Manic Depressives In The Medical Profession

I could be a Manic Depressive. I do not know whether I am or not. Judging from the amount of time that I look for bad news regarding tobacco regulation and stuff like that, I would say that I deliberately put myself in harms way. It would be much simpler if I accepted the junk science and chucked all the tobacco which I bought from Spain in the bin, and if I insisted that Herself does likewise. By ‘insist’, I mean demand, indeed, I mean force her to do so. Indeed, if she does not, then I shall do so. I would be ‘manic’, would I not?, if I acted in that way.

But what about the ‘depressive’ aspect?

‘Depression’ looks for negatives. I suppose that the opposite, equally demented mental state, is only to see positives, but I do not know if there is a suitable medical description for such a ‘manic’ mental state. Think of the Inquisition. Think of the delight of Inquisitors when a person being tortured confessed. Were not such people ‘impressed’?

I have used the word ‘impressed’ as the opposite of ‘depressed’ because it seems to be the only reasonable way to describe the situation. I like that idea. The word ‘Impressed’ implies acceptance, whereas the word ‘Depressed’ implies rejection. There might well be a mental state of ‘manic impression’.

The above is an introduction to what we are about to listen to. I must refer you to Grandad’s site:

Introducing the Tobacco Control Comedy Show

There, you will be able to listen to a Manic Depressive ‘Professor of Medicine’ demand that a cure for an ailment, being the sickness of addiction to nicotine, is ineffective because individuals, no matter how many, who say that the cure worked for them, are deranged. That ‘cure’ is the ecig. You can tell that the manic doctor is ‘Depressive’ because he sees only the negative possibilities of undefined future risks, even though proper scientific studies have found little, if any, risk.


I was talking in the pub tonight to a couple of young friends about Brexit. Both are about 40 years old. Both are going to vote ‘Leave’. Immigration was not the first problem that they identified. The first problem was ‘lack of control’. Immigration was not even mentioned as such. It was loss of control of our democracy which they identified. I was surprised that these two guys saw that. I was just a little humbled for my failure to see that ordinary Englishmen were not as gullible as I thought.

The ELITE WORLD EMPERORS ARE ALREADY IN PLACE. People like Cameron and Corbyn are either part of that Elite or are assisting them.


I really do not understand the thought processes of people like Cameron. Regarding the EU, they seem to be like rabbits in car headlights – they just do not know what to do. They are terrified and immobile. They cannot see what is clearly obvious, which is that the likes of Juncker are obedient servants of whoever.

Thus we see the malaise of ‘Authority’, and what caused WW1 and WW2. It was ‘manic depression’, aka jealousy.


2 Responses to “Manic Depressives In The Medical Profession”

  1. elenamitchell Says:

    Sorry. I can’t hack this.. It is all a bit too much for me.

    • junican Says:

      Sorry, elena, I get carried away sometimes. It’s these ‘Dr Strangelove’ medics who get to me. Remember the Irish ‘Doctor’ who took great delight in smashing up a smoking shelter with a sledgehammer? What sort of cesspit minds do these ‘Doctors’ have when they take great delight in punishing people who just want to have a relaxing fag outdoors but in shelter from the rain? What is the matter with them?
      The broadcast which grandad linked to gives us an idea. These ‘Doctors’ are not particularly interested in the sufferings of smokers, either by their likelihood of illness because of smoking, or the discomfort of having no smoking shelter. Their only interest and objective is to destroy the tobacco industry. The reason that they promulgate high taxes is not to dissuade smokers, but to force smokers to stop buying tobacco company products. That is also the reason for the antagonism to ecigs.

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