Politicians Kill Babies

Politicians kill babies because they do not ban smoking in the presence of babies. It is not the parents who smoke in the same room as the babies who kill the babies. It is the politicians in Westminster who do so. Cot deaths abound, all over the Nation, because politicians permit parents to deny their babies ‘clean air’. Despite the evidence that sleeping position (lying a baby on its stomach rather than its back) contributes to cot death, and the evidence that babies can breath their own carbon dioxide emissions in certain circumstances and die, the REAL culprits for cot deaths are politicians. It is their fault that parents smoke in the presence of their babies. That is especially the case with regard to cars. To protect babies against physical harm, parents are obliged by law to imprison them in harnesses and bushels inside the car. But the babies die in vast numbers because politicians allow that massacre by not making the penalties hard enough for smoking in cars in the presence of babies.

If a publican can be fined thousands of pounds for ‘permitting’ smoking in his pub when he has not actually done anything at all to ‘permit’ it, then how much more should parents be fined for ‘permitting’ their own tobacco smoke in their cars which executes their own babies?


The above is the logical progression of the Godber dictat that second hand smoke must be perceived as harming those who are in the vicinity of smokers. There need not be real harm; there need only be perceived harm.


Politicians have been kissing babies for decades and thus portraying themselves as promoters of uninhibited sexual activity. That may have been reasonable when the UK was short of babies, but the influx of migrants has counterbalanced that idea. Babies abound.


Killing or harming babies by tobacco smoke is utter nonsense. Tonight, I cooked egg, bacon and sausage for herself and me. During the cooking, I was subjected to all sorts of ‘particles’ from the cooking. Have those ‘particles’ destroyed my lungs? Perhaps the harm from those particles might destroy my lungs in 300 years time.


Politicians must grasp the nettle and stop the accusations of killing babies. But they brought it upon themselves. They brought it upon themselves when they accepted Tobacco Control’s perception that tobacco smoke kills non-smokers. It is a reasonable consequence of the acceptance of that idea that tobacco smoke kills babies, even ‘in utero’.  All babies are stabbed, stabbed and stabbed again. It is a miracle that almost all babies survive intact. And the ‘miracle’ comes via the ‘blessing’of THE TOBACCO CONTROL INDUSTRY.



Politicians are to blame. ASH ET AL are nothing. They are hot air. The newspapers are nothing. They are hot air. Only politicians matter.

If the Tobacco Directive is enacted into law, with all the consequences regarding ecigs, then our ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES, in the UK, are no more than cyphers. Do they have the character to deny the ‘killing babies’ trope?

For that is what tobacco control comes down to – killing babies.


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  1. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    “The above is the logical progression of the Godber dictat that second hand smoke must be perceived as harming those who are in the vicinity of smokers. There need not be real harm; there need only be perceived harm.”

    The original “ThirdHand Smoke” study by Winnie-The-Cough was *exactly* about this. Formally they were studying nothing about THS itself, but were simply surveying parents to see if those who PERCEIVED (or believed) in such a thing would be more likely to ban smoking in the home.

    Then, thanks to expanded statements by Winnie and the irresponsibility of press organs like the NY Times, the whole concept that there was something called “thirdhand smoke” that had been studied and found harmful was born.

    Nothing at all to do with any reality in normal human terms.

    – MJM

    • junican Says:

      I accept that what you say is true because I trust you, MJM. But we can also see how Zealots can accept statements as ‘the truth’ because they trust the statements of ‘experts’ who have not done any actual research themselves. Thus, a dodgy study goes through a process via biased academics which turns that study into gold. By the time that the real nature (crap) of the study is revealed, it is already part of the ‘evidence’. It cannot be dislodged.
      I do not know what the answer to this kind of fraud is.

      • Rose Says:

        He’s right you know, I remember it being published.

        Beliefs about the health effects of “thirdhand” smoke and home smoking bans.

        Winickoff JP

        “The objective of this study was to assess health beliefs of adults regarding thirdhand smoke exposure of children and whether smokers and nonsmokers differ in those beliefs. We hypothesized that beliefs about thirdhand smoke would be associated with household smoking bans.”


        “Data were collected by a national random-digit-dial telephone survey from September to November 2005.

        The sample was weighted by race and gender within Census region on the basis of US Census data. The study questions assessed the level of agreement with statements that breathing air in a room today where people smoked yesterday can harm the health of children.”


        “This study demonstrates that beliefs about the health effects of thirdhand smoke are independently associated with home smoking bans. Emphasizing that thirdhand smoke harms the health of children may be an important element in encouraging home smoking bans.”

  2. garyk30 Says:

    TC bullies claim that SHS from parents smoking causes SIDS/COT deaths.

    SIDS/COT deaths, by definition, are babies deaths for which there is NO KNOWN cause.

    Parents of those babies are understandably distraught and heartbroken.
    Only vile scum would falsely accuse them of being the cause of those deaths.

    A sane person would not listen to or believe anything said by the slimy, contemptable TC bullies.

    • junican Says:

      SIDs deaths in the UK are tiny – some 300 per an out of a total of some 700,000 live births per an. One of the identified ‘possible’ factors has been laying the infant on its belly in its cot. Another has been the infant breathing its own exhaled breath – carbon dioxide – if it just happens to be that the bedclothes cover it head.
      But those are ‘risks’. As you say, no ’cause’ has been specifically identified. Had it been so, then it would have been published.

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