Enjoying Life

It is easy to let the Tobacco Control Industry grind you down, if you are a person who enjoys tobacco. Those feelings, of course, it what the constant barrage of propaganda is expected to promote. It is deliberate. Forget protecting future generations. The objective of the propaganda and the constant barrage thereof is to dishearten smokers. That is why the zealots never let up on their press releases; that is why they have invaded the spaces on the internet. Google ‘ageing tobacco’ and what you will get is tons of entries talking about how smoking ages the skin and makes you ugly, as well as disgusting, filthy, stinking.

I was in the kitchen about lunch time, pondering what I had written last night about “This country stinks”. I looked out of the kitchen window. I could see some of my baccy plants and they looked fine. It was a sunny day, and lots of plants in the garden are beginning to flower. What is there not to like? So I did a couple of chores in the kitchen, made lunch for herself and me, and then did some tidying up in the back garden. Then I strimmed around the edges of the back lawn ( which seem to grow like the clappers for no apparent reason) so as to prepare it for mowing tomorrow. There was no rush – a fag and a cup of tea were much appreciated every now and again.

Now, I am sitting quietly, half watching the TV, sipping enjoyably on a glass of red wine, and writing this. The Tobacco Industry propaganda cannot get to me – unless I go looking for it.

Is that not the case for the vast majority of smokers? Sure, they are bashed by the smoking bans, but only when they go somewhere where there are smoking bans. In the UK, the TCI has nowhere to go. It is now confined to torturing prisoners and mental health patients. Frank Davis today specifically talked about the torture of smokers in prisons.  It is as though ASH ET AL have written the long and verbose sentences, and are now engaged in dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s. But at what cost? What would be your reaction if you were a prisoner who was forced to accept ‘help’ to stop smoking, on your release? Would you not head for the nearest place where you can get some cigs and light up to your great delight? And would you not, cig dangling from mouth, start planning your next heist to show the bastards?

Enjoying life is a BIG ROUND THING. It is a sphere, and not an area, straight line or point.

I do have a problem in writing this blog. There is a part of me which says that I would be better off if I totally ignored the TCI until it produces its next insanity, and then finding a way around that insanity. There is always a way. The smoking ban did not stop me smoking. In fact, it might have increased it. What happened is that I started to drink at home instead of going to the pub. Also, I started to buy my stuff from abroad, and grow my own. The TCI in the UK is trying to stop entrepreneurs from importing that ‘agricultural product’, dried tobacco plant leaf by the trick of requiring them to be licenced. Who cares? In the end, leaf shops will spring up across the channel and people will bring that home rather than finished tobacco products.

But, all the time, the TCI is increasing the costs of border control, to the detriment of non-smoking tax payers!!! I have thought about that before, without having anything specific, but it is true. Not only is the TCI incurring direct costs via grants, it is also creating indirect costs via loss of trade in pubs, inspectors of this and that, enforcers, customs officers, police time, greater prison and mental hospital costs, costs to the UN, costs to the EU, costs to individual nations, costs of cleaning streets, etc. I has not been smokers who have increased the costs of cleaning streets – it has been the TCI.

For what?

For nothing at all. They claim is that old people would live longer in the old age. That is undoubtedly what the Doll Doctors Study showed. It was doctors who were coming to the end of their working lives who pegged out ‘prematurely’. No costs of old age are saved by people stopping smoking. In fact, as has been well demonstrated, again and again, it is those people who live longest who cost the most in pensions and health care.

The big problem is that ‘being alive’ is seen as the ultimate good. That vision seems to be what is driving so many deviant ideologies. There seems to be an ill-defined promise that death can be postponed indefinitely, provided that a person does not enjoy the fruits of the earth. Doll is dead. Godber, the architect of the TCI, is dead. All the prohibitionists of old are dead. They are all dead. Arnott will shortly become dead. She will almost certainly die as a result of a ‘smoking related, non-communicable’ event. My own opinion is that she will almost certainly go doolally, and be confined to a mental hospital, where people suffering from the need to write press-releases are ‘helped’ by the withdrawal of computers, and pencils and paper. They might be given ‘patch-ups’, in the form of ‘invisible ink’ pens, so that they can write things down which are visible for a few moments, but which disappear when the material is taken away. The mental hospital guards would have to be well trained to deal with the ‘screams’ and ‘tantrums’ when the materials are taken away.

Oh dear. That would be another NHS cost, levied, for the most part, upon non-smokers.


So we smokers must take heart. The less of us there are, the more that the costs of the TCI fall upon non-smokers.

Is that not a wonderful thought for us to contemplate? When will a few politicians in Westminster see the light? When will they start to ask why non-smokers are paying for Customs Officers, etc, to chase smokers all over the place? Tobacco taxes bring in billions of pounds, but those taxes are not a huge part of the total income from taxes to the UK Gov. According to the TCI, if everyone stopped smoking, then health and pension costs would increase exponentially.

But fewer people would be ‘enjoying life’ because they are all ensuring that they are always fit and healthy. There is nothing wonderful about being ‘fit and healthy’. It is a physical thing, just like an immobile boulder. There are a lot of ‘fit and healthy’ trees and plants of all sorts. What distinguishes humans from such ‘fit and healthy’ beings is not longevity, but ‘creation’. Yes, that word. For people like Mozart did not live long, but they ‘created’ music which was very uplifting. People like Shakespeare ‘created’ poetry in the language of stage plays. People like Newton and Einstein ‘created’ music in our understanding of the Universe.

