I doubt that any reader is unaware of EU corruption. The Malta guy (I forget his name) was ousted from his very important and high position because he was corrupt and gained wealth for himself by manipulating EU rules. He was dismissed.

Can anyone doubt that similar corruption is endemic in the EU?

And yet no one talks about it.

Corruption necessarily accompanies unaccountability. It follows as night follows day. And it exists at every level, from stealing pens and pencils to stealing grants of millions. The UN and the WHO are classic cases of corruptibility. They are not in the slightest bit accountable to ‘The People’. Further, anyone who might just be caught out fiddling his expenses, is not punished. He is admonished. The reason is that the organisation is so corrupt that it is hard to prove that any individual has taken advantage of the corruption.

Any organisation which has no ‘commercial imperative’ is almost certain to be corrupt financially. If there is no ‘profit motive’, then no one needs to give a shit about efficiency. That does not mean that every organisation must be motivated by financial profit. The ‘profit’ might be improved services.

The less commercial an organisation is, the more that corruption can creep in.



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