Is Brexit Such a Good Idea for Smokers and Vapers?

This post is a bit tongue in cheek.

The EU was totally out of order to include ecigs in the Tobacco Product Directive. No one in their right minds would think otherwise. Ecigs are nicotine products and not tobacco products, just like nicotine patches, gum and inhalers. If nicotine patches, gum and inhalers are not in the TPD, neither should ecigs be. ‘Medicine classification’ is irrelevant. But at least ecigs have been recognised by some parts of tobacco control as ‘a good thing’. It is possible that the UK Gov will enact the TPD but with little enthusiasm in view of Public Health England’s support for ecigs. The ‘enthusiasm’ of enforcement is important. Smoking in bars was banned in Greece by the Greek Gov, and yet there is almost no enforcement. True, the UK is much more fascist and totalitarian than Greece at the moment, but even the Tories might draw the line at being seen to prosecute retailers of ecigs (I mean, those ecigs which are, theoretically, not in line with the TPD), when PHE wants ecigs to be used by smokers to stop smoking. For example, the requirement for ‘a measured dose’. Even tobacco company cig-a-likes depend upon the strength of the puff to determine the ‘dose’. ECIGS ARE NOT LIKE PILLS Vapers can puff lots of times or a few times, and they can puff strongly or weakly. So, in a sense, it does not matter if the TPD demands that there must be only a maximum of 2% (or whatever) of nicotine in the liquid. Vapers will puff more often and harder on them if they want more nicotine. Can you imagine how many inspectors would be required to check every batch of ecig liquid for the quantity of nicotine?  It would be an intolerable burden FOR GOVERNMENT and not for retailers and importers. Publicans were used to enforce the smoking ban. They were stupid in that they did not rebel. When the first publican was arraigned, they should have congregated outside the court, and inside, and protested about the burden placed upon them. But what did they do? Nothing. Zilch. A few pensioners, marching and protesting about the poll tax, brought down Thatcher and put an end to the poll tax. A few pensioners. There is an importance to the word ‘few’. Those few were sufficient to draw media attention to injustice, which is the worst thing that can happen to politicians.

The recently published ‘Nanny State Index’ shows that the Nations on the periphery of the EU – those not subject to EU rule – actually are more inclined to be bullies than nannies. That is quite alarming. It is also true that the UK and Ireland are more inclined to ‘gold plate’ EU Directives than other States. As a citizen of the UK, I am worried about that tendency, just as Arnott of ASH tends/pretends to be worried about ‘young adults’ deciding to enjoy tobacco.


It may well be that the EU is not as bad as our own Tory Government is about ‘Nanny/Bully’ State bullying. Strange, is it not?, that the State hates kids bullying each other in the playgrounds of schools, but encourages the bullying of those kids by tobacco control.

For we should be in no doubt that anti-tobacco is built upon sand. There was no popular demand for anti-smoker measures, like forcing publicans to exclude them from their pubs. There was no popular demand. The whole thing was artificial. It was a conjuring trick, well planned.


There are some good things for Smokers and Vapers about the EU. Would smoking bans not have occurred in the UK and Ireland had not the EU been involved? I doubt it because, as Frank Davis pointed out tobacco control is AN EMPIRE rather than an industry. The EU, as such, is only marginally involved. The EU is involved in tobacco control, obviously, but it is not the ‘prime mover’. The Tobacco Control empire builders moved into the UN decades ago and gained control of the WHO. Richard Doll became ‘Sir’ Richard Doll because of his baneful influence in the EU and the WHO. It just goes to show how weak those organisations are. They are wide open to corruption because they are ‘new’ and ‘unaccountable’. The same applies to the World Bank. Who or what is the World Bank accountable to? In fact, one might reasonably ask what the World Bank is FOR?


There are short-term advantages for smokers and vapers to remaining in the EU in the sense that ‘things could be worse’, but our politicians, in the so-called ‘free world’, have deviated into totalitarian (one size fit all) and fascist (the State is everything) CONTROL. Brits are no longer a free people. Therefore, any advantage from staying in the EU is massively out-weighed by the marginalisation of The People’s control over the Government of the UK. Handing control over to the EU deprived the citizens of the UK of control of their destiny.

I am a European. But I am also an American. I am an African and a Jap. I want everyone to have a civilised basic law and all of us to have equal basic living standards. That does not mean that we should all have a boat anchored in Marbella or Mallibu. Some people have particular mindsets which enable them to make loads of money. They benefit us all by creating industries, whether those industries are ephemeral, like google, or practical, like gold-mining.  We have recently seen the effect of UK ABSOLUTISM, which has resulted in the UK steel industry being destroyed. No other European Nation takes any notice of EU dictats. They pay lip-service to them.

Brexit will concentrate minds. Politicians do not like that. They like the status quo. They do not question the rise of the Medical Profession as Governors. Such Governors make their lives easy. Just vote in favour of smoking bans and then vamoos to spend the weekend on your boat in Marbella. Why not?


Sometimes, People have to decide that that the way their lives is not good enough. They do what they can to change things. The last thing that such people want is INTERFERENCE.


On balance,  for me, I detest the EU since it is totalitarian and fascist. I think that we are more able to control our politicians outside the EU than inside. That is the crux. It is not about power in the world. It is about power inside our own country.

There is, of course, a lot more to it, but the worst thing that can happen is  the ‘status quo’. If there is any argument for BREXIT it is that. We do not want the corrupt EU Commission.



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