“Our elected Government is at the Mercy of 27 other Elected Governments

The heading is a though that I had when reading a comment on the previous post. When people like Trump say that they are going to block trade agreements which destroy American jobs, they cut to the quick. I effect, they are saying that they will not contemplate subsidising other nations. America went from being a servile colony of Britain, France and Spain to a powerful, successful, wealthy nation precisely because it rejected being ‘outvoted’ by other nations.

So let us think about what has actually been happening in the EU for the last several years.

There are 28 nation states in the EU. Are all these states equal, or do some of them have more power than others? EG, does Germany have 100 votes and Estonia have 5? I do not know. Does anyone know how it works? I don’t mean the useless EU Parliament. I mean among Prime Ministers or Presidents, or Chancellors or whatever. I also do not mean among junior health ministers.

The UK PM, Cameron, tried to negotiate reforms to the EU in the run up to the referendum, but failed miserably to gain any traction. Why? Because he was up against the need to get approval from the other 27 states. It could not be done. The Apparatus of the EU is written in stone. It cannot be changed. The recent TPD was voted through, regardless of its faults. It cannot be changed. It is written in stone. It is written in stone not because the UK voted for it, via that excuse for a Minister known as Subry MP, aka the Ausie git, Black’s, puppet, but because the other 27 states also agreed. Had they not, then Article 20 0f the TPD would never have passed stage one. Why? Because ecigs are not tobacco products. Tobacco is cured green tobacco plant leaves. Nicotine can be extracted from green tobacco plant leaves just as easily as from tobacco leaves, if not more easily. Why bother curing the leaves if all you want is the nicotine? In any case, ‘nicotiana tabaccum’ is not the most productive plant for the substance ‘nicotine’. ‘Nicotiana rustica’ produces about twice as much nicotine. But, there again, there may be complications, if, for example, the leaves of N rustica are much smaller that N tobaccum. I do not know.

Whatever, my main point is that it would be stupid to go through the complex and time-consuming process of curing the leaves when you do not have to.

Whatever again, the fact is that our elected Government has rendered itself powerless against the elected Governments of other EU states. The EU Commission is not involved in that process, other than being amused by it.

Which leads us to the following idea. Suppose that the nation state of Scotland, with its population of 5 million, proposed in the EU that England, with its population of 50 million, should withdraw its navy from Scottish waters? And suppose that Estonia etc voted in favour? And suppose that there appeared a EU Directive to confirm that? The ‘English’ navy would have to conform.

It is no use saying that such a situation would never arise. It has already done so in the form of Article 20 of the TPD. No one in his right mind would would equate a tobacco plant with the soil in which it was grown. As far as the creation of nicotine, in itself, is concerned, there are lots of plants which create it. In fact, we actually eat a lot of them, such as courgettes. According to Article 20, courgettes are tobacco, because nicotine can be extracted from them.

The craziness is not in our politicians. It is in the NGOs etc which the politicians have transferred their responsibilities to. When a politician allows an ‘expert’ to  create a ‘body of experts’, he moves the reason for his election to that ‘body of experts’. He is not allowed to do that. That ‘body of experts’ was not elected. The same goes for the EU. When we vote for politicians to become MPs, we do not thereby vote for them to hand over power to make decisions about decisions to others. We elect them to make decisions.

That is the real problem with the EU. It spends great amounts of resources deciding decisions about decisions.

We do not need it, and we have never needed it. The original idea of European ‘conformity’ has always depended upon the opposite of nazi  ‘conformity’. But it is the same thing essentially. Instead of National stereotypes, such as the blond, blue-eyed Arian, we are seeing the UN  and EU stereotype, which is a down-trodden, Syrian refugee. Suppose that our island, on the edge of the European landmass, demands that people such as Cameron get off our landmass and flit to Siberia? OK, I know that Siberia is on our landmass. Will they do so, and will they adopt peasant clothing, and will the take their off-spring with them? OF COURSE NOT!

I will vote ‘Brexit’ for one simple reason: that the promoters of the European Empire rushed. It is as simple as that. They wanted to see a ‘European Empire’ within their own life-times, and so they rushed.


There is a case to be made that there are too many individual states in Europe. But it is not the business of the UN or the USA to decide. What is absolutely certain is that the USA will NEVER conform to a World Government.


Cameron et al favour appeasement.

God help us all.


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  1. Rose Says:

    Junican, courgettes are members of the squash family, the curcurbits, I think you mean aubergines or eggplants, members of the solanaceae.

    Vegetable Nicotine in ng/g g per 1µg nicotine
    Cauliflower 16.8 59.5
    Eggplant (Aubergine) 100.0 10
    Potatoes 7.1 140
    Green tomatoes 42.8 23.4
    Ripe tomatoes 4.3 233.0
    Pureed tomatoes 52.0 19.2

    • junican Says:

      You are right. It was indeed aubergines that I meant. I vaguely knew that it was wrong when I wrote it. But I think that you will agree that my main point still stands. Labs which produce nicotine will seek the easiest way to produce the maximum amount of nicotine.

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