Democracy Has Become Tyranny

There comes a point where it is obvious. In this case, it is not about the EU especially. I became aware today, via Taking Liberties that the Gov has issued a consultation about licensing of equipment and the supply chain of tobacco and tobacco products from outside the UK. There was a sort of consultation about this matter some time ago.

The objective is said to be to stop the illicit trade in tobacco and products. But think a second. There are now no major tobacco product manufacturers in the UK or Ireland, so who is this measure aimed at? Who is importing ‘equipment’? What sort of ‘equipment’? How big is that business to require an Act of Parliament, or some such?

As I recall, Pritti Patel MP is the Government Minister who is in charge, but almost certainly knows absolutely nothing about it, just like Soubry MP and the TPD, especially Article 20 about ecigs. Soubry voted for the TPD while thinking that ecigs had been dropped from the TPD.

Is it not fairly obvious that ‘criminals’ who import tobacco and tobacco products are already using ‘illicit’ methods to do so? What ‘criminal’ in his right mind would expose himself and his ‘gang’ to inspection by Customs? I doubt that those ‘criminals’ are sufficiently stupid to do so, although I remember reading somewhere of a ‘criminal’ who tried to order a vast amount of tobacco leaf via a ‘legitimate’ channel. Needless to say, the importer reported this attempt to Customs, but, as far has he knows, nothing was done. Quite laughable, really.

There are legitimate uses for tobacco leaf, such as bedding for animals. But it must also be borne in mind that tobacco leaf, in itself, is an agricultural product, and not a tobacco product. I have seen the phrase ‘raw’ tobacco, but there is no need for the word ‘raw’ – the word ‘tobacco’ means dried tobacco plant leaves. The process of drying is called ‘curing’, but it is the same thing essentially. It is just that the drying is done in a controlled environment so that the leaf is not dried too quickly. It really is as simple as that, although the process requires knowledge and experience. Curing tobacco plant leaves lies somewhere between ‘drying’ and ‘cooking’.

The only people who import tobacco for their own use are those who have the time to mess about with it. It is a hobby (blending) and it enables some people to be self-sufficient. No one cheats the taxman since the appropriate taxes, such as VAT, are paid, in accordance with EU rules for ‘agricultural products’. Is grape juice, prepared for the home making of wine, ‘raw’ wine? Does an importer of such ‘raw’ wine have to be licensed?

The problem, as usual, is that Tobacco Control is exercising its monopoly in a tyrannical fashion, and people like Pritti Patel, just like Soubry, cannot see how they are being used.

It is clear to anyone with eyes to see that this licensing thing is just another jobs-worthy thing for ASH ET AL to justify their existence. They dream up these ideas, which have no there effect than to criminalise more and more people, to show that they ‘are doing something’. What effect will ‘no smoking in cars with kids present’ have? NONE WHATSOEVER. Parents will continue to smoke if they wish to, and, almost surely, trying to hide the fact that a parent is smoking will induce more danger of crashes. ‘Plain Packaging’ is even more idiotic, even if less dangerous. Just another idea dreamed up by ASH ET AL to justify their existence.

But Cameron et al fall for it every time. It just does not seem to occur to them that individuals will continue as they have before, and wait for Customs to waste time, energy and money to convict them of a crime which is not a crime, according to the EU.

I am almost tempted to vote ‘Remain’ in the referendum, but I shall not. It may be that I might gain some temporary advantage re going to Spain and bringing back loads of cigs for my own, and my wife’s consumption. But that does not override my abhorrence of tyranny and corruption.

I say again. Why is it that the ‘Leave’ campaign do not mention the corruption? That is especially obvious. In this political campaign, ‘proof’ is irrelevant. Osborne can produce a Treasury estimate of economic damage of leaving the EU, but it does not have to be true. Who says that treaties about the common market will be annulled because we leave the European UNION. Get it? We leave the European POLITICAL UNION, not the common market. It has been said that Cameron negotiated an agreement that the UK would not be part of ‘closer and closer union’, but that is a sham. There was nothing to negotiate. If the UK decided not to be part of ‘closer and closer union’, then the Commission of the EU could do nothing about it. Nothing was negotiated. It was a sham.

