Return From Hols

I forgot, last week, to say specifically that I was going to be away on my jollies. I returned home today with much gold in the form of half-price cigs. But equations concerning prices are only part of the story. The holiday in itself was priceless, in my circumstances vis a vis my wife’s health – the break was very beneficial.

So, in addition to enjoying a week of freedom from chores, I also acquired some £2,100 worth of cigs for some £1,100. It is important not to ‘factor in’ the cost of the holiday, even though it could be done. I would have ‘done’the holiday anyway.

But what is even more important is that the Tobacco Control Industry has been deprived of resources to my simple extent. Since I have personally cut my contribution to zero, then non-smokers will have to pick up the rest of the tab. It amuses me to consider how much non-smokers are contributing to the persecution (not the health of) smokers. The more that it costs non-smokers to pay for the persecution of smokers, the better.

You see, the reality is that the revenue to the Exchequer from tobacco products is roughly stable, but the cost of maintaining that stability becomes bigger and bigger. When you see the publicity around some big confiscation of illicit cigs, you can be sure that the cost of the operation has been immense. But there is no material gain from the operation. Confiscated cigs are destroyed. Should they be sold to the trade?

What trade?

But that is not important. What is important is that the Government cannot be seen to ‘encouraging’ smoking by putting confiscated cigs into circulation.


The Tobacco Control Empire is shrinking. The cost of my imports from the EU State in question has not increased for a couple of years. I have been pleasantly surprised by that as a person, but it does not surprise me when you consider that the tobacco tax income to such States is essential.

The less that smokers contribute to State coffers, the more that non-smokers have to contribute. Would non-smokers be so dedicated if they knew that their demands for ‘smoke-free’ air would cost them lots of money in taxes to replace tobacco taxes?


Masses of tax monies are wasted because there is no ‘commercial imperative’, meaning that there is no discipline

Enough for tonight.


2 Responses to “Return From Hols”

  1. garyk30 Says:

    I would say that the ‘anti-smokers’, a very small part of the population, care less about the tax burden of the ‘non-smokers’.

    Nannies never think that far ahead about the results of their actions.

    At the moment, the USA has a Socialist running for president with the promise of free college for all.
    Never mind that half of college students do not get a degree and that half of those that do get a degree do not get jobs in the field they studied or are unemployed.

    • junican Says:

      The point is, Gary, that non-smokers do not realise that anti-smoking propaganda and activities are costing them a bomb. The situation can only get worse since States which are currently benefiting from MSA payments, and using them to bolster their budgets, The pretty idea of Glantz et al that the MSA would provide them with unlimited funding ‘ad inf’ has turned out to be a huge error.
      Corruption abounds.

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