A Power Struggle

There is a power struggle raging. Is it any wonder that ASH ET AL are keeping their heads below the parapet? Is it any wonder that they fail to condemn bans on ecigs?

The Royal College of Physicians ‘owns’ ASH. The RCP ‘invented’ ASH in the 1970s. The board of ASH consists of RCP big beasts. Arnott, etc, do what they are told. Do not expect comments from them until they have been told what to say.

The EU Tobacco Directive is to be implemented shortly. It bans ecig adverts. This evening, an ecig advert appeared on my TV. It was in no way ‘glamorous’. In fact, it was so ephemeral that it did no more than imply that ecigs might be nice. It was an advert by ‘Totally Wicked’. I found the advert again on the net. It was what was on the TV. It just says that TW offers lots of choices of ecigs and makes its own liquids. It has shops here and there where you can have a ‘consultation’. The ad makes no claims to replace smoking at all. Not one word. It just says that vapers might think of trying TW products.




That is, this TW advert is, in advertising jargon, going after an existing market and trying to increase TW’s market share. It assumes knowledge of what vaping is. It is not dissimilar to a market stall which simply displays goods without comment, other than, “Roll up! Roll up! Only the best ecigs and liquids here! Home made! Roll up! Roll up! We DEMONSTRATE! Next demonstration in five minutes. Roll up!”

It is an interesting question as to what ‘advertising’ is, as defined by the EU Article 20 treaty obligation. What does the word ‘advertise’ in EU jargon mean? Does it mean that any use of the word ‘ecig’ is advertising? I doubt it. It makes more sense to think of ‘advertising’ as ‘deliberately distorting the facts by the use of vague adjectives’. The TW advert is clever, in that it promotes only its own products, and does not promote vaping. It does not show a pretty girl or handsome man vaping.

I wonder what has been going on. I find it difficult to believe that the TW advert has not been ‘approved’ at the highest level in consultation with the RCP. ASH ET AL will not have been part of that consultation because it is no more than the publicity vehicle for the RCP. ASH has no place in this Power Struggle.

Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians have decide to exert their dominance over academia.

AND ABOUT TIME! Academia has promoted many, many voices, via professorships and doctorships, who know little about the specific subjects upon which the pronounce. How many of those professors and doctors have actually conducted any real research into what they pronounce upon? The ignorance of these people was revealed in the McTear Case. The ‘experts’ were revealed to have clay feet. All of them relied upon ‘revealed truth’, aka, the biblical pronouncements of people who ‘proved’ that the Sun revolves around the Earth. It is easy to ‘prove’ that oranges cause divorces, since divorces increased in step with the import of oranges after WW2. What could be more obvious? There must have been some tiny particulates in oranges which caused married couples to fall out and seek divorce. That is the only explanation. Isn’t it?

Well, no, that is not true. But it could be true if you found that couple which did not eat contaminated oranges did not get divorced as often. Over a long period of time, you might find that, ON AVERAGE, persons who eat A LOT of oranges get divorced more often than those who eat fewer oranges, and even less for those who do not eat oranges at all.

What is the missing element which could explain? It could be that those who did not eat oranges were ‘traditionalists’ (in a nice sense!), who were happy with apples and pears, and who would no more consider divorce than suicide. On the other hand, those experimenters who might eat oranges might be taking risks, and who might not give a shit whether they survived eating oranges or not.

What must have been the attitude of the crews of bombers attacking German targets in WW2? How did they overcome the fear of being shot down and killed?

It must have been ‘The Power Struggle’. Courage overcame Fear.

The lines are much the same now. If we vote for Brexit, which we must, then Courage has overcome Fear. There is no ‘either/or’. We can be part of Europe without the corruption.

Strange, is it not, that no one mentions the CORRUPTION.


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