What Is The Worst Thing That Can Happen?

I have been having some conversations with a friend. They concerned the consequences of Brexit.

Because my wife suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, I have been confronted, time after time, with insoluble problems. No need to go into detail, but think of the difficulties when a person has legs which do not work at all. Think of the uselessness of those legs, and how much better it might be if those legs were amputated. Of course, one would not act on such an idea, even if it was possibly the best thing to do.  You might amputate a leg if it had been irreparably damaged by a bomb, or if it was gangrenous, but you would not amputate it simply because it does not work.

In my wife’s case, the legs, even though they do not work, still have a function. The bones are a rigid structure. If the legs can be ‘tied up’ in some way, then they can be used to support her body. In fact, that is what we do. We have a machine which ‘locks’ her legs in a position and uses the structure of the bones of the legs to enable me to lift her up into a standing position. I can then ‘do what needs to be done’ – use your imagination. You get used to ‘doing what needs to be done’. There is no problem at all. You just do it.

In those circumstances, what is the worst thing that can happen? It is that the machine fails. That failure has nothing to do with the illness. It is a mechanical failure with no direct connection to the illness.


My friend vaguely suggested that I should vote ‘Remain’ in order to safeguard my ability to go to Spain and buy cigs at half price. What is the worst thing that can happen if I lose that ability? It is that I would have to pay full UK price for cigs. That is the ABSOLUTELY WORST THING THAT CAN HAPPEN. The ‘worst thing that can happen’ is not that bad. It isn’t that you and yours are rounded up and transported to gas chambers, or expelled from ‘polite’ society. ‘Polite’ society is no longer my place; I much prefer ‘Impolite’ society.

But, what makes things worse, is that my friend thinks that my ability to buy cigs at half-price and import them is permanent. It is not. That situation could be changed tomorrow by EU dictat, and that dictat would be set in stone.


We can generalise the idea of ‘What is the worst thing that can happen?’ As regards the German car industry, its exports of Mercedes cars would cease to exist. Would that happen? Of course not! Any ‘punishment’ for Brexit would have to be selective.

No, the world will not come to an end when we break free. What we want and need is a new breed of politicians. Funnily enough, it is quite possible that Corbyn could be that breath of fresh air in UK politics. It is possible. It is just about possible. But he would have to declare that he wants to free individuals from stultifying regulations. Thus, he would have to declare that smoking pubs and bars would be legal, because individuals want such things.


The ‘worst thing that can happen’, in reality, is that ‘Collectivism’ via the EU, WHO, IPCC, UN will cause a devastating world war. That world war need not be military – it could be commercial. The New World Order would control the media. No one would know that a particular country was being starved into submission.


Those lessons are clear and should be acknowledged from the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. The FCTC is a perfect example of ‘the worst thing that can happen’, but in reverse. The FCTC Organisation costs billions, and enjoys jollies in exotic places. It never goes to inhospitable places, such as Greenland or the Outback in Australia, or into the depths of the Sahara desert. It is an example of ‘the worst thing that can happen’ in reverse, since it sucks in funds provided by taxpayers without the taxpayers’ permission.

I think that ‘the worst thing that can happen’ is also ‘the best thing that can happen’. What is of the greatest importance is that we stop funding/feeding the monster.

Our Parliament was primarily established to curtail the King’s demands for ‘tribute’, aka ‘taxation’. It has now become ‘The King’, and there is no opposition.



7 Responses to “What Is The Worst Thing That Can Happen?”

  1. Rose Says:

    Brussels, 30 June 2009

    Commission calls for Smoke Free Europe by 2012

    “Background on EU smoke-free policy

    “In the early nineties, a number of EU health and safety at work Directives defined certain restrictions on smoking at work. A Council Resolution (1989) and the Recommendation on smoking prevention (2002) called on Member States to provide protection from exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke in indoor workplaces, enclosed public places and public transport. In addition to legislative measures, anti-tobacco media campaigns:
    “Feel free to say no” and “HELP: For a life without tobacco” highlighted, among other things, the hazards of passive smoking.

    In 2007, the Commission launched a public debate on the best way to promote smoke-free environments in the EU through its Green Paper “Towards a Europe free from tobacco smoke: policy options at EU level”.

    I don’t think we need puppetmasters pulling our politician’s strings, they should be quite capable of thinking for themselves.

  2. inisfad Says:

    Here’s a few more ‘worst than can happens’…first, your importing of cigarettes would most probably be reduced to the amount allowed from non-EU states, ie, one carton per person. So, ultimately, you are consigned to buying your cigarettes only in the UK, ‘controlled’ by the cost and availability that the UK government dictates.
    And ANY situation can be altered via ‘dictat’ regardless of whether you are in the EU or not. The fact that the UK is one of the top three members of the EU, gives it a certain ‘clout’ in that voting….there is no guarantee that whatever ‘anti-smoking’ dictat that may be passed on an EU level, does not pass on a UK level. Despite whatever legislation the EU has passed regarding smoking and tobacco products – just out of curiosity – take a look at legislation in non-EU countries. What a surprise! They have non-smoking legislation as well. So, in order to remove yourself from the effect these ‘puppeteers’, you would have to move where….Mars??
    Indirectly, you also bring up the NHS…have you read about the potential effects a Brexit vote would have on this? The NHS is directly related to the British economy; the hit that the economy would take, by suddenly being a small, inconsequential market, would most certainly effect the NHS. There is a reason why the majority of the medical community feels that leaving the EU would be disastrous for the NHS. There is no doubt that a Brexit vote impacts the British economy negatively, austerity measures – as well as tax increases – would ensue, and things like the NHS, pensions, etc., would be impacted negatively. This entire idea of the UK being ‘manipulated’ by Brussels is not based on fact. I would like one person to advise of one piece of legislation that the British government wants, that the EU has refused to allow. The puppeteer analogy is a bit myopic – as citizens, you are ‘controlled’ by your government, whether on a local, national or EU level. Leaving the EU does not change that at all.

  3. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Stop Britain becoming a Muslim state. Vote LEAVE !

    • inisfad Says:

      And sadly, that it the beginning and the end of the reason for Brexit….xenophobia. Pure and simple. There was a great tweet the other day – ‘Must be pretty cool to be white and just represent yourself, and not your entire race’. Yep, it must be.

      • Timothy Goodacre Says:

        Nothing wrong with wanting your country back whoever you are !

  4. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    All very well said & supported Junican!


  5. inisfad Says:

    Timothy, how far back would you like to go – Celtic? Norman? Anglo Saxon? Do you have an issue with any of the Irish in GB at the moment – should they leave as well? What about the citizens who were part of the ‘British empire’? Should they also return to those colonies? ‘Taking your country back’ is vague – so what exactly does it mean….all immigrants, regardless of where they come from. Or, as I suspect, more specifically, Muslims…..???

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