Criminalising Ordinary Citizens

I was putting some paper and cardboard into the buff-coloured recycling bin this evening, and a thought struck me. Suppose that I put the paper and cardboard into the green (food waste and garden vegetation) bin, vegetation into the maroon bin (glass bottles, plastic bottles and tins), and glass bottles etc into the buff bin? Would anyone notice? In fact, I wonder if bloody minded people are already doing so? The reason that I say that is that I have seen a binman come round in advance of the lorry and look into the bins.

Not that I would do such a thing, but my thinking concerned all the work that we do, as cooperative citizens, which we are not rewarded for. We do not begrudge our cooperation, even if we are bullied into that cooperation. The fact is that we willingly cooperate, despite the threats of violence, in the form of fines, if we do not cooperate. We WILLINGLY cooperate.

And yet, every year, the bullying and threats and demands for our cooperation grow and grow. In the USA, Obama’s Government have demanded that, in schools, male children should be allowed to use the girls’ toilets, and vice versa, for any child which identifies itself as ‘transgender’. if a school does not comply, then there is a threat of violence in the form of withdrawal of funding and other things. But what is just as likely is that the poor Head and the school board will be ‘named, shamed and ridiculed’. A New York Times article, which I read earlier, described Obama’s demands as madness. The point that the Times made was that those ‘rules’ were the epitome of discrimination, in that 99.9% if children were not transgender, and would not want to share toilets with persons of the opposite gender, especially if those ‘children’ were seventeen years old. It is true – there is a craziness in Government. If a youth has male genitalia, then that youth is male. If a youth has female genitalia, then that youth is female. The situation would change if a youth had an operation to reverse those physical facts, in which case, ‘he’ would indeed become ‘she’, and vice versa.

Dictatorship has changed its character. In the Middle East, dictatorship still has its former character: create your own army and batter your opposition physically. But in Europe, and other so-called civilisations, the new character is to grab the means of communication and use those means, in every way possible, to undermine and thus destroy the opposition. Even better, to make regulations which deny the opposition any means to use modern communication. Or rather, and here is the clever trick, allow the opposition a squeak, but drown that squeak with shouting and ranting. How many times have we seen Forest allowed to comment in a newspaper article, only to be drowned out by several comments from Health zealots?

But, at the end of the day, it is not Forest or Professor this, or Doctor that, who suffer: it is the ordinary, cooperative citizen.

It has always been my personal wish to be as self-sufficient as possible. That does not mean that I will dig up my lawns and grow vegetables! No, the work involved in such a project would outweigh the benefits. When I first moved into this house, there were apple trees and pear trees in part of the garden. Lovely – except the copious fruit of those trees all appeared at the same time, and an awful lot of the fruit had been invaded by bugs of one sort or another. That is, we had copious amounts of apples and pears which had been bored into by maggots. Eventually, I chopped the trees down and replaced them with bushes and flowers. After all, fruit and veg is not so expensive as to render it worthwhile to make a huge effort to stop the fruit being invaded by bugs.

No, I mean self-sufficient in the sense of being able to do my own household and machinery repairs, having a set of tools to do those jobs, having my car’s workshop manual, knowing the electrical diagram of the central heating system, etc. In recent times, it has been getting to know the effects of multiple sclerosis and coping with those effects.

I do not have to do such things. I could leave them to ‘professionals’, but I do not mind. In general terms, I call for assistance only when I really have to. The more that herself and I, and our family, can get along without outside interference, the better. We have received lots of help, in one way or another, from the district nurses, and I do not for a moment decry that help. It has been essential from time to time. But I have paid for that help over my working lifetime, have I not?

My essential argument is that the State will not leave us alone. It demands more and more of us, even as far as making it illegal to be self-sufficient.

The misuse of monopoly power by the State surrounds us, every day in every way. It can demand our savings in taxes and hand it over in billions to the corrupt EU, the corrupt WHO, the corrupt FCTC, the corrupt IPCC. It should have been obvious from the beginning that the UN, and all its works, would become corrupt. Such monopolistic Empires always do. Further, because of the monopoly, such corruption can be hidden well away.

No one is talking about the corruption in the EU prior to the referendum. Why not? I wonder if the Brexit side has been infiltrated by the likes of Johnson MP deliberately to pretend to be for Brexit, but, in fact, intent upon disabling Brexit by making the wrong arguments.

Why has corruption not been mentioned? Should that not be a major consideration? The corruption need not be financial. It could be ’empire building’; it could be health; it could be homosexual marriage. Such corruption requires only that administrators shrug their shoulders and let special interest groups have their way.

In the meantime, our elected representatives turn their eyes away. Instead of defending the people, they coerce them. They are not happy with the ‘willing cooperation’. They need to feel the pleasure of POWER. Power demands coercion. Willing cooperation is antagonistic to power. Power demands the use of force in one way or another. Only if willing cooperation is absent is power required. That is why those who are ‘in power’ ALWAYS take things to the next level.

But how can people fight against the corruption of power? I suppose that the answer is not to give those people power in the first place. Is that not what provoked Magna Carta’? The fact that the King has been given, or taken, too much power? And is that not the same with the EU and the UN? Were not those organisations given too much power in the first place? By their nature, they were given monopolistic power without accountability to the people.

It surprises me that a great deal more prominence is not given to the fact that the person who voted, on behalf of the UK, in favour of the recent EU TPD, thought that ecigs had been dropped from the directive before she signed it. I am not concerned about the actual individual who signed. It is more that, as a Minister, she did not know what she was signing up to. That is intellectual corruption of the worst kind. It is like the all-powerful King signing a document which he had not read.

