The State of the Referendum at 4.45 am 24th June 2016

4.45 am.

Leave: 13,500,000.

Remain: 12,700.000.

Declared voting areas: 315/382.

I did not intend to stay up so late. Had one side or the other been well ahead, I would have gone to bed.

I think that the whole thing is incredibly sad. Europe (including Russia) COULD have been such a force for good, but the European Community (not Union) was hijacked by special interest groups, with the connivance of special interest and frightened politicians, who put persecution of some minorities (such as smokers) over humanity.

But the result is clear. The British people have rejected all the shit blather that ignorant politicians have been waffling about forever.

What is obvious is that we need a different type of politician. We need 650 Nigel Farages, and not 650 Camerons.


5 am.

Leave: 14,600,000.

Remain: 13,700,000.

Declared: 334/382.


Keith Vaz MP has just spoken, reeling in horror at the result. He is a nice guy but not really English. Damn! That sounds really awfully racist. But I do not mean it to be so. My uncle Albert was killed in WW1. Did Keith Vaz have any relatives killed in either WW1 or WW2? Maybe he did – I do not know. It is the likes of Keith Vaz who are racist and not us.

We have voted to Brexit, despite the full-on use of wealth and fear to force us to vote otherwise.

The People have won, but it is a sad day in that it has come to this. It ought never have come to it.

Who is responsible for this sad day? It is as clear as daylight.  It is Britain’s politicians. No one else is to blame. It is not the corrupt eurocrats or the special interest groups. It is politicians, and no one else. The reason is that politicians are handed POWER, and they must exercise that POWER with care.

We smokers must fight back, and now is the time. We have been persecuted by POLITICIANS, and not by ASH, the RCP, etc. ASH et al have no POWER. Politicians have POWER.

Most MPs and ALL their parties, wanted Bremain, but the PEOPLE have condemned them. There has just been a Green MP on the TV who said that the vote shows that the PEOPLE hate the Tories. Why can she not see that the PEOPLE hate the Greens just as much as the Tories? It is a weird thing. The Greens may have, say, enough weirdos who vote for a specific person in a specific town, but that does not mean that that the PEOPLE of the UK agree with the opinion of layabouts who inhabit Brighton and Hove.

5.30 am.

Leave: 16,000,000.

Remain: 14,900,000.

Declared 359/382.


What is of the greatest importance is, sad though it might be, is that the present organisation of European cooperation must be confined to history. IT DID NOT WORK. On the TV at the moment, there is a guy blathering about the minutia of Brexit via Article 50 or whatever. But we have just voted NOT TO BE dictated to by the EU. Article 50 is irrelevant  For all intents and purposes, we are no longer in the EU, and thus no ‘Articles’ have any FORCE. Note my emphasise on FORCE. Our vote has disarmed that force. It no longer exists.

As I write this, there are people still blathering on about whether or not Cameron should resign and similar insignificant political blatherings.

What is important is that the Britain is no longer a member of the EU. That has been decided by the PEOPLE. Britain is no longer a member of the EU. NOW!!! From this moment, it is a matter of how we disengage with the least harm and the most charity. The word ‘charity’ is not inappropriate. What has been lacking for decades among the ‘Elite’ has been ‘charity’.

Had charity been important it the EU, then troubled nations like Greece and Bulgaria, etc, could have helped. Instead, Greece (and Italy) were bullied by an uncharitable mechanism, a machine, an amoral machine.

Sometimes you have to cast your mind back. For example, the Pope is in favour of the UN demand that we must all shiver during cold weather on account of global warming. Weird, is it not?, that the leader of the Christian church, who is himself well shod and well fed, wishes that the deprived people of the world should not enjoy ‘the fruits of the earth’, which include oil, coal, atomic energy. It amazes me that such people do not see that the difference, while being themselves well fed and well shod, between ‘looking after the environment’ and starvation. I hold that ‘spiritual’ values have little to do with ‘physical’ values. Even within our own memory, most of us can remember how our mothers slaved over washing machines which did little more than heat the water and thrash it about. The washing still needed to be manually squashed through ‘mangles’ to squeeze the water out, and then the washing had to be hung out on washing lines. Were those mothers any more virtuous than modern day mothers who have automated washing machines and dryers? NO THEY WERE NOT!

Humanity is more important than calculations, and that applies equally to the persecution, by the EU, WHO, IPCC, UN etc, of ordinary people who just wish to amuse themselves in simple cheap ways which do not involve private jets and villas in exotic places.

We are, slowly, beginning to understand that ‘health morality’ is a false god, just as forcing deprived nations not to take advantage of their mineral wealth condemns those people to eternal poverty and an early death – if they survive to adulthood.


