The Jo Cox Murder

I have refrained from talking about the Jo Cox murder because nothing was known until now. Even now, there is very little. Numerous people have talked about the politics of the murder, especially those who have tried to blame the ‘Brexit’ campaign. How low can you get? It came out within hours that the murderer had ‘mental issues’, and so it does not really matter that much what triggered the violence. The violence was ‘mindless’ in the proper sense of the word – the ‘mind’ involved, Thomas Mair’s – was not working. Only the emotions were working.

But a little more information is leaking out. It seems that he had a ‘sawn-off Winchester .22’ gun. I have been looking for info about that gun. He shot Jo Cox three times, which suggests that the gun was not a single shot gun which required to be reloaded after each shot. I found this:

I have no idea what model of Winchester .22 Mair had, but the above model had a magazine and a reloading mechanism. It appears that that model was discontinued in 2005 due to cost of manufacture and lack of sales, but it makes sense to say that that model, or a similar one, was what Mair had.

Those guns are not cheap when new. They cost hundreds of dollars. I should imagine that they are not cheap either on the black market, even if ‘used’. And there is the question of buying the bullets.

So we have a person with ‘mental issues’ who, somehow, finds a way to buy a gun, and the ammunition, and can afford to do so, and has it to hand when he gets upset. Erm…. Why has he not got upset before now? Or did he only buy the gun etc only a few days ago?

Leaving that for now, we find that he was indeed ‘politically motivated’ by virtue of his statement that his name was “Death to traitors, freedom for Britain”. So, it is not unlikely that he did indeed say, “Put Britain First” as he killed Jo Cox.

But why should it be thought that “Put Britain First” has anything to do with Brexit? Jo Cox was well-known, it seems, for ‘putting Syrian refugees first’. Further, Cameron has a bad habit of claiming to be ‘putting Britain first’.


Let me say, at this point, that I have no truck with conspiracy theories on this matter. That is, that some organisation provided Mair with the gun and ammunition and told him to kill his local MP. Absolutely not.


There are so many questions.

What motivated Mair, on that particular morning, to get out of bed, eat his breakfast, load his gun,  put it in a bag, and make his way to the place where Jo Cox was intending to meet constituents? What specific idea did he have, about Jo Cox, which dictated to him that he should take a gun with him when he decided to confront her?  How did he know where to go and when?

Why did he pick on his local MP? Was it just that she was the nearest target, and that his obsessions were more general, and not actually against her personally? Whom else does he regard as traitors whom he condemns to death?

Suppose that his MP had been a conservative in favour of Brexit. It seems that Mair had an ‘unhealthy’ interest in Hitler et al. He might have admired Hitler’s aim to have a united Europe, communist free and jew free. It is quite possible that Mair might have believed that that MP was a traitor by NOT wanting a United States of Europe. Suppose for a moment that Mair had lived in Priti Patel’s constituency. PP favours Brexit and is a conservative minister. Had his mind been one way out, when he got out of bed that morning and ventured forth, with his loaded gun, he could have killed her and shouted “Put Britain First”.


Will the murder of Jo Cox sway voters to vote ‘Remain’?

If it does, then perhaps we should ‘Remain’. In that case, it may well be true that ‘Emotion’ and not ‘Intellect’ rules, OK. It might well be true that the vast majority of Britons are stupid, emotional oiks. If that is true, then it would almost certainly be true that ‘Rule By Elite’ is best.

Back we go to the Holy Aristocracy which is, in modern terms, “EXPERTS”. Politicians come and go, but “Experts” remain in place. The EU Elite, combined with the WHO Elite, and the IPCC Elite, and the UN Elite, control the world in their pursuit of ‘The Millennium Goals’.  The crux of the ‘Millennium Goals’ is population control.

I have some sympathy with that idea. It stands to reason that we humans cannot increase our numbers indefinitely and, even worse, by multiplication. Unfortunately, ‘Go forth and multiply’ is reaching the limit.

But the weird thing is that industry, despite automation etc, needs more and more humans. Why? It can only be that there are activities which cannot be automated, and the wealthier a society gets, the more that such activities cannot be automated.


Whatever happens with Brexit, the fact is that Cameron, Osborn et al are toast. It might take some time to become known, but it is obvious to me that they are pirates. Kinnock has been a Commissioner in the EU for years, but he has never said anything at all to the British people.