Making cigs with tobacco leaf is not simple. It requires quite a lot of work. The leaf comes in scrunched up pieces which have to be smoothed out, and it has to be inspected to ensure that hard, thick twigs of the main stem have been removed, then it has to be shredded and, in some cases, chopped into small pieces, then it has to be inserted into tubes. But it also sometimes is too dry or too damp, and needs to be damped or dried. Only people who have the time, which mostly means retired people who just want to amuse themselves, can be bothered.

Once again, ASH ET AL have created a problem, and insisted that the Nation incurs a cost in Customs Officers which cannot be justified in tax savings. Customs officers can only do so much, and burdening them with even more duties can only mean an increase in costs. But ASH ET AL are only concerned with maintaining their own income. They do not give a shit about the costs that they demand. Those costs are running into billions of pounds without any financial gain to speak of. It is not just the costs of ASH ET AL – it is the costs borne by others, such as publicans. Even publicans who have managed to survive have suffered a depletion of their incomes as a result of the useless and fraudulent smoking bans.

I think that many people are beginning to realise that modern life, economics, industry, trade, academia, the NHS, etc, have become so complex and unwieldy that it is not possible for politicians to know what they are doing.

Is there a solution?

I think that there is, but it does not lie in some sort of ‘authoritative’ UN, WHO, IPCC’, “One World” body. It lies in cooperation within individual nations, and groups of individual nations. What is important is to identify nations and accept them. Thus, Spain is Spain, and the people of Spain identify themselves as Spanish, along with the culture of Spain. People who are not Spanish can only marvel at Spanish culture and enjoy it. British culture, French culture, German culture, etc, are different, and can also be marvelled at and enjoyed. Those cultures cannot be separated from the places. Thus, it makes no sense to expect Pakistani culture to replace English culture. My own observations of Pakistani expatriates is that they are Muslims,  and that they fiercely adhere to their faith, but that they ‘live and let live’. But, as with tobacco control statistics, a tiny minority of effects can wreak mayhem on all of us.

Is that not true of the effects of Second Hand Tobacco Smoke? Who has calculated the time-delay in the effects of SHS?

The fact is that the more that ‘Rulers’ are divorced from the People, the more ignominious that they become.

Democracy is supposed to correct that tendency. The EU is divorced from the People and is undemocratic. How is it possible to explain the persecution of smokers, as evinced by this new proposition that a person cannot import tobacco leaf without a licence, other than as a modern day genocide? It is the same thing, except that the ‘genocide’ is directed at people who enjoy tobacco. There is no difference in principle. Education and Persuasion are on a different level. They do not persecute, demonise, demoralise, stigmatise.

The  Smoking Ban was inflicted upon us by trickery in Parliament and Force. We must never forget that. All the rest since then has been just an extension of of that trickery and Force.

Force is tyranny.



4 Responses to “Democracy Has Become Tyranny”

  1. Rose Says:

    people like Pritti Patel, just like Soubry, cannot see how they are being used

    I’m sure they know full well that if they don’t do as they are told and without hesitation, or exhibit any sign of thinking for themselves, ASH will ruin their career.

    “The then secretary of state for health, John Reid (an ex-smoker), publicly stated that banning smoking in public places was not on his agenda. “Show us the votes,” said his political adviser, when we tried to convince him of the public health arguments. But Reid overreached himself. His description of smoking as a “working-class pleasure” created a media firestorm that we could exploit, pushing him further than he wanted to go on the road to comprehensive legislation.

    “After the 2005 election, Reid became the defence secretary but remained wedded to his compromise and fought for it in the cabinet. Every part of the subsequent ministerial row became public knowledge – provoked, in part, by Ash’s well-informed political briefings. ”

    • junican Says:

      I don’t know how you spot these things, Rose, although I was aware of Reid’s efforts to mitigate the smoking ban.
      The Tobacco Control Industry has become far, far too powerful in the nasty sense of tyrannical behaviour. There must come a point where POLITICAL behaviour will have to change. What might cause such a change is not apparent at the moment.

  2. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Yes, vote leave. The EU is totally undemocratic. I was reading in the Times today that following the the very high vote for Norbert Hofer in the Austrian Presidential election Jean-Claude Juncker president of the European Commission says that if he had been elected the EU would have frozen him out because ‘ there is no debate or dialogue with the far right’ Never mind what you vote for if the EU doesn’nt like it it won’t allow it. Thats democracy eh ! Lets get out !

    • junican Says:

      You know what would be a good idea? A rival EU! Thus, the monopoly would be broken. The same applies to the UN.

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