Twenty Five Percent of the People Have Been Sacrificed

We have just commemorated the start of the Battle of the Somme, in which tens of thousands of British soldiers, and, no doubt, tens of thousands of German soldiers, were killed. Many more had hands, feet, legs blown off or were otherwise seriously injured.

In the pursuit of ‘One World Government’, it was essential for The Elite to have a ‘Template’ which would work. An experiment needed to be performed to prove, justify and improve the template. Tobacco Consumption was chosen to be the experiment. It would be interesting to see what would happen if the whole force of law re smoking bans, taxation and availability, plus propaganda, could be brought to bear on tobacco consumption, what the consequences would be. The experiment worked reasonably well.  75% of the population were rendered fearful of tobacco smoke. But not of cooking smoke. Thus, for example, a person might enter a restaurant, sniff the air with its pleasant smells, and go, “AAH!, how lovely!” He would not realise that those pleasant smells are just the same as tobacco smoke – they are the result of burning – in this case, burning meat.

The experiment required that 25% of the population – smokers – should be subjected to persecution via taxes and bans, plus propaganda about the dangers of smoking.

All was going perfectly well before the advent of ecigs. Ecigs spoiled the experiment. They introduced a factor which was not under the control of the WHO Tobacco Control Division. The WHO Tobacco Control Division was sidelined.

For that reason, nothing to do with the ‘safety’ of ecigs, ecigs had to be destroyed. And the EU Zealots have almost succeeded. But, in this case, Vapers hold the ‘high moral ground’. What amazes me is that, because they hold the high, moral ground, Vapers have not got together in large numbers to protest. Where is the equivalent of CRUK, Heart Foundation, Lung Foundation, or whatever they are called? Where is the ‘Vaping Foundation?’ In recent weeks, I have observed an increase in vaping in my local. It is more that vaping is being accepted as ‘normal’ than anything else. No one complains.

Does that do anything for smokers? Probably not, but it might bring TC to a halt. I have said elsewhere that there might come a point where the persecution of smokers must end eventually. ASH has been defunded and terminated in OZ an NZ, as far as I can see. It would be wonderful if that were the case in the UK.


It is a very weird thing that there seem to be an organisation, small though it might be, which is tolerated when its sole purpose is to promote persecution of a segment of the population. Smoking bans are persecution and high taxation is persecution.

PERSECUTION is not acceptable. When MPs voted for smoking bans, did they know that they were persecuting smokers? I could imagine that they might vote to tax sugar, and thus make my cup of tea more expensive. Since I drink lots of tea, that cost adds up. It will not impoverish me, but I would rather, if you don’t mind, ‘Mr New World Order’, decide for myself how much sugar to put in my tea.


Prior to the recent expansions, I was happy with the EU/ Common Market. We citizens traded and travelled cooperatively. Only in the recent past has the ‘New World Order’ interfered.

Sorry, but I rate the authority of the UN, and its subsidiaries, such as the WHO and the IPCC, as zero. That also applies to the FCTC. They are not, in any sense, AUTHORITIES. They are publicity stunts, and nothing more.

Why is so hard for the likes of Cameron to see that, when we fund the UN or the EU, he promotes persecution?

I really do not understand why these people are so ignorant that they cannot see persecution when it is clear and obvious.

The special ‘proof’ of the persecution is what has been happening in Syria. Persons have been executed for selling cigs. And yet the WHO has called for plain packaging of cigs in Syria. It is incomprehensible.

What is the sensible solution?

It must be the that the Government must bugger  off out of the equation.

Or take a step back.


I wonder what the magnificent EU buildings will be used for when the EU collapses.



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