The Different ‘Countries’ of the USA

A short post tonight.

The United States of America comprises some 50 countries, just as Europe is divided into similar different countries. What is odd is that the difference between US countries is rarely revealed. In fact, it would seem that there is no difference at all between US countries. Individual ‘States’/Countries might well as not exist, and those States might as well be ‘regions’ of the USA Empire. In fact, when you think about it, the USA is a far bigger Empire than the Roman Empire ever was. The ‘United States of America’ is an Empire.

What is important about that is that the US Empire will NEVER allow itself to be dictated to by the UN, WHO, World Bank, IMF, or anyone. Rather, it will dictate to those bodies.

That is why Obama has interfered in England’s decision about Brexit. For be in no doubt – the only important thing about Brexit is England. I do not decry the Scots of the Welsh. They decided that they wanted assemblies and parliaments. Thus, they separated themselves from England. That was their decision, and they must accept their decision.

We need to be rid of the likes of Cameron et al. WE ARE ENGLISH and must not forget it for one moment. Our friends and acquaintances from other ‘states’, such as Wales, Ireland and Scotland, have their own ideas. Their decisions are up to them. Their decisions have nothing to do with us ENGLISH.

For decades, the phrase “Made in England” was synonymous with quality. What went wrong? How did cars made by Japanese companies come to be seen as superior to cars made by English companies? I personally was conned in that way. I bought a Datsun car. It was OK, but it rotted something awful. The body steel was thin and there were lots of rain-traps (sealed units which were not impenetrable).

ENGLAND has been derided by Cameron et al. As far as they are concerned, only Wales, Ireland and Scotland are ‘states’. ENGLAND is nothing. It does not exist – well, apart from sport, bread and circuses.

If the ‘State’ of Scotland wants to go its own way, then it is reasonable that the ‘State’ of Wales should go its own way. Those States can do what they wish. They can have border controls and customs, if they wish.

The weird thing is that Cameron et al want to render the UK as ‘regions’ within a USEU – The United States of Europe. That sounds lovely, except that these lovely groups have a habit of explosively disintegrating. It is not beyond imagination that the USA might break up.

We may have a false image of the USA as a unity, when the truth might well be that it is a group of very different ‘States’, which have different priorities, similar to Germany and Italy or Greece.

Smoking cessation might be more important in Germany than in Greece, or not important at all. Only in ENGLAND, the source of ‘magna carta’ and freedom, is superstitious prohibition promoted by politicians. ASH ET AL, are irrelevant. They are not much different from ‘Items for sale’ in local newspapers.

In reality, ASH ET AL ceased to exist as scientific entities after the McTear Case (see sidebar). It is taking a long time for politicians to accept that. The McTear Case blew ASH, Doll and Tobacco Control away into the cosmos. Only the excuse for taxation, imposed upon the unworthy masses, matters.

Smokers must rebel, but it is a matter of fact that most smokers are almost illiterate. That is because they are mostly from ‘the lesser sort’, as King James said. I have no doubt that there are still aristocrats who have influence, and regard the poorer people as ‘the lesser sort’.

But we will win eventually. Eventually, it will become obvious that the cost of anti-smoking far exceeds the real savings in health and social costs.


4 Responses to “The Different ‘Countries’ of the USA”

  1. Samuel Says:

    The United States were separate with independent rights prior to 1860. That war proved, at great cost, that States would never be allowed to leave the Union; that the Union was no longer voluntary. Following the war the victorious federal government and Republican party set about reordering things as they saw fit (Reconstruction). They changed the nature of citizenship from being free persons and Citizens of their States to subject citizens of the federal government (a legislative fiction, a “State” without any place) whose votes are illegal and whose elections are a carefully constructed fantasy (only lawful State Citizens may cast votes. Federal “citizens” have no lawful voice in any government). The federal government never released its grip on the States and, like the Normans when they conquered England, have busied themselves building and fortifying military bases all over the Union and, later, all over the world. All of the United States are being held within a military dictatorship masquerading as an elective Republic with a Commander In Chief ruling by dictats through Executive Orders. This is as much a Republic as Rome under its Caesars except Caesar was open about his theft. In this Union the theft was crafted by a select group of conspirators who hid (and hide) in the shadows wielding powerwithout standing on stage or taking any risks.

    • junican Says:

      I have to accept what you say. In effect, you are saying the same as me. The US Empire is controlled from the centre, but not necessarily by the President. The President is King, but he is subject to coercion.

  2. Ed Says:

    It sounded like Obama’s entire speech was written for him by Cameron’s handlers, but as the press explained to us, that if we think it or write about it, then we’re all tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists.

    A few articles mentioned his use of the word “queue”, but go on to explain that he has used the word before, and in no way can it possibly mean the speech was written for him by the pro-EU camp, lol! ;

    As for the “US empire”; who really holds the purse strings?

    • junican Says:

      Yes. I read about the queue elsewhere. But it is just another scare. People will do business if it is in their interests.

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