The BBC is still blathering about POLITICAL implications. Who the hell cares? What matters is that the UK is no longer a member of the EU. Bugger all this crap about Parliament must decide. THE PEOPLE have decided NOW. It is done and dusted. Finished.




15 Responses to “The State of the Referendum at 4.45 am 24th June 2016”

  1. Pamela Webb Says:

    What a glorious night, I too am a bit sad, and I t may be a bumpy ride but I am sure it will be ok in the long run

  2. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    “We smokers must fight back, and now is the time. We have been persecuted by POLITICIANS, and not by ASH, the RCP, etc. ASH et al have no POWER. Politicians have POWER.”

    Well said Junican!

    It’s interesting: If you think about it, the disenchantment with Big Government amongst smokers that was brought about by the ban quite likely, IN AND OF ITSELF, likely swayed two to five percent of the vote from Remain to Leave.

    The Antismokers could well have been the deciding force in bringing this vote about.

    – MJM

    • junican Says:

      There must have been some effect, although, personally, I think that it is more likely that the 2,000,000 vapers had a greater effect. The reason is that EU anti-vaping is far more recent, and that vapers still hold the high moral ground, having done what they were told by stopping smoking. The EU anti-vaping regs have recently been a very bitter pill for vapers. Put the two groups together and you have a very disgruntled and determined minority, who WILL go out and vote.

  3. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    Perhaps more accurately, the Antismokers fertilized the soil that brought forth smokers as a single, highly disenchanted political group that now has a focused hate for Big Government in whatever form it takes.

    As I think I’ve noted before, in times past I would have been a very strong supporter of things like more powerful EUs and UNs. But seeing the world of Orwell brought to life in the antismoking campaigns of the last 20+ years has changed all that. Despite the harms brought about by division into small units around the world, at least those small units make havens of and pressures for freedom possible that would simply be squashed under larger and wider powers.

    – MJM

  4. inisfad Says:

    Actually, it’s not ‘done and dusted’. Aside from the fact that there is already a Parliamentary petition to redo the vote, the vote in and of itself, is not legally binding. The government can choose to ignore it. Furthermore, what is more interesting is that the majority of the people who voted for Brexit are actually over 50…the majority of the remain vote is under 50. So, in essence, the older generation is voting for a political decision whose effect they will not even be alive to see. There was a great quote on the internet that I’m sharing here from Brecht:
    “The worst illiterate is the political illiterate, he doesn’t hear, doesn’t speak, nor participates in the political events. He doesn’t know the cost of life, the price of the bean, of the fish, of the flour, of the rent, of the shoes and of the medicine, all depends on political decisions. The political illiterate is so stupid that he is proud and swells his chest saying that he hates politics. The imbecile doesn’t know that, from his political ignorance is born the prostitute, the abandoned child, and the worst thieves of all, the bad politician, corrupted and flunky of the national and multinational companies.”

    • michaeljmcfadden Says:

      Inisfad, if I’m 55 I’d certainly hope I had at least five years or so left — which would certainly give me enough time to experience some significant effects of Brexit.

      • michaeljmcfadden Says:

        Heh, and if the proportions had been the other way ’round I’m sure we’d be hearing from the Remainers refrains of “The younger, less experienced and more naive voters were swayed the excitement of ‘change’ promised by Brexit and misled into voting for it, while those who were older and wiser who remember the Bad Old Pre EU Days supported Remaining.”

        Instead it’s the OTHER way ’round…

        – MJM

    • Ed Says:

      We had an exercise in democracy. Remain lost.

      Yay for democracy 🙂

  5. yvonnebones Says:

    As there is a secret ballot the demographic composition is speculation. We can speculate that it is smokers that made the difference, maybe not.
    I am pleased though that the result is a good birthday present, better late than never, to George Orwell 25th June.

  6. slugbop007 Says:

    I am celebrating this unexpected, much anticipated victory with Holst’s ‘Jupiter, The Bringer of Jollity’. Cheers

  7. garyk30 Says:

    Brussels, you have a problem.

    The UK is the second largest net contributor to the EU budget and is responsible for about 1/8th of the EU budget.

    The UK now has an additional 17 billion in it’s economy.

    • smokingscot Says:

      And I suspect any future PM and Chancellor will immediately slash the overseas aid budget.

      Hopefully from 0.7% to the more normal 0.25%, so keeping about a further 6 billion in this economy.

  8. junican Says:

    Thanks for the comments – too many for individual responses because one is knackered. The future is far from clear. There are many, many ‘i’s to be dotted and many, many ‘t’s to be crossed. It will be some time before the mists lift.

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