What Will Happen on Thursday?

It has just turned midnight. It is Wednesday, 22nd June, the day before polling on Brexit or Bremain. I wonder what fun and games will transpire today? One thing is certain – there cannot be a single voter in the UK who is not aware of the poll. But I wonder how many of those voters will be so confused by all the blather that they will be simply unable to decide and will not bother to vote? It isn’t the same as the Scottish referendum on Independence, is it? In that poll, there were visceral, tribal considerations which no doubt motivated quite a lot of people to vote.

Turnout on the Scottish referendum:

The “No” side won, with 2,001,926 (55.3%) voting against independence and 1,617,989 (44.7%) voting in favour. The turnout of 84.6% was the highest recorded for an election or referendum in the United Kingdom since the introduction of universal suffrage.

If I was confused, but still intended to vote, how would I decide? Suppose that my employer did a lot of business via the EU and circulated the staff with a recommendation to vote ‘Remain’, would I think about my job and vote accordingly? Maybe I would. If spent a lot of my time living in my flat in Benidorm, would I vote ‘Remain’? Very likely. Because I take trips to Spain and buy cigs there at half the price, ought I to have voted ‘Remain’?

It is hard to think of self-interest matters which would lead to a ‘Leave’ vote. ‘Leave’ voters would have to think about more indirect benefits, which might come from the saving of £6 billion per an, or perhaps if you live in an area with a high immigrant population, or if you think that decisions about the conduct of this countries affairs should not be dictated by the representatives of 27 other countries.

Personally, the whole thing is so uncertain that anything might happen, in either direction, come the day and the hour, despite what opinion polls might say. Perhaps its as well that I have a postal vote and have already voted ‘Leave’, because, come Thursday, I might well have changed my mind and decided that cheap cigs are more valuable to me than high falutin’  ideals of Sovereignty and Law.

But I doubt that I would have. You need only look at the comment from Rose on my last post:

Brussels, 30 June 2009

Commission calls for Smoke Free Europe by 2012

“Background on EU smoke-free policy

“In the early nineties, a number of EU health and safety at work Directives defined certain restrictions on smoking at work. A Council Resolution (1989) and the Recommendation on smoking prevention (2002) called on Member States to provide protection from exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke in indoor workplaces, enclosed public places and public transport. In addition to legislative measures, anti-tobacco media campaigns:
“Feel free to say no” and “HELP: For a life without tobacco” highlighted, among other things, the hazards of passive smoking.

In 2007, the Commission launched a public debate on the best way to promote smoke-free environments in the EU through its Green Paper “Towards a Europe free from tobacco smoke: policy options at EU level”.

We should note that that quote is not talking about a tobacco free Europe by 2012, but an SHS free Europe.

I look at such things and ask myself what treaty gave the EU rights to call for such things. Such things have no connection with common market manufacturing standards, student exchanges, access to free medical treatment, etc. Such things can only come from some higher ideology, like the WHO and its FCTC. What has the EU got to do with ‘the environment’ and global warming? Again, that comes from a higher authority – the UN IPCC.

It is this secretive ‘One World Government’ that really gets up my nose, and I really do not understand why our elected representatives put up with it. That is, unless they are part of it. But ‘Little England’ is still ‘Little England’. Why should any of the Elite take any notice of Cameron, Osborne, etc? We are just as much ‘Little England’ inside the EU or outside.

There we go again, confusion, confusion.

So I guess that we shall just have to wait and see how people decide, for whatever reason that they decide. I doubt that there is anyone who has the foggiest idea of what the repercussions will be, whichever way the vote goes.

No one knows.


4 Responses to “What Will Happen on Thursday?”

  1. inisfad Says:

    Just one comment – those EU referenda that you cite? Guess who was voting on them…your UK representatives. If they are voting against the ‘interests’ or opinions of the British population, then vote in better representatives…..

    • garyk30 Says:

      The stifling rules and regulations put out by the EU bureaucrats are not voted on by anyone and there have been uncounted thousands of them.

    • Frank J Says:

      The European ‘parliament’ only votes on what is given to it from above. It cannot propose or amend. Its a simple yes or no. As most of its members are subsidy addicts, I doubt they would ever vote against the hand that feeds them so, generally, yes.

      There are 28 unelected and unaccountable ‘commissioners’ who decide what ‘parliament’ is given, again, most of whom are subsidy addicts.

      Some bloody ‘democracy’.

  2. Ed Says:

    We did it! 🙂

    F@ck the EU

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