Scared of Brexit as a Smoker

A quick post tonight, more for fun than anything else.

I am going to vote for ‘Brexit’, but I am a bit scared. The reason that I am a bit scared is that Brexit might cut off my ability to get cheapish smokes from Magalluf or Prague. Is there anything better than enjoying a lovely holiday, and coming back home wealthier than when you went? For that is the truth. You can go to Prague for a week for around £400, and you can buy, say, 3000 cigs for £375, which would cost you around £1000 in the UK. Thus,even in simplistic mathematical terms, you would save £225, whilst enjoying a wonderful week’s holiday in Prague for nothing! Further, the Chech Republic has just, once again, repulsed a tobacco control blitz. Bars and Restaurants in the CR will not be forced to throw their patrons under the tobacco control bus.

In the UK, and even more so in that bastion of ‘what-the-fuck-does-it-matter?, Ireland, the  Zealots have reigned supreme. It is hard not to calculate that the Zealots have taken advantage of our erstwhile habit, in our social interactions, of ‘Laissez faire’.  We accept what we find. Thus, if we go into a smoky pub, we can stay or go elsewhere.

That has always been that way. If we seriously thought about it, in the context of Muslim  ‘determinism’, we would reject smokophobia on the same grounds.

Tobacco Control relies upon ‘determinism’, which means that all outcomes are the same for everyone. But it clear, even from the statistics upon which TC relies, that outcomes are not even remotely the same for everyone. For example, why is it not ‘reasonable’ for a person to eat wisely, exercise wisely (just busying about), enjoy a couple of beers in the pub and smoke a few cigs? What is the problem?

The fact is that there is no problem with that idea. The hysteria is an artificial construct, and always has been.

I am going to vote for Brexit. It is a win-win situation for smokers. Either I can carry on as usual, which will almost certainly be the case, or I can blast ASH and all those who are complicit.

What is most important, and about which hardly anyone speaks, is the massive and obvious corruption, not only in the EU, but also in the UN.

I do not understand why the USA has not kicked the UN out of the USA.

Or perhaps I do…..


4 Responses to “Scared of Brexit as a Smoker”

  1. inisfad Says:

    Sadly, the politics of the EU really have nothing to do with ASH, smoking in the UK, etc., so to use that situation as a reason for voting for Brexit may be a bit inaccurate. I believe that the idea of Brexit is nothing more than right wing, nationalistic propaganda – the inadequacies of the current UK government being projected on to Brussels.

    • junican Says:

      Well, Inisfad, you are entitled to your view. I guess that it is as good a view as any in these strange times. It’s the corruption which bothers me more than anything else.

  2. smokingscot Says:

    FW it’s W this article gives concrete reasons for wanting to be rid of the whole thing.

    • junican Says:

      Thanks for the link. I read thescepticisle frequently, but I had not read his latest blast.
      When you think about it, the writing was on the wall right from the very beginning when the ‘coal and Steel Community’ was formed, which was the beginning of the eventual EU. What was that ‘Community’ but a form of nationalisation? Although those industries were generally left in private hands, they were controlled politically. For the most part, ordinary people knew absolutely nothing about what was happening – and still do not know.

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