I hope that the terrible murder of Jo Cox does not influence the vote either way. I hope that we vote ‘Brexit’ to get CLARITY. But even if we do not vote ‘Brexit’,  then CLARITY becomes even more important.


10 Responses to “The Jo Cox Murder”

  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Sad as the murder was the fact remains that we must vote out. Get our country back. Stop us being turned into a Sharia state

    • junican Says:

      The two things are not connected. The murder was mindless in that there is no way that the murder would ‘put Britain first’, nor was Jo Cox a traitor in any sense of the word. I find it beyond comprehension that a voter could vote ‘Remain’ because of this murder.

  2. The Blocked Dwarf Says:

    “Get our country back.”

    The Sovereignty of your country (cos since 2007 it sure as hell isn’t mine) was stolen over a hundred years ago by the very people you now want to re-empower? That will end well.
    I wager if we vote ‘leave’ one of the first thing MPs will want to do is ‘strengthen our borders’…and that will mean nothing more than a 50g of tobacco may be brought back from Europe….and only then in a Plain packet.
    (if you think I jest then look to Oz).

    • junican Says:

      I certainly don’t think that you jest BD. And I have taken into consideration what you say about TC. You might be right about baccy imports.
      But I see the ability to vote the rulers out of office as far, far more important than my own situation. It doesn’t matter if Tory and Labour are more or less the same thing. Eventually, a new group will arise and displace both of them.
      The probability is that Brexit will not disturb existing trade and social arrangements. That is, we will still use our existing passports and still have a sort-of common health care, and still have the same arrangements re ‘personal use’.

  3. Ed Says:

    Interesting article here on zero hedge about polls taken after the Jo Cox murder;

    Tbh, it’s almost a re-run of the killing of the Swedish pro-Eurozone Foreign minister, Anna Lindh, who was stabbed to death in a public place in 2003. This was 4 days prior to their referendum on joining the Eurozone. All the Euro campaigns were suspended and tv campaign ads were withdrawn, however it made little difference to the vote and they stayed out.

    • junican Says:

      Thanks for the link. Interesting. Internet votes are quite different from phone votes. Internet, 10% difference in favour of Leave; phone, 10% difference in favour of Remain.
      Which is more likely to be accurate? I do not know.
      From my own experience, I am quite likely to give an internet poll consideration, but I detest someone entering my home via the telephone and demanding my time. So who are the people who are motivated to answer? It must be the internet group because they have time to think. My phone response is coloured by hundreds of “Can I speak to…..?” No”, and put phone down, over the past several years. Then there are the cleverer ones who are less formal. I cut their chat by asking who they are. “Solar panels” gets the answer, “Not interested – bye”.
      The problem is that I might well be cutting off genuine calls which I might have been interested in, such as a poll about the referendum. My point is that it is likely that Leave voters are more bloody minded than Remain voters. Thus, if 10,000 phone calls are made, it is not unlikely that the 2,000 respondents are not bloody minded, and are therefore not Leave voters.

  4. Smoking Lamp Says:

    I wouldn’t put it past the totalitarians to conduct a false flag attack to try and retain their power.

    • junican Says:

      I don’t know what you mean by ‘false flag’ in relation to the referendum, nor who the ‘totalitarians’ are – are they Cameron et al or the EU Commissioners?
      The ‘false flag’ idea sounds to me much the same as a a bluff. Is that correct?
      If the result is Leave, then it is entirely possible that the powers-that-be can mess around with the meaning of ‘The EU’. It is not impossible for Cameron at al (in the widest sense – including Corbin et al) to interpret the words ‘The EU’ as ‘ever closer union’.
      That is a very strong possibility.
      But I am sure that UKIP etc will not let them get away with it. The fact is that ‘ever closer union’ is already well advanced, and needs to be reversed.
      It has not worked.

    • Smoking Lamp Says:

      Ed summed up the false flag concept. As for who the totalitarians are, I suspect they encompass much pf the global elite. The EU commissioners are just bureaucrats, much like the WHO and their lackeys. The plutocratic elite seeks to eliminate rivals…

  5. Ed Says:

    False flag would be something like the Gulf of Tonkin incident or the Reichstag fire or the Kurcha incident, etc.

    It isn’t unknown for MI5 to finance a patsy then point him in the right direction to do their dirty work.

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