The problem that we have right now with the EU was always obvious – our politicians did not read the documents or question them.

There has appeared a contempt of The People. Even if the people cooperate, they are still held in contempt.

There is a simple answer. It is “Start Again”. I cannot help but feel that, as a result of the internet, the days of mass propaganda are limited. The days when control of radio and TV by the State, and thus the exchange of information, was taken for granted, have come to an end. Even if ‘Remain’ wins, the UK Government is ‘on notice’ that the present situation is unacceptable.


But what is important to me is that the little guy, who is lawful and cooperative, is the person who is being battered again and again. For example, excise taxes on petrol hit the little guy. They do not hit petrol companies or their investors. The only way that such companies could be hit for taxes would be if Governments got together. Governments in the EU have got together, but they hit the ordinary guy, and not the companies.

The Tobacco Control Industry is the worse example of all. Only lately has it demanded a tax on tobacco companies directly. Until recently, it had demanded, and got, increased taxes on the little guy. Even now, it is demanding that the little guy must not be allowed to buy a few grams of ‘raw’ tobacco.

From ‘raw’ tobacco, you can make your own snus; you can make your own ecig liquid, although it will not contain nicotine (because the process of creating the ecig liquid will ‘boil away’ the nicotine); you can make snuff; an individual ‘free’ inhabitant of the healthy, wealthy West can be self-sufficient in the enjoyment of tobacco. But the corrupt authorities have criminalised such a person.

It cannot stand, and Judges must stop the persecution of cooperative, law-abiding persons by defending their right to be self-sufficient. It is already apparent that Government antics have eaten away at self-sufficiency.

The fact is that wealthy people are no happier than poorer people. Happiness, or rather, Contentment, does not depend upon wealth.

All religions in the world say that. But, freedom from want is very important. No one can be ‘content’ if they are starving, wet and cold. The same could be said of people who are persecuted for wishing to enjoy tobacco, or chocolate, or cannabis, or meat and potato pies.

The curious idea which comes from these thought is that the correct way to tax sinful products is to tax the companies which profit from the sinful products. But that also implies that those who simply enjoy products should not, individually or collectively, be taxed on the principle that each person is an individual who can decide for himself. That is called ‘Liberty’. Thus, the question of ‘what is a sinful product?’ could be properly addressed.

The UK Government could sort these things out, if it was free to do so, but it has tethered itself to the corrupt monopoly of various international agents.

Win or lose, Brexit is only the beginning. What must be brought to an end is the criminalisation of ordinary people just because they refuse to obey directions.


6 Responses to “Criminalising Ordinary Citizens”

  1. Rose Says:

    Lovely – except the copious fruit of those trees all appeared at the same time, and an awful lot of the fruit had been invaded by bugs of one sort or another. That is, we had copious amounts of apples and pears which had been bored into by maggots. Eventually, I chopped the trees down and replaced them with bushes and flowers. After all, fruit and veg is not so expensive as to render it worthwhile to make a huge effort to stop the fruit being invaded by bugs

    What a terrible waste.

    Moth traps, grease banding, the internet is your friend.

    • garyk30 Says:

      Preserving that much fruit would be a very time consuming task.
      Back on the farm, my Mother and Granny did preserve fruits and veggies.
      They worked themselves into a frazzled state.

      • Rose Says:

        There’s that too, I suppose, I generally share a surplus with family and friends.

      • junican Says:

        For me, it was that I neither had time nor inclination to bother with the apples and pears. Nor was I interested in making preservatives. Picking ONE juicy-looking pear, washing it and eating it was enough.But, had I been interested, I suppose that it might have been enjoyable to make preservatives.

  2. Ed Says:

    I don’t really think you engage in fruit & veggie gardening just to gain some sort of self-sufficiency, it comes down to enjoying a hobby that just happens to put decent food on the table. It’s also pesticide free and hasn’t been irradiated or otherwise tampered with. It tastes pretty good too compared to supermarket produce.

    For me, it’s an enjoyable hobby and as each season ends, I’m planning the next one!

    Like Rose, I share any surplus with family and friends. As for any gluts you can prevent this by growing early, then mid-season and late growing cultivars with most soft fruits, so you have a steady flow instead. And as Rose as also mentioned, when dealing with bugs, there are plenty of courses of action. The internet is indeed a good friend when dealing with and identifying the creepy crawlies as there’s friends out there as well as foes.

    However, I do sympathise with you over the old fruit trees! Many are usually a bad choice for a small garden, cause a lot of shadow and are usually neglected for years and often full of disease. Also, renovating trees like this can take several years. Speaking as a gardener, the answer is growing on dwarf rootstock and keeping them as a single or double column cordons, or espalier them against a fence. I grow 9 apple trees like this and they take up very little room. No gluts here either, as any left over gets pressed for juice and makes quite nice cider too.

    Talking about the creepy crawlies, how are the slugs for you this year? I’ve noticed a tiny bit of leaf damage on just one of the nicotiana, but otherwise, there’s not been that much activity. We’ll see what happens when they go into the plots this week end.

    • junican Says:

      Sure, Ed. I fully accept the hobby aspect. I had occasion to visit a chap once on business and he showed me around his garden. He had no lawn. All the land was taken by vegetables and fruit of one sort or another. I must admit that I was very impressed because his garden was not only utilitarian but very pretty and well organised. That is the epitome of a hobby which is not only enjoyable but also useful.

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