What is the Simple Solution?

Think about it. All these ‘tobacco directives’ rely upon one thing and only one thing – compliance. The existence of ASH ET AL relies absolutely totally upon compliance. The vast cost of ASH ET AL is consequent upon compliance. The ‘vast cost’ is not just ASH as such, but the knock-on costs, such as Local Government costs. Everyone except ASH ET AL groupies bears the cost. ASH ET AL groupies are happy, even if they are on the minimum wage, or on no wage at all. They ‘GLOW’ with righteousness.

The solution is perfectly obvious, but not clear. That is a contradiction, isn’t it? Either the solution is clear, or it is not clear.

The solution is that Local Authority politicians must reverse the diktats of previous, now ‘ex’, persons who deliberately sought election in order to persecute smokers. In my ward, the person who was most Nazi in his attitude has moved out of our ward and got himself elected elsewhere. And he was a Conservative. But he was cruel and vindictive, since he was instrumental in cruelly denying smokers shelters at Bolton Hospital.

It is the Mengele type people who ruin our English happiness. For the most part, the English people are reasonably content. I suspect that the English people would be quite happy to see Scotland separate. That might also be true of Wales. Go your own way, but do not expect us English to bale you out when you mess up.


So what is the simple solution?

It is not possible to specify. It demands simplicity and clarity. 10,000 page reports and decisions are worse than nothing. The cost of those reports are prohibitive, and yet those costs are seen as ‘normal’ in the EU. That can only be because Cameron et al do not give a shit.

Politicians are the weakness. It is horrific that the people who decide (pass laws), conform. That, in itself, is a contradiction.


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  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Yes i would be very happy to see Scotland and Wales go their own way. Northwrn Ireland too. They are all bankrupt without us English. Definitely no bail outd either.

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