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I was vaguely watching a debate on the TV tonight whilst in the pub about Brexit. I say ‘vaguely’ because I have already voted by postal vote – for both of us. Herself is not the least bit interested in such things, so she allows me to decide. Two votes for ‘Out’.

Frankly, the arguments about the economy do not interest me. What I see in the EU is a monstrously expensive piece of chewing gum on the pavement. It sticks like buggery to your shoes but is difficult to remove by street cleaners. I mean, does anyone know what the EU exists for?

I remember when the Bank that I worked for amalgamated with another Bank. Obviously, there was a lot of streamlining, but one of the better things that emerged was a Dept of ‘Best Practices’. From time to time, that Dept circulated the branches with ‘good ideas’ which some parts of the former separate entities had used. No need to go into detail, but the idea was that not every ‘Best Practice’ would suit every Bank Branch. Needless to say, that Dept was wound up and ‘dictats’ replaced it.

That is, sort of, how I see the EU. When it was in a fledgling state, I could see the benefits of ‘Best Practice’ (without compulsion). I even believed that we should adopt the Euro! But I was naive. I really thought that the Euro was intended to do away with profiteering in currency markets and to make trade easier and to greatly simplify tourism. Little did I know that the intention was to manipulate Nations by withdrawing the currency supply for political purposes.

Do you see that? I doubt that most politicians do. Take Greece as an example. For years, it has been being supplied with Euros from the EU Central Bank. It is not allowed to ‘create’ its own Euros. To pay its pensioners, Greece needs Euros. Those Euros do not have to be paper Euros, they could be electronic Euros. But, to the extent that Greeks use ATMs, those Euros have to be paper. If there is an EU organisation which is the only one which is permitted to issue paper Euros, then, even if there is an Greek branch of that organisation, that branch is under the control of the EU organisation. Thus, the supply of paper Euros can be cut off, and the Greek Government can do nothing about it. Thus, the electronic payment of your pension into your bank account is useless, if you cannot get cash. Money can be moved around within the electronic system and it does not matter, since a debit is cancelled out by a credit, but cash withdrawal are different. Cash goes out of the electronic system. That is a great pain in the butt for Bankers. They do not like it.

Thus, Governments can be caught off-foot. They cannot put Euros where they wish to. Or rather, they can do so – unless they run out of Euros. Then they have to beg.

Further, they cannot get out of the trap, no matter how they squirm. No matter how they squirm, the FACT is that they cannot print Euro paper.

But what would happen if they did? There would be some sort of war. I do not mean physical war.I mean political war. If Greece did that, it would become an outcast. ‘Divide et empera’. The weird thing is that countries with similar problems, such as Spain, Portugal, Italy would run away in fear.


I fail to see the Cameron argument. As PM, his ‘vision’ should be far above temporary trade arrangements. He should be agitating for a United States of Europe, if he really believes that the EU is great. He should even now be promulgating his ideas of who should be President of the United States of Europe – himself preferably.

The USA wants a USE, but the USA is itself beset by enormous problems. Its Universities are riddled with racism, begat by black racists. And then there is FEMINISM.

No wonder that Trump is doing so well. He is a breath of fresh air. He actually wants to improve the lot of Americans. He does not give a shit about the UN and its massively costly interventions which produce nothing. I would hope that, when he becomes President, that he will kick the UN out of New York and insist that it should be centred in Saudi Arabia, if it wants USA funding. The same goes for the WHO. It should be centred in Nigeria, or somewhere similar, and not in Geneva.

What does Cameron think?

I detest them all – Corbyn etc. It is perfectly obvious that the WHO should be centred where it is most needed, which is where infectious diseases cause the greatest problems. Absolutely none of those organisations should be centred in the Healthy, Wealthy West.

That is especially the case with the FCTC Organisation. It is far too ‘white’. There are far too many ‘white’ racists involved. And the same goes for the IPCC. There are far too many ‘white’ racists involved in Climate Control.

Maybe the Chinese, Indians, Africans are just biding their time. Maybe they see the corruption of the healthy, wealthy West and know that, eventually, they will take over.

And perhaps they should. You might reasonably ask why it is that China has not used its massive military force to passify the Middle East. Why not? It could do so. It could invade Saudi-Arabia tomorrow if it wished to and remove the tyrannical despots, just like that. And then it could demolish the Imams – just like that.

But THERE WILL BE a religion.

Funnily enough, that new religion will be much like Christianity. It will decidedly NOT be like Tobacco Control or the IPCC.

There are wonderful philosophical ideas which embrace Christianity. Those ideas revolve around the teachings of Christ rather than Buildings and Clergy. For example, there is nothing in the New Testament which says that you should not eat, drink and be merry.The enjoyment of tobacco is ‘eat, drink and be merry’. There is nothing sinful about it.



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  1. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    “the EU is a monstrously expensive piece of chewing gum on the pavement. ”

    Wonderfully put Junican!

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