The Anti-Smoking Political Party

There is no such thing, of course as an Anti-Smoking Political Party. Nor is there an anti-Global Warming Political Party. Nor is there an Anti-Childhood Obesity Political Party.

Why not? Because all those ‘special interest groups’ would have had no traction, simply because they were not popular.

So how is it that those not-popular special interest groups have acquired immense political clout?


We might try to understand by wondering why Cameron and other top Tories are so adamant that the EU is wonderful. I might ask,once again, how it came to be that Cameron, who came from nowhere, was chosen to be a candidate for the Leader of the Tories? Who decided that he was suitable to be put forward as a candidate? Were other candidates just fillers? How did he know that he needed to learn a speech off by heart so that he could walk about on the stage and make his soliloquy? How did he know that it would wow delegates and get him elected?

I do not trust such people. I have no faith in them. They are opportunists. It is for that reason that PP got enacted, and that the Sugar Tax got enacted, and that the persecution of smokers has been ratcheted up once again via tobacco duty taxes.

But there is something comical about the Sugar Tax. It is that Osborn expects that tax to bring in half a billion pounds of revenue.Clearly, he calculated that no one would stop buying ‘sugar products’. That is easy to understand since almost everyone enjoys a treat occasionally. The reality is that the poorest people rarely give their kids expensive treats, but that those people are hugely the majority.


Anyone who does not think that our political system does not need to be reformed is blind. The EU has made our political system worse by virtue of the introduction of unaccountability. There is a knock-on effect in that Cameron et al believe that they have no need to account – they can spin.

Brexit is difficult. There are lots of great things about the EU. But it is not about those great things that we protest. It is about the corruption, both physical and intellectual, that we protest.

But, most importantly, it is the nazi, fascist, communist, totalitarian regime that we hate. We do not accept the idea that ‘The FCTC Treaty Says So And We Must Obey’. On the contrary, such statements get our backs up. We REFUSE to obey. Our refusal to obey can only mean that organisations such as the FCTC must, eventually, give way.


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  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Our venal politicians don’t represent us any more. They only listen to and kowtow to special interest groups like ASH and celebrity twats like Jamie Oliver.

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