“How Do You Plead?” “Guilty, Mi Lud”

My last post brought out some interesting comments, not least of which was the idea of ‘GUILT’.

I post a lot about the iniquities of tobacco control, which means that I spend quite a lot of my time thinking about those iniquities. That MUST be the case, otherwise I would not be able to post about those iniquities. But, in a vague sort of way, at the back of my mind is the idea that perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps Cameron et al are right when they ban smoking in cars when children are present, and perhaps they are right when they legislate to make all cigarette packs look precisely the same, and to portray medical porn over most of the package. Perhaps they are right. Perhaps ‘Medical Experts’ and ‘Academics’ are right to condemn smoking, and perhaps they are right to use their expertise in propaganda to deter ‘children’ from taking up the pleasure of smoking, drinking and eating tasty stuff.

Intellectually, I know that they do not apply those restrictions to themselves. Why else would Glantz be so fat? Surely, as a ‘model’, he should be slim and fit? His pronouncements on the ill effects of smoking should surely affect also the ill effects of over-eating, which he himself indulges in.

Does he feel guilty? Should he not walk around, seeing slim people, and not feel a tremendous guilt that he will eventually get Type 2 Diabetes and afflict the general population with massive costs? The fat bastard! He will, eventually, cost us all a fortune. If it was on the NHS, it would be via general taxation. In the USA, it would be via increased health insurance premiums. Fat bastard!


In my own experience, thinking so much about the iniquities of tobacco control, along with the idea that the Zealots might possibly be right, has indeed led me into a state where I feel guilt. When I exit the pub and stand in the doorway having a puff, I have a feeling of panic if a couple of strangers approach. The feeling of panic is extremely slight, but ‘panic’ is the right word. What will they do? Will they wave their hands and cough? Is there a possibility that they will shout at me? Might I be physically attacked? I do not know, and so I tense up a little. If I am walking along the street smoking, and another person appears walking on the same side who is going to pass me, will he/she start shouting about litter and SHS? I do not know, and so I tense up a little.

It is all very weird. For example, a neighbour has stencilled a dog shaped picture on the pavement outside his home. Beneath the picture is the legend, “Pick it up!” We have no dog, but we look after our daughter’s dog while she is at work. Therefore, we are a target of the pic and the legend. Note that word: TARGET. The person who painted the pic and wrote the legend feels really good, and has no responsibility whatsoever. But that person has inflicted his/her guilt upon others. For be in no doubt – the reason that people paint these pics is from a feeling of guilt of their own, or for their own convenience. I could imagine the person who lived at that house treading in a lump of dog poo, shouting, “Shit!”, going inside and making a stencil and painting the pic and legend onto the pavement. But can we all paint pics and legends onto the pavement? Is there a ‘Banksie’ around to paint graffiti all over the pavements? Why should not children enjoy themselves by spray-painting pretty pictures all over the pavements?

But my point is that the presence of the dog-poo pic arouses feelings of guilt even in people who do not have a dog.

I should imagine that non-smokers get a feeling of guilt when they see ‘NO SMOKING’ signs on shop doors.

Is it any wonder that Cameron et al enacted the tobacco packaging laws and ‘not smoking in cars’ laws? For politicians, the feelings of irrational guilt must be overwhelming.

Thus, you can see how it came to pass that our Government, without Parliamentary scrutiny, is about to virtually destroy the vaping industry. Anna Soubry MP, a girl who was parachuted into a safe constituency, and became a junior minister called ‘Health’, did not know that she had to talk to a commons committee before committing the UK to some EU decision. She committed the UK to the E-cig provisions of the TPD whilst believing that there were no E-cig provisions in it. As a consequence, the TPD, in its entirety, will be bludgeoned into law without even a debate in Parliament. There was a ‘discussion’ in the House of Lords in the last few days, in which the failure of Soubry MP was mentioned, but not pursued. For heavens sake! How can a treaty signed by a minister who does not know what is in the treaty, have any force? It is a nonsense! Sign away the crown jewels? Why not? Give Gibraltar to Spain? Why not? Give the Falklands to Argentina? Why not? Just ignorance and inexperience of a junior minister is enough to create a World War – unless her betters countermand it.

That did not happen. Why? It can only be that Cameron et al did not give a shit about the tobacco directive. To them, the top-most Elite in the world, such things are beneath them. Such things are of no significance whatsoever. Tobacco use is of no importance whatsoever. What is important to that Elite is the use of land to grow tobacco plants. World-wide, vast areas of land are used to grow tobacco plants. That is what the UN, and THE ELITE, want to stop. All the health scares about smoking are about the use of arable land. Only EDIBLE crops should be grown on arable land – and possibly medicinal crops.

War on drugs? No opium crops; no crops from which cocaine can be extracted.

War on alcohol? No vineyards. War on whiskey? No barley crops.

Land freed to grow carrots.


The WAR AGAINST VAPERS shows only how weak politicians are. Sucking on an ecig, and enjoying the taste, is little different from sucking on a lollipop. I smoke. What that means is that I ‘suck’ on a tobacco cig. Babies suck on teats;  whiskey drinkers suck up tiny amounts of whiskey; everyone sucks up stuff which they dare not or cannot drink. Heavens! We suck hot tea. We do not drink it. We describe that sucking as  ‘sipping’, but it is the same thing.


It is perfectly obvious that Cameron et al have let the population of the UK down. It isn’t just NOW. It is historical. Cameron et al have been in power for several years. They could have de-funded the EU years ago, but they were cowards, and continued to pour billions of pounds into a corrupt, unaccountable, undemocratic, elitist, wasteful, snail-like, EMPIRE.

The mind boggles that the worthy idea that European Nations should become closer has been so corrupted. Damn it! It is only in the last 100 years that it has been put about that, in their turn, each nation is ugly. As an Englishman, I see all French people as lovely, and so Belgians and Chechs and Spaniards. That has always been so – until The Elite poison EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING.

A MASSIVE tool that the Elite use is ‘guilt’, or, more properly, a feeling of guilt.

The weird thing is that we elect our representatives to Parliament precisely to counter such propaganda, and not to sustain it. For some reason that I cannot fathom, Cameron et al want chaos since it is perfectly obvious that the EU is just too slow to respond.

I must to bed.


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  1. artbylisabelle Says:

    The gravity is the balance of the humor, both of which made this piece of truthful writing great!

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