The UN, EU, WHO, IPCC, FCTC, etc, are trying to destroy that ‘creativity’, and they all cost a fortune. But what is sure is that the ‘creativity’ will not go away, no matter how they try.

I cannot understand why Cameron et al are trying to defend the EU in its present form.  I really do not understand, other than that the world has become so complex that even reasonably intelligent politicians just do not understand. In those circumstances, no one knows who has been advising the politician what to say. That is why Trump and Farage are a breath of fresh air. They ‘cut to the quick’ in their own ways. Farage says, “Stop importing vast numbers of ‘strangers”. Trump says,”Stop using cheap imports to destroy American jobs”. They are, essentially, saying the same thing, which is that there is a ‘SHOCK’ to the whole system when any part of the system is put under pressure.


So we smokers should be cheerful. The ‘scream test’ applies just as much to the TCI as it does to the Tobacco Industry. The Ecig controversy is a case in point. As far as that is concerned, it really does not matter what Australia and the USA conjure up. Regardless of what obstacles the FDA put up, the FDA will, eventually, be overwhelmed by refusal to comply, which will result in political upheaval.That is what happened with Prohibition. The end of Prohibition did not come from State Agencies. It came from Politics. The Agencies could no longer cope, and they cost a fortune, and nothing was being gained.

That is the way that it is with tobacco. At every turn, the costs will increase, while the publicity created by the negative propaganda of the useless ASH ET AL will publicise the enjoyment of tobacco.

Wonderful, is it not?

Enjoy life, and do not allow the likes of ASH ET AL to cruelly curtail your pleasure. We smokers do not have to actually do anything, other than keep the pot boiling. the TCI will destroy itself, eventually, because it is based upon false premises. The biggest false premise is that smokers who give up smoking will not substitute some other pleasure.

The most likely substitute pleasure is food.



10 Responses to “Enjoying Life”

  1. Smoking Lamp Says:

    I agree we should ignore them as they do in Montreal and Israel.

    See: “Nothing Has Changed, Montrealers Continue To Smoke On Terrasses” http://www.mtlblog.com/2016/05/nothing-has-changed-montrealers-continue-to-smoke-on-terrasses/ and “Majority of Israelis ignore illegal public smoking” http://www.jpost.com/Business-and-Innovation/Health-and-Science/Majority-of-Israelis-ignore-illegal-public-smoking-455460

    In China they seem to be rejecting smoking bans too:

    “China back-pedals on tough national smoke-free law: Changes to draft legislation would let people light up in restaurants, bars, hotels and airports” http://www.scmp.com/news/china/policies-politics/article/1959676/china-back-pedals-tough-national-smoke-free-law

    Let’s hope the tobacco control project implodes soon…

    • junican Says:

      “Let’s hope the tobacco control project implodes soon…”

      I don’t think that it will implode as such, but it is beginning to fragment. Viz the controversy over ecigs and the defrocking of people like Siegel. It is the TCI which is beginning to break up into a group of minorities.

  2. Darryl Says:

    ‘The most likely substitute pleasure is food’.

    The joyless puritans are already onto this. In my local paper today in Newcastle (OZ version) there is an opinion piece quoting a mob in the U.K. called Chatham House.

    ..’British think tank Chatham House warned that eating less meat is critical for keeping the global temperature rise under control.’

    It seems cattle and sheep farts are destroying the planet. Are these people serious?

    I turned the TV on last night, a rare event these days and was pleasantly surprised. I watched an old episode of Prime Suspect in which almost everyone was smoking, goodies and baddies AND there was not one anti-smoker add.

  3. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Yes enjoy your tobacco and no notice of TCI. Smoke as much as you can in public and let all the joyless puritans see how much tobacco can be enjoyed. Definitely vote for Brexit !

    • junican Says:

      I don’t disagree with what you say. Unless something odd turns up, I shall be voting for Brexit. Like all Empires in the past, and include the British Empire, it is turning out to be ‘one size fits all’ – aka, totalitarian. Our elected Government is at the mercy of 27 other elected Governments. Is that not crazy?

  4. Roberto Says:

    As you say, our continued smoking is the best punch in the nose we can deliver to the puritan fanatics. Bans only affect me when I am traveling and the weather is nasty. Smoking a cigar or pipe requires time (at least 30 minutes and up to 1 hour for a Churchill sized cigar). It can’t be enjoyed if you must do it in quick 5-10 minutes brakes in snowy conditions, when rain is pouring or under boiling temperatures without a shadow. I started vaping to circumvent bans in these conditions, but now vaping is starting to be banned in non-smoking areas in lots of places. Still, I normally find smoking friendly places, like cigar bars in Dallas, Miami and even once in NYC under the Nanny Fuhrer SS Bloomberg.

    • junican Says:

      You can obey the letter of the law when it affects other people, such as publicans. Other than that, enjoy your little pleasures. We smoke for pleasure, and not by virtue of some hidden devil called addiction. If I did not enjoy smoking, I would not smoke. Is it possible to be addicted to something that you detest?

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