To What Extent Has ASH ET AL Caused the Problems of Which They Complain?

Gosh! I have only just realised that it has been four days since my last post! How very unusual. Mind you, in addition to my daily duties, I have had my garage re-roofed – lots of drilling and hammering. But the job is done and is guaranteed (!) for 30 years. I doubt that I shall be around to claim compensation it anything goes wrong after, say, 20 years. But I have faith in the guy who did the job. He is local and I have known him for a couple of decades.

The ‘membrane’ which covers the boards is of a rubbery nature. It can stretch and contract without damage. Further, it is in one piece – no joints. My ‘man’ assures me that you can walk on it, but to ensure that the soles of your shoes are clean, and free from sharp bits of stone. If you use ladders on the roof, then spread the weight on a board.

So, in the last 12 months or so, I have replaced the porch, had the ridge-tiles reset, resurfaced the dormer bedroom roof and now replaced the garage roof. All those jobs have been financed by the kind advice of tobacco control to stop buying tobacco products in the UK. Are the likes of Arnott not wonderful people? They showed us the way to save tons of money by ‘quitting’ the purchase of tobacco products at UK prices. As I understand it, the Irish are even further ahead than we in the UK are when it comes to accepting tobacco control advice to stop buying duty paid tobacco products. We are all ‘quitting’ buying such products.

What is weird to me is that the more that TC tightens the screws, the easier it becomes to bypass them. Not an awful long time ago, cigs were so cheap that only a few people rolled their own. When taxes went up, more people rolled their own. As taxes increased further, it became more and more worthwhile to venture abroad by buy the stuff, and more and more worthwhile for small businesses to import leaf.

But TC does not suffer the costs of the laws and regulations which it gets politicians to impose. For example, since smoking is banned in pubs etc, then the detritus from smoking moves outdoors. Any increase in the cost of cleaning the streets has been caused by TC. Smokers stopped going to pubs in droves, over a period of time, after the smoking ban, which resulted in thousands of pub closures. Those closures were caused by TC. It would not be so bad if the ‘science’ about SHS were true, but we all know that it is junk science. We know that for one simple reason. Even the heaviest of smokers, who draws a packet of smoke directly into his lungs, will suffer negligible consequences for some 30 years – unless he wants to be a professional footballer at the age of 50 or so.

All the zealots, even the most reasonable of them, avoid timescales like the plague. I do not know why. All the important things in our lives involve timescales. Bejasus! Even our own lives go from baby to old fart as a result of the ‘genetic plan’ in our bodies. Plants have the same sort of temporal plan, as do pigs, cows, chickens, etc. Either we eat them while they are ‘fresh’, or grubs eat them when they die and decompose. There is no morality problem in eating animals and vegetation. The only moral issue is that of cruelty and suffering. When cows, pigs, chickens are killed, they must be killed expeditiously and with as little pain as possible. As I understand it, animals killed slowly by draining them of blood, are at least stunned (rendered unconscious) beforehand. I have killed a couple of dozen flies in the last week (God only knows where they are coming from), mostly by bashing them with a folded tea towel, but some with a spray. I don’t like killing any living creature. I really don’t. That is what is called ‘humanity’, which is a state of ‘love’, or ‘caritas’. The flies would have no qualms whatsoever about killing me if they could -except that they have no concept of killing. They are tiny little creatures which take advantage of what is in their ambience to eat and drink. Animals have no concept of ‘good and evil’.

And they can be cruel (as we see it). Our cat sometimes catches a mouse. He carries it onto the lawn where it has no cover. He will let it run away and then catch it again and throw it into the air. He will wait in order to repeat the ‘fun’. But he will then kill the mouse and eat the top portions – the head and chest. But he leaves the lower portions – the entrails, the back legs and the tail. Those parts must not smell nice. He does not catch a lot of them – maybe one per month. But he is a cat, and must obey his instinct.


I wonder sometimes about what deep instincts we humans have which can account for the carnage of WW1. During the course of the Battle of the Somme, some 800,000 soldiers were killed. From a tobacco control point of view, if those soldiers were killed in the pursuit of a ‘tobacco-free’ world, then the deaths would be justified. Of course, those deaths would not be deaths of tobacco control zealots – they would be ‘collateral damage’. They would not be deaths, but would be ‘damage’, and that ‘damage’ would be accidental (collateral) . Euphemisms abound.

TC is inhuman. It speaks of ‘scientific knowledge’ of the behaviour of crowds of individuals as though all those individuals were ants in an ants’ nest. They blindly blunder about, obeying their instincts.

But Brexit has blown that idea into smithereens. Do not believe that stuff about the vote not being ‘binding’. That is crap. Parliament enacted a law which legalised the referendum. It transferred the decision about leaving the EU from itself to The People. There is no way back whatsoever. None WHATSOEVER. The only question that remains is, “What is the European Union?”

Did the Lisbon Treaty ‘create’ the European Union’? If that is so, then the mere abrogation of that Treaty cause the UK to ‘leave’ the EU. Clause 50, as I understand it, comes from the Lisbon Treaty. If we abrogate that Treaty, then nothing more needs to be done. Clause 50 does not apply.

That is what amazes me. The situation, in the first instance, is very simple. When did the EU begin to exist, and who said so? Again, we come back to our constitution. Let us suppose that The People of the UK were misled, either deliberately or not, to vote for the transfer of our constitutional rights from ourselves to the whole population of Europe. Would not that deception be a recipe for disorder and civil war? In due course, it is more likely that there will be civil war than war with Russia.


But I do not think that the ‘big beasts’ in UK politics have the foggiest idea of what has happened. Some know, but many avoid it. Parliament asked The People a constitutional question. “Do we want to retain our constitution as it stands, are do we want to transfer our constitutional rights to others?” We voted not to, and to repatriate such democratic rights as are involved. That is what we voted for. The Common Market, travel, freedom of movement of citizens, has little to do with it.

The likes of Cameron love to blur reality, and that is annoying. Their plans did not work. But one might ask, “Why did Cameron et al have such plans?”


To be honest, I have no idea what has been going on, and it is that which has caused my astonishment that Brexit won. Does anyone know what is going on? Is all the kerfuffle about Tory leadership and Labour leadership a deliberate distraction? Is it a case of bad news ousting good news?


What is the probability?

The first thing is that the UK must withdraw financial support for the UK’s MEPs. That is perfectly obvious, and should happen NOW. The EU Parliament is a construct of the ‘Union’. That ‘Union’ no longer exists. Immediately end our involvement in the EU Parliament.

Start an investigation into Corruption. I do not mean only monetary corruption. I mean also the connections with the charlatans of the UN. Brexit should trigger massive shudderings throughout the One World Order zealots.


The really, really sad thing is the totalitarianism of the EU. It can only justify itself by being totalitarian – ‘one size fits all’.

It is sad that a worthy ideal has been hijacked by special interest groups. It is even more sad that our politicians are s0 gullible. An association of academic Marxists in academia has  ‘marched through’ the Institutions and gained control. It is not difficult to be on the side of Pol Pot when he rid his country of academics. I do not believe that PP executed the teachers. He just ‘helped’ them to see the light.

Our Universities are not supposed to be political entities. That is not what they exist for. Nor are they supposed to influence government policy. That is not what they exist for. They are expected to TEACH.

There are all sorts of nasty confrontations and enormous costs being created by TC, and they are happening all over the World. They are orchestrated by the WHO. ASH has nothing to do with it. ASH is a parasite – a grub hanging onto the body politic and sucking juice from that body. It has almost no voluntary contributions but gets lots of money somehow.


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