accused of not fulfilling the Tory manifesto pledge of reducing net immigration to the tens of thousands, but how could she do that with the current EU rules, which the government accepted some years ago, about free movement? It cannot be done. Perhaps what is more important, because it is doable, is to clarify the Electronic Communications Act (or whatever it is called). Telling ‘Service Providers’ that they must retain all communications is one thing – accessing those communications is a different thing altogether. It is the job of our ‘elected representatives’ to ENSURE that our privacy is respected, and that access to our communications must be severely restricted to National Security and nothing else, and then only with a court order.

May is reputed to be bossy. Perhaps that is a good thing in the present circumstances. I have suggested elsewhere that our approach to Brexit should be piecemeal. For a start, we can dispense with the EU Parliament and all the costs thereof. There is nothing to negotiate about re the EU Parliament. We must exit the Council of Ministers right away, and not pay any money to support it. Can we bypass the EU Commission altogether, since The People have voted to withdraw from it?  Can we talk to all the nations in the EU separately? Why not?  Could we call a conference of representatives of all the nations? Could that conference of nations instruct the Commissioners? Why not?

The fact is that Article 50, regarding nations withdrawing from the EU, always presupposed some sort of subservience. When The People of the UK voted and instructed their Elected Representatives, as a group, to do what needs to be done, the Commission of the EU became irrelevant. It does not ‘represent’ The People of the nations which compose the EU. At best, it represents the Governments, but only so far as the Treaties dictate. But Treaties do not dictate. They exist only as long as ALL the signatories wish them to exist.

Which Treaties does Brexit apply to? That question is incredibly important. There is no reason that the Treaties which established the Common Market should be involved. But what about the fisheries and agricultural stuff, you might ask. The reality is that there are no problems in those areas. The continental part of the EU can do as it wishes, but we will protect our fisheries ourselves and trade worldwide for agricultural produce. The produce of the sea around our shores is ours, and Estonia has no rights whatsoever over our seas and the produce thereof. Many readers will recall the dispute with Iceland over fisheries around Iceland. Propaganda in the UK tried to claim that the fish in the sea did not belong to Iceland in the vicinity of Iceland. At the time, no one saw that that argument meant that the fish in the seas around the British Isles did not belong to Britain.

It must surely be OBVIOUS that, for example, Spain can control the amount of trawling for fish around its shores. Nay, it has a duty to do so. Spain cannot leave it to the Commissioners of the EU to actually do anything. These Commissioners do not do anything at all. They preside over a vast, and enormously expensive, rotation of paper.


Newspaper Editors, which supported Brexit, must demand the immediate cession of payments for this and that. Brexit is REAL, and it means the cessation of money payments. Our government no longer has authority, as of 23rd June 2016, to make payments to the EU. It really is as simple as that. The cessation of authority to make payments applies to the EU organisation and not to specific enterprises, whatever they might be.


It would be sad if all the efforts to bring Europeans together as a community were wasted. The former propaganda enmities between Germans, French, English, etc have been overcome. There is now no such territorial enmity. But there is a new enmity. That enmity is HEALTH. That new enmity has its legions and it intends to prevail over individual autonomy, family autonomy, and national autonomy.

I must admit that, if I was Prime Minister May, I would struggle to know where to start. I just hope that she ‘wastes’ the leaches.

Good luck to her.


I have booked a trip to Spain, but I have not yet ordered my currency. The Pound is bouncing back. Lovely!


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