The Horror of the Unaccountable

Last night, I suggested to readers that they should listen to Grandad’s link to a radio broadcast which involved Dr Clancy pronouncing upon how bad ecigs were. His sole reason was that tobacco companies have been buying up ecig companies, and, since tobacco companies are bad, then ecigs must be bad. Everything else that he said was incidental.

As I usually do, I started to think ‘out of the box’. I shall have more to say about ‘thinking out of the box’ in a moment.

Having given a bit more thought to it, I see certain consequences to ‘Dr’ Clancy’s statements. In effect, a lot of what he said was along the lines of ‘tobacco companies have been buying up ecig companies. Tobacco companies are bad, and therefore ecigs are bad’.

This is very revealing. It shows that the emphasis of tobacco control has moved from ‘saving lives’ to destroying tobacco companies. ‘Saving lives’ is no longer the prime objective, if it has ever been. The destruction of the tobacco industry is the prime objective. ‘Dr’ Clancy SAID SO! He would rather destroy the ecig industry, which might mitigate the ‘toll’ of tobacco illness and death, than let the tobacco industry survive. For the likes of Clancy, and according to their own statistics, the ‘fact’ that millions will die prematurely and suffer terribly, unless they substitute the pleasure of ecigs for cigs, is of no importance.

But we must not forget that the FCTC has exactly the same intention. It forbids conversations with tobacco companies. They are anathema. But note that at no time does it demand the outlawing of tobacco companies. THAT WAS DELIBERATE. But we might ask the question, “On what basis do you NOT demand the outlawing of tobacco companies?” If you have the right to get PP, why do you not have the right to outlaw TCs? How DARE you not to, since you are killing millions of people by not so demanding?

Those questions throw doubt upon the integrity of The Tobacco Control Industry. In fact, the word CONTROL is the most significant word. If that Industry was honest, it would be called ‘The Tobacco Annihilation Industry’, and the FCTC Treaty would be called the FCTA Treaty – ‘The World Framework Convention on Tobacco Annihilation.

Some years or decades ago, it became apparent, as far as revealed by statistics, that some people should never have smoked tobacco, because those people were susceptible to harm from inhaling air which contains substances which their bodies are intolerant of. I suppose that that has always been the case. And I suppose that the older you get, the more likely that those substances will become overwhelming. There is no objective evidence that there is a delayed effect. It is a construct. It might just as well be that, at a certain age, some people’s lungs start to deteriorate for genetic reasons, and that smoking facilitates that deterioration. Other factors might also be in play at that age.

As with the EU, and as has been revealed, “Public Health” reform is impossible. It has become a Monster, stalking the land and absorbing the wealth of The People. Why did not Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians speak out about the value of ecigs BEFORE the EU, UN, WHO apparatchiks cheated to get their way? It really is incomprehensible that the EU, UN, FCTC organisations got there first when the writing was on the wall years ago.

That is why we must Brexit, regardless of the economic cost, if any. We must escape, not only from EU edicts, but also from UN edicts. We can only help third world countries if we are, ourselves, prosperous, and our help must be destined to help those countries to become prosperous. The weird thing is that the UN does not want those countries to become prosperous and consume, because consumption leads to global warming.

The crazy thing is that the UN etc themselves consume vast resources with no benefit at all, other than to themselves. I jokingly suggested a competing UN, set up by those countries which disagree with the present UN. Well, it was a joke, but something must be done to scrap the monopoly of the UN, FCTC, IPCC, EU, World Bank, IMF, EU Central Bank, the Euro, and many, many more artificial Government constructs. Think of the costs!!!! What must happen is that our politicians must strip those organisations down to their useful attributes. How can that be done?

The answer is to deny them our contributions unless they do as we say. It all comes down to money. The consequent redundancies are not our problem. They are the problem of the Elite who created the leaches, and we should make it plain, for all to see, that it was the leaches, such as Gates and Bloomberg who used a bit of their own billions of dollars to extract billions and billions of taxpayers’ dollars.

Let me be clear about my own philosophy. All the ‘fruits of the Earth’ belong to all the people. The oil, coal, wind, tides, electricity, atoms, etc. ALL belong to The People. The surface area of the earth belongs to The People. Thus, as regards my own home, I have the right to the surface area covered by my home ONLY BECAUSE our laws say so, and only for a reasonable length of time. That period of time might be centuries, but it is still limited. That is why we have to take great care that we do not fall into the trap that Russia fell into, when Stalin caused the deaths of millions by ‘collectivisation’. It was not the idea but the imposition and urgency that caused the deaths. Much the same happened in the Irish potato famine. There were English charities who were prepared to feed the starving Irish people, but the Aristocrats decreed that those people must be forced to starve or give up their ancestral rights to the land. That is what happened, and the Irish people remember that. Weird, is it not, that the Irish, who remember the potato famine, have prostrated themselves before an organisation which has cost them dearly in terms of their culture?

A few years ago, I went to Ireland to engage in an amateur golf competition. My partner and I struggled, but the golf club atmosphere was great. The Irish Guinness was very different from the Guinness in English pubs – it was very smooth – but what was more important was that the ‘stuffiness’ of collar and tie was absent. But, since the smoking ban, I shall not go there again. No way. No way at all.


4 Responses to “The Horror of the Unaccountable”

  1. Smoking Lamp Says:

    I think you are right in drawing the parallels between tobacco control and collectivism. Tobacco control–not tobacco–needs to be annihilated.

    • junican Says:

      I see TC as entirely artificial. It is not much different from Stalin’s creation of ‘collectives’ in Russian agriculture. It seems to me that those who have power, and think that they have a good idea, cannot wait to put that idea into effect. Taking ten years is not good enough – it must be done in five years, or three years, or six months. If necessary, force must be use to put that ‘good idea’ into effect.

  2. cherie79 Says:

    I miss the old Ireland, as my first husband was Irish we used to go a lot in the 60s and 70s and you really had a sense in being in a different country. I have been back a couple of times in the last few years but now you could be anywhere, there is little difference even in the shops. I know the Irish people are better off now but something has been lost. A country that fought so had for independence is now run by the EU and is really expensive.

    • junican Says:

      Four friends from our golf club went to play in a certain golf competition in Ireland for a few years on the trot. We did so for the fun as much as the golf. I personally have not been again since the smoking ban, and have no intention to do so.
      Smokers may not have an organisation to represent them ‘en masse’, but they, individually, work out what is best for them. I suspect that 90% of smokers have never heard of ASH because such things as tobacco taxation do not create mental pathways which result in OBSERVING what is happening and mental examination of what they can do about the situation. They shrug their shoulders and blank it out.

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